Warm Woolies 2008 Finale

So, the holidays are over.  I always get a post-holiday blueness the first few days after Christmas, so you’ll have to forgive me if there’s not much sparkling commentary on the bloggy today.  It’s not like there’s a huge holiday build up for me like there is when you’re a kid, but I still feel sorta sad when it’s all over.  Winter has only just begun and really, there’s not that much to look forward to.

Overall, we had a really nice holiday.  We had the first white Christmas since I can’t remember when, and though the roads were hard to navigate, we were still able to take Christmas dinner to my snowbound parents on Christmas Day.  On Christmas Eve we took time out to build a Snow Slug in our front yard (wish I could show you a pic but R. Darling has the camera out kayaking with him today so it will have to be another time), and snuggle together on the couch.  Hope all of you had a lovely holiday too!

Now that the year is winding down, and my stamina is too, I think it’s about time I recap my Warm Woolies goal of knitting 100 items this year.  It didn’t go so well.  I knit quite a lot of stuff, but didn’t make my goal.  I think perhaps I could have, if that was the only thing I knit all year long, but there were other responsibilities that needed attending to.  I know I shouldn’t feel guilty about that, but I do anyway.  If you look at my accomplishment in terms of grades, I’d only get a C.  I passed, but barely (this would be funnier if all of you were Jack Black fans like I am ;) .  But since I’m laying it all on the line here, these are the final stats for my year of Warm Woolies knitting:

* Knit 70 items total

* Knit 55 pairs of socks, 5 Hats, 5 Vests, 1 Cardigan Coat

* Completed sections of 3 Oddball Baby Blankies

* Seamed 1 Blanket of 36 squares

* 22 squares for the Knit a Square, Join a Swap Group on Ravelry.  However, I’m not counting these in my final total because it takes 36 squares to make one blankie and therefore, these do not count as one item :(


My 1st Seamed blanket for the Knit A Square, Join A Swap Group on Ravelry


Crocheted Cuteness: My last contribution to the Warm Woolies Baby Oddball Blankets Group On Ravelry

I met so many wonderful people this year working towards this goal, and among them was my blog-free pal Kathy, who sent me a ginormous box of yarn to use for WW projects.  What a generous and thoughtful gesture, and I’m so glad to have gotten to know you this year Kathy!  I promised that I would post a few pics of items I’ve made from the yarn Kathy sent, so here are the last 2 vests I’m mailing out this year.  The blue/grey/black one is made entirely from yarn she sent, and all the brown yarns in the second vest came from her stash as well.  Thank you again Kathy!



My knitty friend Troy, also contributed to my endeavor with 10 adorable hats that he knit for me to send to WW.  He tells me that I should count them in my total, as he knit them for me to do so, but it just doesn’t feel right since I didn’t knit them myself!  But I would love to claim them as Troy uses only the most beautiful fibers and gorgeous colors for his hats :)  Thanks so much for your generous gifty Troy!!  Here’s a pic (which just doesn’t do them justice):


With that, my Warm Woolies goal draws to a close for this year.  I’ll keep contributing in the years to come but I think I’ll try less to focus on a number for 2009, and more on the joy I experience in the projects I do.  It’s not supposed to be work, right?  It’s supposed to be fun and make me feel soft and fuzzy inside to be able to warm up cold little munchkins.

Thanks so very much to each and every one of you who has cheered me on during this year as I worked towards this goal!  It means so much to have all of your support and good wishes and I can’t thank you all enough for that :)  Hope your 2008 was joyful and that 2009 brings you all that you could wish for!


9 thoughts on “Warm Woolies 2008 Finale

  1. It’s wonderful that you’ve made 70 items! Don’t feel bad about not having achieved your goal of 100 items: you had set a very high goal, and by doing so you accomplished much more than if you had set a lower goal, let’s say 50 for example (which would already have been amazing: one item a week!). I see no reason to feel bad at all – you can be really proud of what you achieved!

  2. I’d say you did a pretty darn good job on those warm woolies! And think of things this way — winter just started, which means the shortest day of the year already happened, and now you can look forward to the days getting longer! Happy new year!

  3. oh puh-LEESE!!!! You get an A+ for all that charity knitting you got accomplished!!! You’ve accomplished more that many people COMBINED! So no Cs for you.

    and I really like that blanket for WW. Did you double crochet it together?

  4. I know what you mean about the slight post-holiday letdown, but nothing to look forward to? How about knitting great sweaters with the SKC girl?

    Anyway, you totally do NOT deserve a C on your efforts. I give you an A+, and yes, you should count the hats that Troy knit, because you coordinated the effort. Management 101 baby!

  5. wow, that seamed blanket is amazing! The other blanket looks like one of those strawberry / coconut / chocolate candies LOL! Glad I could help you to do some knitting, btw :-)

  6. I give you an A+++ because 55 pairs of socks is totally kick ass fantastic! No guilt allowed. Plus, think of all the people you motivated to knit for charity as well. The blanket you put together is adorable!! Thanks for posting the vest pictures. They look great and I’m so glad you could use the yarn. It’s been great getting to know you and thanks for getting me into Ravelry. We will stay in touch there if this blog goes down. Thanks for a great year and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  7. You accomplished *so* much! It is awesome. Focusing less on a number for 2009 seems like a perfect idea :) What you’ve done cannot really be quantified. All the effort, love and kindness count immeasurably. I was one who was motivated to knit for charity… because of seeing what you were doing! You deserve all manner of praise for what you’ve done :)

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