Who Doesn’t Love Number Two?

My super knitty pal Troy dropped this birthday gifty by work for me today!
Thanks so much!!  I love love love it :)


Bloggyversary Number Two that is! 

I simply cannot fathom the fact that I’ve been blogging for 2 years straight as of today.  It’s astonishing to me that I actually had that much crap to talk about!  Seriously?  But most of all, I’m amazed, honored, and touched, by each and every one of you that takes the time to stop by and visit.  All your comments mean so much to me, more than you’ll probably ever know, and without all of you I wouldn’t be here celebrating two years of blogtasticness. 

So a huge thank you shout out goes to all of you supa bloggy peeps you!  And to celebrate you and all that you do for me, I’m going to have a little contest.  Leave me a comment telling me what you love about blogging and/or reading others’ blogs by midnight Pacific Time Sunday, October 19, 2008.  On or about October 20 I’ll choose one name and the prize will be a handknit gifty from me :)  Not that that’s anything so fantastic, but I promise it will be knit with much love!  Oh and if your name is Jen, Jenny, Jennifer, or some permutation of those letters, you had better enter because the winners of my last three (and only) contests have all been named Jen!  

So thank you again, to all of you, from the bottom of my heart!  I really and truly wouldn’t be here without you!  You are what makes my blog meaningful to me :)  


14 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Number Two?

  1. Hey, happy blogiversary! Congrats on keeping at it for those two years!
    There are quite a few things I enjoy about reading blogs, among which these two: finding lots of inspiration, and keeping up to date with far away people I have never met but have somehow started to think of as friends of mine…

  2. Happy Bloggyversary
    Happy Bloggyversary
    Happy Bloggyversary
    Haaaaaaaaaappy Bloggyversary!!!

    Glad I found you…or you found me…or however it happened!

  3. Haha, that’s funny. I was one of them so I guess I shouldn’t laugh.

    You know I love your blog and why I keep reading it. I find it interesting to know what my friends are up to and about, and sometimes, when I wasn’t friends with the person, I stalk them until we are :)

    Just kidding… But you ARE one of my virtual friends!

  4. Happy blogiversary!

    I love reading blogs because they’re entertaining and informative, and I feel like they give me a better view of the world than some other ways of keeping up with it do.

  5. Happy blogiversary! I like reading blogs to see what other knitters are creating. Love to hear all the other stuff too–kayaking, work, all those little details….and I’m especially happy to hear about all the charity knitting. Keep up the fun.

  6. Hmmm…does Jan count? It’s pretty close to Jen. Happy Blogiversary. It’s nice to see what all the knitters are up to. Not just knitting, but with cooking, crafting, family…You can meet people that you may not have EVER been able to meet otherwise. The most important thing is the connection you make and friends.

    Love that Noro yarn. Is it the Sock yarn? I can’t tell. I want to get a skein of that.

  7. Woo, hoo! Happy 2nd blogiversary! I just really enjoy seeing and hearing about what the things people are doing – knitting and otherwise. I get so many ideas from everyone :) Speaking of which, Troy sure knows how to pick a knitty gift! Lovely!

    P.S. I’ve nominated you for a blog award :)

  8. Hmm… perhaps the R-Darling 2008 will branch out with a different J name this time. :) I would have to say the best part about blogs is that I have made a fantastic friend. Even though we’ve never met in person, I really value your friendship.

    The other part about blogging that is so wonderful is that it is so great to get encouragement when things aren’t going so well and praise when it’s going great – blogs are such a good support network!

  9. Happy Bloggyversary! I enjoy reading knitting blogs because they give me inspiration. I like blogging about my own projects in the hope that it might give someone else ideas.

  10. What gorgeous yarn & super sweet gift. I love blogging because it gives me a chance to feel connected with other knitters & I’m so terribly shy with people in person.

  11. Wow – great gift. I LOVE the colors. I love blogging and reading other blogs because it gives me a chance to ‘meet’ supa-cool peeps, and to step out of my daily snags for a bit.

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