What I’m Doing

Hey Slugger!

Feeling like there’s so much I want to share and so many things I want to blog about, but not having any time to do it ♥ Wondering what the first thing I’ll knit will be when I no longer have these milk-fed p@rn star boobs to contend with (seriously, who would want boobs this big???) ♥ Spending too much time in my pjs every day ♥ Watching for my son’s first smile in response to seeing my face ♥ Experimenting with cloth diapers (we’re trying Bummis, Bum Genius, & Flip styles) ♥ Trying to get my yarn organized ♥ Dying to knit something, anything ♥ Wondering when I’ll ever get to sleep in again, much less get more than 1.5 – 2 hours of sleep at one time ♥ Realizing that, holy crap, I AM A MOM! ♥ Still wearing maternity shirts despite the fact that I’ve lost 27 lbs. in the 9 weeks since Knittymunchkin was born and am only 13 lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight (did I say p@rn star boobs?  Yeah.) ♥ Feeling bummed about that ♥ Doing tons of baby laundry – how can one little munchkin generate so many dirty clothes???? ♥ Feeling good about not having purchased yarn for over 4 months now (maybe longer) ♥ But feeling guilty about my out of control stash ♥ Loving my son and my husband more and more each day! ♥ Longing for the time when I can take Little Mister out and about so I don’t feel so trapped in the house (the pediatrician says we have to wait until after flu season – end of May – to be able to take him places freely) ♥ Wondering where the time goes when I realize my little preemie boy has already more than doubled his birth weight (he’s over 9 lbs. now!) and no longer fits in newborn sized clothes ♥ Working, a few rows at a time, on the sweater I started for Knittymunchkin just days before his unexpected arrival ♥ Trying to rest when I can and not feel guilty about it ♥ Learning to let go of housework (even more than before!) ♥ Wishing I had more time for my garden ♥ Trying to find ways to be good to myself ♥ Noticing that my son has developed a new whiny sort of cry to display his anger at being manhandled or his general unhappiness with whatever you’re doing (or not doing) ♥ Dying to cast on for a Baby Surprise Jacket, but trying to be “good” and finish something else first ♥ Hoping I’m an o.k. mom.  I mean, I’ve never done this before! ♥ Wishing you a happy day!


12 thoughts on “What I’m Doing

  1. LOL, Love the post!! Um, it’s been 6.5 months now and I am finally back to my pre-preggers weight! Woo-Hoo!!! I wore maternity clothes/pjs/sweats for the first 4 months because everything else was just too small.

    He’s so cute!! I love the photo!!

    PS: No one in their right mind!!

  2. Great picture of munchkin! And I’m sure over half of that 13 remaining pounds (which isn’t bad either, by the way!)is probably the p*rn star b&&bs. LOL!

  3. What a sweetie! And the fact that you love that boy and willing to do the best thing for him?? That makes you the best mom around! We all make mistakes but remember love covers a multitude of sins!!! And you will get to sleep and knit again. Just not in the next few weeks!!

  4. What a beautiful post! Enjoy these days and just evolve. Motherhood is the one job that is unique in the way that we mold ourselves into what is needed. Thank you for sharing the handsome wee one too!

  5. No guilt allowed!
    You are a fabulous Mom even if you don’t know it yet.
    Sleep whenever possible.
    Treat yourself to a good movie while you nurse–even if you have to watch it in installments, it’s a nice little escape without leaving home.
    Get an audio book.
    Did I mention no guilt allowed?
    Can you take him for walks outside as long as you don’t let people near him?
    Walking saved me from cabin fever mania.

    Sending good thoughts to all of you, especially to you, the new Mom. You will find your way as we all do, one day at a time….

    Big hugs!

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