What’s The Word?



  • Blue – Had a little fun at the salon on Friday.  Is this the new anti-aging solution? I expected R. Darling to hate them, but he surprised me by telling me I should have had more put in.  Be very careful what you wish for…..
  • Exercise – Totally doing it.  Totally having absolutely no effect other than to make me extremely exhausted and still muffin-toptastic.  Apparently working out, doesn’t really work at all (at least not yet).
  • Racket – As in, our fridge decided to crap out last week and we had the repair guy here on Friday to fix it.  Fixed one problem, but discovered another that resulted in an ongoing deafening rattling for hours at a time, occurring at least 4 times a day.  What did you say?  Oh.  I couldn’t hear you over the colossal noise coming from my fridge.
  • Warm Woolies – O.k.  So that’s really two words.  But you get the idea.  I’ve found myself a leetle busy with this.  More than I had planned.  But it’s a good thing.  I’ll elaborate later this week hopefully.
  • Knitting – For Warm Woolies obviously, but also secrety things that I just can’t reveal right now.  Too many projects to count and not enough time.  But rest assured, I’m still here and I’m still stitching.
  • Rats – As in, R. Darling saw a huge one underneath our shed on Saturday.  Eeewwwww……  He says it might be time to get an outdoor kitty.  I know he was joking, but one can still hope.
  • ReadingAbundance by Sena Jeter Naslund.  Um.  I’m no expert, but this book is snoozeriffic.  Unless you enjoy maximum description and minimum action.  In theory, this should have been riveting, but in execution it’s absolutely charmless.  I’ve been slugging through it since August and the end is barely in sight.
  • Malabrigo – Thanks a lot Chrispy.  I’m now hooked on this yarnie crack!  And if you haven’t tried the Silky Merino yet, beware.  You might start meeting “contacts” in dark alleys to get your fix.  It’s just that good.  



Azul Azul in all its glory




Happy Monday Bloggy Peeps!


14 thoughts on “What’s The Word?

  1. hahahaha did I tell you I did the same thing? Same color? Put three strands in a bit before Halloween…still have one left! I cut the other two out lol. It looks great on you!

  2. Um…. that yarn looks nothing like the yarn crack I supplied you with. Are you trying to find another dealer? Now I might get my feelings hurt.

    BTW Love the hair. Sometimes I wish for dark hair so I can had bits of color in.

    So sorry to hear about the fridge. Ours crapped out the day before we left for vacation in April. Bye-bye frozen fruit.

  3. LOVE the new highlight(s)!! That looks so cool on you.

    I’m so NOT about maximum description, minimum action – in books, or in any aspect of life, come to think of it…

  4. Cool hair. We had a loud noise coming out of our freezer once–it actually woke me up and I was so out of it I thought there was an animal in the freezer making this strange sound. :-)
    Have fun with that malabrigo. Butter.

  5. LOVE the cool blue streak!

    Totally know what you mean about the fridge…that happened to us this summer, I woke up one morning to the sound of a Harley parked in my kitchen! Ummmm, sorry Shannon, not a Harley!

    I just so happened to buy two skeins of your yarn crack for my Secret Pal……I wanted to keep it for myself.

  6. Great blue streaks! I remember I wanted to do my hair with blue Punky Color. My mom bleached my hair first and then added the blue…it turned green! I went back to burgundy pretty soon after that, LOL.

  7. I do love your blue highlights Luv! They look marvelous, just like this pretty yarn! I’m back on blogging! Thanks for your email will write you sth descent tomorrow… when I’m not so nackered ;)
    bug hugs

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