Bite Me

Bite me, I said to the Bug.  And it obliged.
First there was a tingling in my fingertips.  The current traveled up my arm and burned its way towards my brain.  Once there it danced along the neurons, causing them to fire in unison, and headed straight back to my heart to close the circuit.  Yes, I do believe my knitty infection is finally back after many months of remission.  And it all started with this…..


  • Pattern: Little Cables Hat (Ravelry link here, My Ravelry project link here)
  • Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft Baby DK; color #807; approximately 2/3 ball
  • Needles: Size 4 dpn’s



  • PatternSaartje’s Booties The Bockstark Way (Ravelry link here, My Ravelry project link here)
  • Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft Baby DK; color #807; approximately 1/3 ball
  • Needles: Size 4 Kollage square circs with 40″ cable for magic loop

No, these aren’t for me :)  We’re still waiting (impatiently) for our little one to arrive so we can find out boy vs. girl.  An old friend requested a hat and matching set of booties in pink for his friend who just gave birth to the first baby girl in several generations of her family.  He felt the arrival of a little girl warranted something special and asked me to make something in pink but “not too girly” as the gift was officially coming from him and girly is so not his thing.  The hat pattern seemed perfect: warm and cozy, but not entirely plain.  Because, as a knitter, plain is just, – well, so boring!  I love this pattern for both boys and girls and will probably make some in unisex colors for our own Knittymunchkin (or Babymuggins, as Knitting Up North likes to call him/her :)
As for the booties, I went out on a limb here because these are most definitely girly, but I’ve been wanting to try this pattern for such a long time and it just suits girl knitting so much better than boy knitting (if you ask me).  I think they weren’t quite what my old friend had in mind, but I do think that the new Mom will like them.  How could you not?  This is such an adorable pattern!  I kept them simple in one color and plain buttons, so hopefully that smoothed it over with Mr. Gift Giver.  The pattern seemed fiddly at first because I had trouble visualizing where it was going, but once I made the first one the second one went quickly.  So glad I did this version instead of the original so that I could do it relatively seamlessly!  The buttonholes gave me some trouble (made them too big the first time) and I had to make them twice, but I think I learned my lesson. I was thrilled (and stunned) to be able to make both items from one ball of yarn.
Now that I’m sort of officially back in the game, I am really looking forward to finishing up some things I’ve been working on for a while so that I can start fresh on a new project without guilt.  Hey, here’s a thought: if you ever feel that knitting has become too much of an addiction, get pregnant.  I swear that will get you off the wagon for at least 3 long months! Or 5 if you milk it like me ;)


9 thoughts on “Bite Me

  1. Bitten by knittin’ eh? Did you bite back? Glad to see the sticks are moving again!

    Those booties are cuddleability factor 10… Never mind if your friend wants to *give* them, I agree with your assessment: mum will love them!

  2. What a lovely set! You really nailed it: very very pretty, and girly without being overly so. Way to get back into knitting… and to warm up your needles for Knittymunchkin!

  3. I’m glad you got back into knitting. There have been a few times where I went into “remission” and just couldn’t knit for months at a time. I’m glad it hasn’t happened often. Your hat and booties are adorable and I’m sure Mama is gonna love them.

  4. LOVE the booties! I wanted to make a pair for Zoe but she grew too fast. I’m working on hats for her now and will use this pattern for future ones as gifts! Thanks, as always, for your beautiful talents!

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