Let It Snow…..


Mr. Nelson isn’t sure about all this cold, white stuff


It’s been snowing steadily for over a week now, and the temperatures  haven’t been above freezing for at least as long.  Up here in the PNW we usually have a green Christmas and I can’t remember the last time we had this much snow that stuck around for this long.  There’s something peaceful about all of it though.  People seem to take life a little slower, being more content to stay at home than is usual.  To me, there’s something joyful about having snow before Christmas.  Holiday spirit seems easier to achieve somehow, now that it looks like Christmas does on all the cards we send each year.

This morning we rose at 5 AM, bundled up, and headed out to help deliver presents and food to local needy families via Project Santa Claus.  Though the cold was bitter, my heart felt warm to be able to do something for others who need it so much this time of year.  After we left one particular house, I could hear the squeals and giggles of excitment from the little ones echo across the snow before their door closed.  R. Darling looked at me and smiled and said, “Now that’s what it’s all about.”  I tried to choke out a “yeah” but instead burst into tears.  It just breaks my heart to think that these people have so little and there are so many times when I bellyache about doing without, when I really have nothing whatsoever to complain about. 

Because I can’t hardly say anymore right now without bursting into tears again (too late), I’ll leave you with a picture of my Christmas tree, requested by my pal over at Fond Of Snape:



Our 2008 Christmas tree

(and if you look real close, you’ll see a curious Nelson in the corner!)


Happy Holidays Bloggy Peeps!

9 thoughts on “Let It Snow…..

  1. Here too, we have a lot of snow! Congratulations for Project Santa Claus. They were just talking about a similar project in our area at the news tonight and how the people who helped felt good about it. It’s good also to remember how fortunate we are. Happy Holidays!

  2. Maryanne, your tree is gorgeous! And I totally know how you feel about helping out. I took some homemade cookies to the local firestation. They did so much for California this year with the fires. It was a bit sad to hear the way the firefighter talked about how people don’t do much to show their appreciation. That’s what Christmas is about.

  3. Happy holidays to you too! It seems that they’re off to a good start for you, what with all the snow, and that opportunity you took to do something great that is totally in the spirit of the season.
    You’re not alone with the snow, though: we’ve got our fair share too! Sure, we’re used to it much more than you are, but still, when everything was covered again even before I had finished shoveling, well, it felt like a bit much! Good thing it was a light and fluffy snow, and beautiful!

  4. Beautiful tree!
    We’ve got lots of the white stuff too.
    And cold!
    Have a merry Christmas!!

    I’ll be knitting on Christmas for sure.

  5. The tree looks great! We don’t have one again this year, but definitely next year. Wait I think I said that last year, LOL!

    It is really great that you guys gave of your time and hearts this Christmas. It definitely refocuses you attention to the true reason for Christmas.

    Hope to be back again real soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Oh, Mr. Nelson is too cute!

  6. 5am to help with Project Santa Claus, in such cold weather? It’s not everyone that would do this.
    People like you make the world better :)
    Dogs like Nelson do too! ;)

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