Time Off For Good Behavior

Yes, I’ve decided it’s time for an e-cation; a bloggy holiday.

I’m feeling uninspired, uninterested, overwhelmed and useless.  Pretty much any un- and non- words you can think of, those would describe my current state of mind.  So, best to leave those ideas alone for a while and focus on erasing those strings of uns and nons, whatever that takes.

I’ll see you soon!  I don’t guess I’ll be away for more than a month, or until I finish a really good FO.  Whichever comes first :)  Until then, hope you are doing well and enjoying all the wonders that life has to offer you!  Thanks for always being there and always listening.  I’m ever grateful!


13 thoughts on “Time Off For Good Behavior

  1. Well, since I closed my own blog, I guess all I can say is enjoy the vacation (meaning: I can relate). However, I tell you, you will miss it ;-) Yes, I miss my blog. I bought some yarn tonight and was thinking that I could have posted it and then read the excitment that other knitters communicate just knowing that I have acquired new yarn. Oh well! Enjoy the weekend too!

  2. I’ll miss reading your posts but I completely understand the need to get away from it all. Hope you find the rest and relaxation you need. We’ll be here for you when you come back. :)

  3. Oh noes :( Very sad about your e-cations… and it’s when I came back to blogging… (ok on and off… have some weird news which I will put into an email this weekend – work’s so crazy that I read your email and didn’t have to time to write back anything descent :( )
    YOu are everything other than what you listed Luv, but I know how you feel! Remember that despite you feeling low, you’re the most amazing and adorable person I have ever met! And very very very talented!
    bug hugs

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