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My computer is angry.  I’ve used up all my expletives and it still persists in taking its sweet ass time doing whatever it is that I’m trying to get it to do.  More often than not it just gives up and crashes.  Needless to say, blogging has been painful.  Don’t tell my computer, but I think we’re going to break up soon.  I can’t stand all this drama.  I need someone more sensible and reliable and it would help if he was handy with photo software too.  Maybe he’d even like traveling.  Can any of you hook me up?  I’m a cheap date and I’ve been known to play strip poker after only a couple drinks.


So, last weekend was R. Darling’s seventh (and final!) marathon of the year in Portland, OR. We took the train down to Vancouver, WA and stayed with his sister and her boyfriend for the weekend.  The train ride, as always, was gloriously full of knitting.  Nothing too exciting though, just Warm Woolies socks since I am still bound and determined to work towards my goal despite the fact that I’m climbing uphill the whole way towards 100.

Saturday morning dawned dark and cold at 5 AM.  It had rained most of the night and the rain had kept me up with its burbling and pinging in the gutter, not to mention the strain of sleeping in an unknown bed.  Not a particularly auspicious beginning to race day.  But I got up anyway, feeling it was the right thing to do to cheer The Mister on for his final race of the year.  When that alarm went off though, I had to seriously think twice about actually getting out of bed. 




We got to the race, later than we had hoped, parked & made our way to the start line.  It was still dark as R. Darling made his way towards the first wave of runners lining up.  After I lost sight of him I walked around a bit and discovered that there were areas downtown where you could see the runners come past you on the course.  So I quickly made my way to several of the stops.  But as I didn’t know which wave he’d left in, I never caught him at any of those spots. By then I was cold and hungry so I tried to find a coffee shop that wasn’t jammed with runner friendlies and got something to eat.  Because it was so early in the morning there weren’t a whole lot of places open and the places that were open didn’t have much seating.  So I took myself to Portland’s “Living Room”, a big open brick courtyard, found a seat and knitted until a creepy guy sat on a bench behind me and I decided it was time to leave.

At this point I still had 3 hours left until R. Darling would be finishing.  So I walked around some more, it had started to rain by now and I was feeling cold, and finally found the stretch of street where the runners would be finishing up.  Not wanting to lose my spot, I perched on a brick wall and took out my knitting.  Now, my friend Troy told me before my last trip on the train to be prepared to have people ask about my knitting when I knit in public.  I’m guessing he gets asked a lot because he’s a male knitter.  But me, I’ve been asked about my knitting a grand total of 4 times, and at least one of those times was when I was with Troy so I’m sure the interest wasn’t really in my knitting.  So imagine my surprise when this sweet little 4 or 5 year old boy drug his grandma over to watch me as I knit my Warm Woolies sock.  He made sure that he sat as close to me as possible and kept asking me questions and telling me how cool my sock was.  Apparently, my sock was so freakin’ cool that the risk of wetting his pants was nothing in comparison to missing a nanosecond of the knitting process.  It was really very cute.

After that, I spent the rest of the morning freezing my ass off in the rain cheering for strangers.  But it was all worth it for the moment when Mr. Man came around the corner in his obscene yellow Marathon Maniacs jersey, caught sight of me, and ran over to high five me.  I couldn’t have been more proud of him at that moment!



After the race, we drove back to my SIL’s and took a long nap. And then, Sunday night, I finally got to meet Chris (hey girl!) and her husband!  We had dinner with them in Woodland, WA and got to chat about knitting and all sorts of other good stuff.  It was really cool to get to meet her after corresponding for so long and working on SKC stuff together as well as test knitting for her.  I went home with more secrety squirrel projects which I’ll tell you about just as soon as I can :)



Try to ignore the crazy eyes.  As I said, my computer’s being cranky so I wasn’t about to ask it to fix that for me.

Monday after the race we spent the morning visiting with my SIL which was great since we don’t see her very often.  She’s a knitter too, though she mostly sticks to scarves and hats.  I taught her the basics of knitting in the round while we were hanging out, since she’s been knitting her hats flat and then seaming up the back and confessed to hating that.  Having never knit a hat that way I can’t imagine why anyone would want to when knitting in the round is so easy.  I think she was excited at the prospect of knitting her boyfriend and herself bunches o’ beanies.


So that brings you up to speed on some of the crap I’ve been up to.  I still haven’t told you about my Oregon trip in early September and I’ve got some knitting news to share too, but I figure today’s post was enough of my blabbage for one day :)  If you made it to here – whew! you’re a trooper! or just a torture junkie! – thanks for reading!  Hope everypeep had a great weekend and back with more soon! 


9 thoughts on “Stuff From All Over

  1. I see no crazy eyes in that picture – you look awesome!
    It must have been so sweet to have that 4-5 year old little boy so interested in your knitting! Something similar happened to me this morning when my 5 year old nephew told me he wanted me to teach him how to knit… and his 7 year old brother didn’t want to be left out, so he asked to learn too! Apparently, the little one happened to be in a sewing store where they also sell some yarn, and he went nuts for a ball of novelty yarn! I can’t wait for the opportunity to get them started!

  2. Did you see those Packers on Sunday? Which team did they run over again? Oh yeah…

    I’m mostly through “The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox.” Good one, thanks for posting your reading material on the blog. I’m not sure I would have picked it up otherwise. :)

  3. I love the part when R. Darling runs to you….just too sweet. I love the little boy story as well. Perhaps he is a budding Franklin or Troy….

    I hope that you and the computer world make up and you get the laptop/desktop of your dreams….

    As always, thank you for sharing with us!

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