Nothing To See Here

Who me?

Why, I have no idea how that ginormous box of yarn got on our doorstep.  Did you ask that sketchy dude that lives a few doors down?  He seems like the type that would get his jollies off of leaving suspicious packages on people’s doorsteps.  Of course, I imagine they are usually on fire and filled with dog poops, but maybe he was feeling generous on Monday. ~whistles quietly to oneself~

Oh alright.  You caught me.  I’m a naughty little stitch monkey!  Would you like to spank me now or later?

The damage……




  • 10 skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky Seconds in Blue Heirloom (for Warm Woolies sweaters)
  • 10 skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky Seconds in RPM Pink (for Warm Woolies sweaters)
  • 10 skeins of Cotton Fleece in Soft Gold (for the naughty stitch monkey)
  • 10 skeins of Cotton Fleece Seconds in Pinkaboo (for the naughty stitch monkey)

Okay okay.  So I went a little nuts.  But dang it was hard to be good all month last month.  I’m rationalizing this purchase by telling myself that half of it is for charity knitting so it’s not really all that bad.  And, I bought seconds so they were super cheap (I got each skein for about $3.50 including shipping).  Not to mention, I paid cash.  Much better than burning up my plastic like usual. With the Blue Heirloom I’m planning on knitting the Twisted Tree Pullover (Rav linky here) for Warm Woolies.  This year, I’m going to participate in the Warm Woolies challenge for the year which is 10 items for kids ages 10-16 by 2010 (more here), so I think this sweater will do nicely.  The pattern only goes up to age 7 sizing I think, so my evil plan is to use bulky yarn instead of the yarn it calls for, in the hopes that that tweak will be able to size it up closer to a ten year old’s size.  Should be fun.
In addition to my own stash acquisition “problem”, my favorite Y-knitter Troy has been feeding me a steady stream of goodies as well.


Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks - Color #289

Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks - Color #1289


Huckleberry Knits Trillium Superwash Worsted Merino in Apple Yarns McIntosh

Huckleberry Knits Trillium Superwash Worsted Merino in Apple Yarns McIntosh

Saturday over coffee, he presented me with 2 balls each of Ty-Dy in 2 colorways (the green/pink colorway isn’t here ’cause my picses turned out like craps), and a couple weeks before, a sweet hank of our LYS’s custom colorway from local Huckleberry Knits. How sweet is this guy?  Seriously.  I don’t deserve half the stuff he does for me, but for some reason he still does it anyway.  Thanks Troy!!  You’re supa fantastic ;)
So what am I working on?  Believe it or don’t, I’m about 4 rows, some blocking & some buttons away from a completed 28thirty.  I know right?  You can’t remember that one either I’ll bet.  I started it – oh – only about a year or so ago (blogged here if you’re remotely interested).  I also recently joined the Random Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry and am working on a pair of fingerless mitts for a lovely lady in Germany.  No picses though in case she’s curious and comes a-lookin’ here.  I have to thank my blogfree friend Kathy ever so much for inviting me to join the group.  Though I’ve only received 1 RAK myself so far, I’ve sent out 3 and have 3 more in the works.  I really credit these desposits into the karma bank with helping me feel better lately.  Doing something little for someone else, though not an unknown feeling to me, is far more therapeutic than I’d ever realized.  Thanks for getting me involved Kathy!!
And before I forget…..  Did you see the IK Spring 2009 Preview is up??  I’m dying for that Millefiori Cardigan.  Stash, don’t let me down now!!  Enjoy & happy hump day!


13 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here

  1. The Huckleberry Knits yarn is beautiful!! The ty-dy socks is gorgeous too, but I really like the colors in the HK. You could make a cowl with it or maybe some fingerless mitts.

    I need to get some more Brown Sheep Cotton for some baby knits. Where did you purchase yours at?

  2. You’re too funny. Don’t worry your splurge is nothing compared to what I spent this month. I’m thinking I’m up to about $650 and that’s not including my Sundara subscriptions. :/ Shhh, don’t tell Shawn!

  3. a little box of lusciousness….how do i order seconds? i need more lamb’s pride wool for my blankie for a4a.

    that Troy friend of yours is a keeper. More beautiful yarn….I’d faint dead away.

    Knit away!

  4. I just bought the newest IK… because I love that cardi. And the ballet wrap. And… well you get the picture. Great yarn from Troy, and all in *your* colors. :)

  5. OOH that is some nice yarn!!! Esp that sock yarn. And I think you did a great job on the Lamb’s Pride yarn. You bought it at a great price AND paid cash!!

    Works for me!!

  6. Nice yarn! I do admire your dedication to the warm woolies project. I also really like that Millefiori cardi, but I’m always worried about the button-band gaposis problem I have with button-front cardigans.

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing your 28thirty on you. It looks like it will be a nice cardigan for early Spring (which will be here soon, don’t despair! look at how the days are getting longer already!).

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