Could someone please tell me what the big freakin’ deal is with Twitter and Facebook anyway?  It bugs me that something I’m not even interested in could make me feel so left out and behind the times just for not joining in.  I mean, do you really want to know that I just found a dog harble the size of Mexico underneath my desk?  I should think not.  But I’m curious, I really am.  Please enlighten me on what you love best about Twitter &/or Facebook.  I’m dying to know!

Oh and I’ve had my finger poised over the “Join this group” button at the Hodge Podge Scarf Swap over on Ravelry for about 3 days now.  Please please please, would someone talk me out of this?  I don’t have time for a swap obligation but it just sounds like so much dang fun I can’t hardly stand it.  Or maybe we should just join it together……  Enabler?  Anyone?


14 thoughts on “Tweet?

  1. Well, I joined Facebook just in case any of my (few) friends from high school ever wanted to find me – I haven’t done a single thing with it, though. You won’t find my life there. I originally joined Twitter to keep up with news and the bloggers I read who had started Tweeting more than they blogged. Then I kind of got into it myself. I don’t post a lot, but when I feel I have something interesting to say, I’ll write a little note.

  2. You won’t ever see me on Facebook for a couple of reasons (infos like this one are among them). It’s a very clear choice for me, and that means I don’t (and won’t) feel left out. My brother has chosen to share his pictures from his trip there? Too bad darling, I won’t be forced into joining something I don’t want to be part of just for the sake of seeing them.
    On the other hand, I’ve joined Twitter about a month ago, and I’m enjoying it. I’m getting to know very interesting people whose names I knew as fellow commenters on other blogs I read, and it’s nice to be able to interact with them. Here’s a post about it that I found interesting; it presents a different point of view on the whole Twitter thing.

  3. Well I signed up for facebook to see some pictures somebody posted. Then all that happened was I was *poked* and somebody wanted me in a pillow fight and I just didn’t GET IT. Then somebody from high school emailed me to see if it was *me*. I hadn’t talked to her in 20 years so that was really cool. Went back in to add my maiden name and then I became more active. Some my friends joined to keep an eye on their kids. Other moms from school are on there. So I’ve slowly added a nice social circle. I go on in the AM and at night. Sometimes chat to others who are online. I still prefer blogging because I tend to ramble on (like this comment!) but I get it better now. Still have no desire for myspace or twitter.

  4. I have to second what Chrispy says about being more into Facebook than my blog right now – can’t say the same about Twitter, though I do that on occasion too. I find it to be an easy way to instantly stay in touch with people in a quick way, and I like having many of (I wish all) my friends and acquaintances in one place. I resisted for a long time (as I really had no desire to reconnect with a lot of ppl from HS) but I am finding it to be fun now. I like seeing who I might get a friend request from each day, as I have reconnected with some people even from elementary school (I moved in 6th grade and didn’t see or hear from any of them since then.) And it’s fun to see what people look like now.

  5. Hey…I joined FB about a month ago. I was trying to locate some friends I lost touch with…people I met when I lived in New York. I have located all of them, so that was helpful. I do not get the whole ‘poking’, ‘pillow-fight’ thing.

    But, for me, I’m just not really into ‘social networking’, and I don’t want to be friends with people just because they are friends with my friends…..WTF?

    I mean, how much can you say after you’ve caught up….you haven’t spoken for 10 years, and you caught up on 10 years worth of crap…not much to say after that. Maybe that’s why I have no friends! Except you, of course!

  6. My husband talked me into joining Facebook. Just to keep up with people that I haven’t seen in a long time, or friends that I don’t see as often as I would like. I like it … certainly a great way to kill time! LOL

    Twitter … not so much. I don’t see the point if people can keep up with me on Facebook.

  7. I signed up for both Facebook and Twitter, but it’s probably because I’m old as dirt and don’t want to be left out — its the PRESSURE!
    Anyway, I’m a little more amused by Facebook than by Twitter, but I don’t find either to be super-amusing. I do log into each one every day or so just to see what people have posted. Sometimes it’s just too much info on the minutiae of peoples’ lives.

  8. 2 words: Facebook stalking. Find out everything you never wanted to know about someone but secretly really did. Sounds creepy until you try it. I think Twitter just makes me feel popular and for a girl who never really was, that’s pretty cool :)

  9. You know, normally I would be your enabler, but in this case I just can’t. I was all for the scarf thing when I thought I could get a laceweight scarf out of Misti Alpaca (I’m ok with providing the yarn and knitting for 5″) made for me. The idea that people would use different yarns and have it be all hodge-podgey just doesn’t do it for me. Good luck though!

    As far as FB goes, I’m on but not terribly active. I find it funny that people who were raging *icks in high school are now wanting to be my friends.

  10. Well Maryanne, the fact that you haven’t joined the scarf swap tells you what you really think! LOVE Facebook, sort of like Twitter. I’m on Facebook multiple times a day, Twitter-maybe once a week. Facebook is very social. Don’t let anyone guilt you into anything (including yourself).

  11. I joined FB because my SIL urged me to so we could play Scrabble online. We’ve had a blast and it’s a great, fun way to stay in touch. I don’t do much else on there although lots of people are on there multiple times a day. The bonus for me has been reconnecting with old friends from high school. I had kept in touch with nobody at all so it has been fun to hear from people. I’m actually going to see three old friends this weekend.

  12. I joined FB because some of my friends posted pictures of a dinner we had and I wanted to see them. I have re-connected with friends that don’t leave close by since then and I go there regularly! It is quite flexible security wise. You can set it so that only your friends can see most of what you put in there.

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