Revenge Of The Norwegian Punisher

Getting older stinks. The Norwegian Punisher has bested me already and the only thing I can reliably point a finger at is my diminished bouncebackitude and advanced outofshapeness. How is that possible? I’ve only run on it a grand total of 4 times and I have only logged about 9 miles so far. Somehow I have already wrecked my hip flexor in my feeble attempts to become a shadow of the former running machine I used to be, back when I could do a whole lot of stuff a lot better than I do right now. The jelly rolls must be getting a kick out of all of this. So you thought you could get rid of us honey? Think again. We’re here to stay biznitch! They giggle as they jiggle and they wiggle (Remember this commerical? That’s what I imagine jelly rolls would sing while they mock me). The hard part is, I’m not the type of person who is o.k. with taking it easy. Once I start running it’s all or nothing. Go big or go home. So it’s going to be a struggle to take it slow and allow my hip to heal. I guess the fact that it hurts like hell for 2 days after a run might be enough to make me patient. At least for a little while. Funny thing is, it feels better when I’m running. It’s only after I stop that it hurts like a bitch. WTF.

A lot of you have asked about the Knit Picks Interchangeables. I would love to give you a good answer but, well, they still haven’t arrived. And neither has my first installment of the Magnolia Society Yarn Club. Boo. I’m seriously hating the mailman right now. But at least there was something exciting in my mailbox when I opened it this evening after work:

Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn May 2009 Sock Club Colorway

Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn May 2009 Sock Club Colorway

Pretty pretty “Wildflower Meadow”.
And now – back to The Norwegian Punisher. Don’t worry I’ll only be walking this time. Or, limping rather.

10 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Norwegian Punisher

  1. Can you set an incline on the Punisher? You could go uphill at a fast walking pace. I bet that if you set it at 15 degree incline, you could get a good workout without running

  2. Please be careful, don’t get yourself on the injury bench next to me. I resort to cycling while my foot is healing up, but it is not the same. Couch to 5k plan looks like the way forward, I’ll join you as soon as that muscle decides to let my ankle behave again.

  3. I did a couch to 5k type thing when I was recovering from an injury…..I revert back to it whenever I feel it’s necessary…..

    For me, it’s my sciatica. Oh jeez-a-loo, that crap is enough to bring me to tears. It seems like every 6 months or so, it really bothers me, making walking torturous.

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