A Beautiful Day!

What up Bloggy Peeps?  My friend Troy has been asking me about the trip I took to Oregon earlier this month and I fully intended to write a little something about that today, but the sun was shining like no other and it just didn’t feel right being cooped up inside in front of my computer.

Not only was the weather gorgeous today, something extremely special and fantastically beautiful also landed on my doorstep this afternoon with all that nice autumnal sunshine.


My scrumptious prize from Knitterly Things!


Behold the wonder that is handspun goodness!  I had no idea what to expect when Julia told me I was her 2000th customer and had won her prize of handspun custom-dyed yarn.  She just asked what my favorite colors were and said that that was more than enough to get her started.  And it’s been a mystery since then.  So imagine how special and exciting it was today when I opened the box and saw the perfect shades of pink and orange mixed together like a yummy yummy super yummy cherry and orange popsicle.  After squarshing it for a good 10 minutes, and cooing over the adorable tags she attached, I decided it was just too pretty to use for socks.  So it will become a cowl or scarf or something else that I won’t be able to wear out (I hope!).  Thank you so much again Julia for the fantastic loveliness.  It’s really just heart-melting :)


P.S. – Thanks so much to all of you for the reassuring and supportive comments you all left about my work situation.  Sometimes, just telling R. Darling isn’t enough.  I need that feeling of telling another live person why things suck.  And I can’t thank all of you enough for letting it be o.k. for me to do that, listening with sympathy, and sharing your thoughts.  You guys are really the best!!  As someone I know once said, “Franks a lot!!” :)


6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day!

  1. Glad to hear the reassuring and supportive (and sometimes, flippant, like in my case) comments help. Totally agree about blogging being a great way to get things out!

  2. Lend me your ears…..you have ours. Glad to know that we helped and I totally understand!

    That yarn is amazing. I can almost feel the goodness through the screen. I can’t wait to see what it becomes!

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