Back In Training

Even though it’s totally the wrong time of year for this, my malevolently multiplying muffin top has forced me back into the Body For Life shackles once again.  Goodbye treat size chocolates, goodbye sour patch goodness, goodbye iced caramel mochas. Sniff.  I’ll miss you.  But the muffin top has spoken, and it says I can’t afford bigger pants.

Whenever I mention to Miami (my work buddy) that I’ve started working out again, he never fails to say something like: Oh yeah?  Back to training for the cage fighting circuit again?  And I always say, Yep.  Gotta get back to my fighting weight.  I don’t know why, but this somehow makes me feel better about the whole thing.  Like I’m not just sweating it out in my workout room to lose a few pounds, but that I could actually be doing something powerful.  Yay fitness!

Anyhoo, more workouts means less time for other stuff, so I just wanted to let you know that I’m probably going to be more distracted than usual until I get back into a regular routine with my cage fighting program.  That means, less knitting, less bloggy posts, and I’ll just go ahead and apologize right now for being slow with correspondence and visits to your bloggies.  I haven’t been good at that last bit for a while now, but I expect it will be worse before it gets better.  That’s not for lack of love for all of you though!  I swear!  Just wanted to keep you in the loop :)  It’s only been a week and a half so I’m still figuring out how to fit everything into my schedule, but I expect to be able to catch back up after a few weeks of this.  And then I’ll be back again!

So….  The knitty stuff!  I’ve been doing a lot of Warm Woolies work the past couple weeks and haven’t had time for a proper update.  Here’s the quick and dirty report:


Pretty In Pink Oddball Blankie

Pretty In Pink Oddball Blankie


Here’s the second blanket I completed for the Warm Woolies Oddball Baby Blanket group I joined on Ravelry.  Mine is the section of seed stitch on the far right.  I also, the day I mailed it off to the next knitter, received my next blankie (a crocheted one) in the mail to work on.  I am halfway through my section of Crochet Cuteness and just purchased yarn yesterday to finish the last half.  I have also become addicted to knitting the 7×7 inch squares that the Knit a square, Join a swap group (run by the same mods) collects to be made into baby blankets for Warm Woolies.  So far I’ve made 9 and they are the perfect small project to work on here and there while stirring dinner or watching commercials during your fave show, and a fantastic way to use up little acrylic scraps of which I have tons.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Squares for Warm Woolies baby blankets

Squares for Warm Woolies baby blankets


I had a fun surprise on Thursday, running into my knitty pal Troy on my way out of the grocery store (hey dude!).  He just happened to have a bagful of acrylic bits and bobs for me for squares in his car and that orange one you see in the far right, is totally from his stash.  Thanks Troy!

In other projects, I am steadily working on Baby Cables and Big Ones Too for the current SKC KAL.  It’s going well & I’m determined to finish this so I can wear it this winter.  I need winter clothes that fit and look nice and don’t itch!!  I finished my Dad’s Dashing mitts and they are blocking on top of the washing machine as I type.  Finally got the perfect yarn for Betty’s prize from my bloggyversary contest, and will be swatching for another secrety squirrel project of Chris’ later on today.  Busy busy busy.

The good news is, we thought my SIL was coming up this weekend to stay with us so we scurried around all week cleaning up, only to discover that she is too sick to come up for her soccer game as planned.  This means, the house is clean and I am free to wallow in my knitstonage all weekend long!  In between cage fighting sessions of course….


Hope your weekend is fantastic bloggy peeps!


5 thoughts on “Back In Training

  1. Where are you on Baby Cables? I’m on like round 50. I discovered a mistake a ways back (at the beginning of the third cable on Cable C on the sleeve maybe ten rows down) and have been telling myself I will either live with it or will fix it once I separate the sleeve. I’m thinking I’m just going to live with it, but I haven’t wanted to work on it since I discovered it. I don’t know. I found some good tutorials online for fixing stuff like this, but they all scare me.

    You are so in workout mode! I’m not really very extreme about it – kinda moderate about the workouts and the food/drink most of the time. No real hardcore working out or hardcore eating, just kinda “in the middle”. I admire people who can be so into it though!

  2. Love the dashing mitts. Think I might have to make a few pairs of those. My older brother hunts and those might come in handy. Also, being fit for life is a good thing so we’ll miss seeing you as much but totally understand the need to cage fight (love that image). I am looking forward to crocheted cuteness. I get it eventually. Meanwhile, my second crocheted blanket has surpassed the half-way point and is just as bright as the first one. Today I am starting my very special mittens in a new colorway–these might be my first picture on Ravelry. Happy workout.

  3. We are so on the same wavelength…..I’ll be thinking about you as I get back to the gym. My extremely busy and stressful schedule has kept me from my running lately. So, I will be at the gym when the Boy is in Therapy. I have no excuse as it is on the same block. Good Times!

  4. I totally fell off the workout bandwagon. I should probably try to catch that wagon before it heads off into the sunset…

    Looks like you’ve been a busy little knitter. Good work! I’m working on my Fiddleheads, slowly slowly getting there.

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