Warm Woolies Wednesday (On Thursday)

Warm Woolies Items #39 - #42

Warm Woolies Items #39 - #42


So, I’m a day late.  Such is life.  Thanks so much to everyone for your advice on my sore wrists and hands last week!  I switched to hats for the week and I think the change has really helped.  I still have some soreness in a couple of my finger joints, but otherwise I’m doing pretty well.

I mailed off my second box for the year to Warm Woolies on Monday.  Nestled inside was the cardigan coat I made recently as well as 17 pairs of socks, bringing my mailed off total to 34.  Warm Woolies is still holding their contest until November 30 and in reading the fine print the other day it says you can be eligible for $50-$75 worth of prizes if you knit 25 items for them by that date.  What a nice little bonus, though I am certainly not doing it for the prizes :)

The hats above bring my total of finished items up to 42 for the year and I am currently working on item #43 (another hat).  After that I think I may try to make a couple vests and see how long they take me.  Then, maybe back to socks.  I’ll keep you posted.

It’s beginning to feel like fall here already and though I thought I was ready for it, I don’t think I really am.  I’m wondering if we may be in for a long winter……  I feel like hibernating!


4 thoughts on “Warm Woolies Wednesday (On Thursday)

  1. I love that you mixed it up a little and did a Wed. on a Thurs. :-) I’m plugging along on my afghan and am also considering starting a vest. Actually, I do have one started–maybe I should finish that first…. Take care and keep up the good work!

  2. Mixing it up a bit is always good for the joints and the brain. As is posting stuff on a different day than usual….keeps us all on our toes. Congrats on the progress so far for Warm Woolies. Perhaps I will consider something of the sort next year. After I get my own grand child knitting fix. ;)

  3. Looks like I’ve been missing out a little bit. I had no idea you sewed!? I guess it’s never come up in conversations. But your pincushion is adorable and once I get these special orders out of the way I’m going to make myself one. They are uber cute.

    As for the Warm Woolies stuff you are kicking ass girl! Just think that of the 42 things you’ve made there are 42 kids out there who will be kept warm this winter.

    I’m jealous that you are already experiencing Fall. We had a cooldown about a week ago but then this week the high temps started to rage. I long for the nights where I can put on a knit sweater and drink some hot chocolate.

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