The Year Of The Mole

Goodbye 2009.  And good riddance too.
Oh yes, I suppose this is the point at which I am supposed to be fondly looking back on the year and reliving the good times.  And there were some good times: a few wonderful trips with R. Darling, getting pregnant, stolen moments of happiness here and there amidst the emotional bombings.  Strangely, I thought that perhaps I was just imagining how awful things seemed to be, until I read this.  But I am ready to move on from this year of maximum suckage.  It has truly been the worst year I can remember in my entire lifetime.  I’m calling it “The Year Of The Mole”;  as in, whack-a-mole.  Because I swear the hits just came coming.  Every time I’d stagger upright from one blow the mallet would be poised to deliver another one and I’d scurry as fast as possible back into my hole hoping the damage wouldn’t maim me permanently.  Whack, whack, whack, came that incessant mallet, over and over.  But enough is enough.  I am going to tuck this Mole Year safely away tonight when the clock strikes midnight, and never look back.  I’m ready for a new beginning.
What better way to end the year than to begin already looking forward?  I have one last 2009 WIP to show you, that will be the most fantastic FO I can imagine in 2010, bridging the gap between this old year and the new one on the horizon.  Something to help me visualize the new life we’re looking forward to and symbolize the start of what I hope will be a new phase of happiness.

Meet Knittymunchkin in 3-D!




I already love him/her and can’t wait until baby arrives :)


Wishing you the most joyous New Year imaginable and a wonderful beginning in 2010!!

17 thoughts on “The Year Of The Mole

  1. Isn’t that amazing? I didn’t get a chance with the 3D U/S with my little ones….it really lets you see what baby looks like. I’m constantly amazed every time I “see” a baby growing. When people would ask me what I was up to (when I was pregnant), my reply would be something like…’oh, just growing fingernails and eyelashes..’! I’m so excited for you. Babies help us reinvent ourselves, which can be good after a crummy year. I hope the future holds better for you and your family, Maryanne. You sure do deserve it….

  2. That is so totally cool. I can hardly stand it. My babies were born so long ago that I’ve never seen anything like this. Monday, Josh will be 14 big ones!

    I know you’re keeping that baby warm. Listen to good music and read to him/her too. It’s definitely something you can’t start too early! :-) And I don’t even work at a bookstore anymore!

    Happy New Year! Wishing you many good things in 2010.


  3. The best WIP of all. That is just amazing. And I’m glad you posted that link – I am a Virgo, too, and that explains a lot:(( This year will definitely be better for you and your family. Wishing you lots of joy.

  4. I agree, good riddance to 2009! It seemed to be a bad year for many I know, including myself. Happy New Year, may 2010 hold many blessings for you & your family! (:

  5. Isn’t it awesome what they can do with ultrasound pictures now!? Did you find out the sex? Come on you can tell me! :) Happy New Year Maryanne and baby! And Roger too!

  6. Wow, you can really see Knittymunchkin clearly in there!

    I know exactly what you mean about 2009 – it was a totally sucky year, with my MIL and FIL being sick and MIL passing, no vacations and a horrible boss (who is now gone!) I am totally looking forward to a great 2010!

  7. I LOVE these pics!!!!! I didn’t get a 3-D sonogram, they weren’t that prevalent yet, but they definitely give you a feel of what your baby will look like!

  8. I have a confession…usually I think that 3D pics of babies are totally creepy and alien-like. But Knittymunchkin is actually cute! He/she has changed my option on 3D baby photos. Can’t wait to see him/her when they get here!

  9. Awww… it makes my ovaries go into overdrive, your Knittymunchkin is so cute. I was absolutely convinced you were having a girl up until I saw that picture. Now I’m getting boy vibes.

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