Sockses & Sock Clubs & Such


Personal Sock Club 2009!


OMG.  I had myself so much freakin’ fun setting up my Personal Sock Club for the Stash Knit Down 2009 (which I mentioned joining here in case you missed it).  Inside each mysterious pink bag is a pretty pretty yarn and a pattern from my queue on Ravelry that I’ve been wanting to knit.  Since I also joined the Queue Down, this will help me accomplish two things at once.  Bonus. 

The patterns I will be choosing from are (sorry non-ravelry peeps, but these will all be ravelry linkies):

 * Snicket Socks

* Azure Socks

* Plain Vanilla Socks

* Nutkin

* Ziggy

* Jaywalkers (also a UFO that needs work – extra bonus!)


I’m so freakin’ excited to open up my first package in January!  It’s kind of disgusting really.  Oh and just in case you might be thinking I own an awful lot of snooty, uncomfortable, underroos (what with the plethora of Victoria’s Secret bags I’ve got goin’ on up there) you can rest assured that my underroos are just about as un-snooty as can be.  Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing fancy pants every day, especially if you have the body to do so.  I just happen to dig hard core on those pink bags they give out and save ’em up any time I get one.  I knew they’d be useful someday!

Speaking of sock clubs, real socks clubs, my good bloggy pal Wendee of Hazel Knits (blog here, etsy shop here) is planning on a 2009 yarn club herself!  You can read more details here on Ravelry.  If you haven’t tried Hazel Knits sock yarn yet, you absolutely MUST.  It is the most gorgeous, sproingy, beautiful stuff you will ever encounter and Wendee has a fabulous eye for color.  Though I have clearly said 2009 will be a knit from stash kinda year, I will most definitely be finding myself some kind of loophole to make it o.k. to join the Hazel Knits’ Sock club in 2009.   Just sayin’.  Check it out – I loves to enable ;)

Well, we’ve been hit by an arctic blast of sorts so the snow is falling all around.  I’m trying to enjoy it, but it’s so nervewracking to try to make it to work every day.  I hate that aspect of it.  I might get a snow day tomorrow though.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Hope all of you are staying warm and cozy! 


9 thoughts on “Sockses & Sock Clubs & Such

  1. Maryanne, sometimes you are too friggin’ funny. Enjoy knitting from your stash. I’m trying but I have to face the facts, I have a serious yarn addiction. I just organized my yarn, (again), and de-stashed. Boy did that feel good. But now everything looks so empty, you know what that means. :) Have fun on your snow day.

  2. I LOVE the Personal Sock Club and the Queue Down! I will be joining too! Stash busting here I come!

    I’m with you on the VS bags….I keep them for gift bags for Trouble….

    Stay warm and safe and if you do get that snow day, ENJOY!

  3. Oh man, you’re such an enabler!! I’m pretty impressed that you and I only have one pattern in common – nutkin. I sorted mine out the other day, but I didn’t have as fun bags, mine are hibernating in ziplocks.

  4. What a great idea! I applaud your commitment to the stash reduction. Your friend’s sock club sounds mighty appealing. I may have to seriously consider joining. I may not be a sock Knitter, but you know I love me some sock yarn for my chevron scarves!!

  5. I love how you have them sorted out in your pretty VS bags!! Yes those bags are WONDERFUL!!! You’ve made your PSC very cool by setting yourself up. It’s like you can’t wait to finish up a pair of socks so you can start your next bag!!

    and since this is YOUR setup, I think you should include anything you want!

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