Ahoy, Matey!



Wouldn’t it be cool if I could walk around talking like that and no one would think I was weird?  At least not any more weird than usual?  If I could, I think this hat would make me say, “Arrrrrrrrrr….. This hat be super kick arse an’ I love ‘t!  ‘T shivers me timbers ‘t does!”




Pattern: Fake Isle Hat by Amy King (on Ravelry here) with mods provided by knithole on Ravelry.  (More info on mods in my Ravelry project page here)

Yarn: MC: Noro Silk Garden (1 full skein), CC: Cascade 220 color #2403 (0.3 – 0.5 skeins)

Needles: Size 6 wooden Crystal Palace 16″ circs

Mods: Tons!  See above :)

New Techniques: Nope.

Time Lapse:  July 12, 2008 – October 16, 2008

Comments: lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove……  I think you get the idea!  I love the contrast between the sweet pinks and the tough skulls.  And it’s sooooo soft, especially after blocking.  I am going to wear the crap out of this hat!  I’m not very clever, so I can’t take any credit for this creation other than the color choice.  All the props go to knithole (whom I don’t even know) for her stroke of pure genius.  I loved knitting this one as much as the first one I made for R. Darling, though I do think my technique is  a wee bit better this time around and the top is not quite so puckery as his was.  My only mini-gripe is that the skull chart is a couple rows taller than the original chart so my hat is a bit too tall on my head (I have a peanut head).  So now I look like an ancient Egyptian, or else I spend all day pushing it up so I can see.  If you have a peanut head like me, or if you want your hat to sit a little higher off of your forehead, I’d recommend making some adjustments to the ribbing or striping to acommodate for that difference.  Or just be less lazy about checking your gauge than I was.  Otherwise, why mess with perfect?  This hat is so me, it’s sick ;)




Talk t’ ye later bloggy peeps!



Wanna translate you some pirate speak?  Go here! 


13 thoughts on “Ahoy, Matey!

  1. I saw this on Ravelry last night and was wondering how I missed the post. I love it! As the Boy says so often…..’Pirate, ARGHHH….Capka Hook’ (that’s Captain Hook in Boy-speak).

  2. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum (that’s the full scope of my pirate speak) eheheh. The hat is FAB!! You continually inspire me to attempt things I’m terrified of. I simply must try fair isle before I kick the bucket. I need to make me a hat like yours.

  3. I love your color choices!!! What a kick ass hat. I saw that pattern and thought I need to make that for my nephew. And maybe one for me. I have a small head too.

  4. As the kids would say: “Sick hat, dude!”

    You should use one of those skull/crossbone motifs at the ends a matching scarf. Then you would have a set!

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