Maximum Spoilage

Happy Chrismabirthdaversary to me!!  So it arrived a few weeks early, but who am I to complain when I got so awesomely spoilt?  On Friday, R. Darling (Mr. Enabler Extraordinaire) bought me this, a Pfaff Select 3.0:


Image courtesy of Pfaff USA


I had to steal the factory photo because my machine was being all prima donna this morning and refused to have its photo taken. 

I’ve wanted a new machine pretty much since I got my old machine. It’s always a bad sign when your new sewing machine won’t zig zag or do basting stitches and when, over time it starts to even screw up regular straight stitching.  Granted, there was a bit of operator error involved most times, but your sewing machine should be able to stitch whether or not you are a dumbass.  I kinda started to hate sewing because I knew it would always be a monumental struggle to get even the simplest of projects finished.  So lately, perhaps being inspired by all of you who have been doing so much sewing on your bloggies, I’ve been thinking more and more about the kinds of projects I would do if only I had a machine that worked right.  I have ideas but it seemed like such a waste to put time and energy into them when I knew they would only come to ruin.  Enter Pfafftastic!  

I spent Saturday making this (thanks for the link AJ!)…..



No, mine’s not as pretty as hers by far, and if you don’t squint hard enough you’ll notice the seams are wonky and the corners aren’t square, plus there’s a very ugly pucker on the underside where I had too much extra fabric when I went to handsew the opening shut, BUT – I made this!  How I heartmy new machine! 

Despite this, I’ve made some new conclusions about sewing.  One:  if you’re not careful, you will end up making a damn huge freakin’ mess.  I had stuff spread all over the living room by the time I “finished” (which wasn’t really finishing because I still had to add the ribbon and buttons).  Two:  I completely and totally suck at sewing, even though I have done it for years.  But I don’t care.  I want to do it anyway!   Three:  Because I totally suck at sewing it is most definitely not relaxing for me right now.  After 2 hours on Saturday I was sweaty (from ironing), stressed, and had a raging headache.  I’d much rather be knitting!  But I will persevere.  I have to get better eventually, right?

As if that wasn’t enough spoilage for one girl for one week, in a moment of bad bad naughty naughty badness, I purchased a single skein of Vesper Sock Yarn from Knitterly Things last week and somehow ended up being her 2000th order.  I don’t read her blog regularly so I had no idea that this qualified me for a prize until she sent me an e-mail notifying me that I’d won.  I never win anything!  A completely amazing surprise.  So get this, she is custom dyeing me my very own batch of handspun sock yarn!  I told her which colors I liked and she says that is enough for her to get started.  So exciting!!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.  Betcha can’t guess what the main color will most likely be ;)

And today, to continue the streak of awesometasticness, I received my August shipment of yarn from the Stash Menagerie Yarn Club I joined last month from Three Irish Girls.  Behold, Riddermark Merino in Moonrise!



So this must be how pretty pretty princesses feel, like, every day!


11 thoughts on “Maximum Spoilage

  1. You *are* a pretty pretty princess and it’s about time you were treated like one. ;) I can’t wait to see what your Knitterly Things sock yarn looks like…. too exciting!

  2. Oooo … very nice machine! I really should start using mine more, but then I find a new knitting pattern I want to try … and it’s all over from there!

  3. Nice haul of stuff! All these bloggers that sew are sort of inspiring me to sew again. I used sew a lot, but now I find that it requires too much in terms of dedicated time slots. Knitting is easier because I can do a little bit anytime by just picking up the needles.

  4. I LOVE the new machine!! I hear that Pfaffs are really good machines too, even though I never tried one before. (pssst- try knits – they’re easy to sew, have no zippers, buttons or hoopla, and can’t be ironed.)

  5. What a wonderful gift! How exciting! How nice that you won the contest too. Your sewing will just get better & better…I think it already looks good!

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