Sick Again :( And My Contest Winner!

Hi Everyone!  So sorry for the late announcement of our contest winner.  But yes, I am sick – AGAIN.  I swear I am normally as healthy as a horse but I seem to be catching every damn thing that’s coming down the pike this year.  My throat feels like I swallowed a jumbo pack of razor blades, I can’t breathe through my nose, and I am running a fever.  If it doesn’t go down when I take my second lukewarm shower of the day after this post, I will probably have to see about going to the doctor or the hospital.  Yikes.

But the good news!  Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts and enter my contest.  I do appreciate each and every one of you and what you have to say :)  But without further ado, my contest winner is iKnit.iPurl!!  I may be MIA for a few days, so please don’t worry, but when I get back I will be so excited to see what pattern you choose for yourself.  This will give you some extra time to decide :)

Thanks again everyone!  Hope you are all having a great weekend and I’ll be back when I’m feeling better.


9 thoughts on “Sick Again :( And My Contest Winner!

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Take very good care.

    As I said in my earlier post, I really look forward to see what iKnit.iPurl! will choose. The gifting feature is a really nice new feature on Ravelry!

  2. Oh dear, ill again? Poor you! For the blocked up nose: chop an onion in half, and keep it on the bedside table at night. You’ll stop laughing when you notice you slept through the night with clear nasal passages, so just try it ;-) I’m very sure it is baby-safe, not sure about my other usual suggestions (spicy soup with ginger, cayenne and loads of garlic, for instance)

    Get well soon!

  3. Hope you feel better!!! Yes those little boogers tend to take EVERYTHING out of us!!! You feel horrid, yet there they are just floating around in their rent & climate controlled atmosphere! LOL

  4. Ohhh ohhh, I know exactly how to make yourself feel better (and no, it doesn’t involve yarn, although that might work). They’re called Be Kool Migraine Gel Patches. It’s basically a cooling gel patch that sticks to your forehead. I used it on the girls when they had high fevers with H1N1 and it worked great. I found them at Walgreens but I think Walmart had them also – they’re in the pain relief aisle. It’s baby safe since it’s non-pharmaceutical. :)

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