Fess Up

Gah.  I caved.  I bought yarn.  Twice.  I should have known I couldn’t make it longer than 5 months.
But listen.  It’s not all bad.  I can defend myself a bitty bit here.  This is how it is:  I have 2 hanks of SWTC Vicki Howell Collection Love in “Jack & Sally” in my stash that has been there for over a year.  More silvery than grey, it has a gorgeous sheen and lovely hand.  The second it arrived I fell in love with it and I promised myself I’d buy more so that I could make myself something other than just a scarf with it.  Flash forward a year or more and I still haven’t kept that promise to myself.  So when I saw that DBNY had only 8 hanks left and it has supposedly been discontinued, I treated myself.  Besides, it was way on sale.  Like way on sale.  Originally $13/hank, I got it for $4/hank, so I was only out around $40 after shipping.  Not too bad in terms of falling off the wagon.

SWTC Vicki Howell Collection Love Yarn in "Jack & Sally"

And then there’s one more purchase that is waiting in my WEBS cart for my itchy little finger to push “Confirm”.  This one is a whopping $23.67.  A long time ago, when there was cash aplenty in my checking account, long before Little Mister, I purchased 5 balls of Noro Silk Garden in color #292.  I was drawn to the colorway, despite the colors not being my normal thang.  I think I thought I’d make a Clapotis or something, but it’s still in my stash untouched.  Then I saw the Equinox Raglan in the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of Knitscene and I knew what I wanted to make with it.  Sadly, I needed 2-3 more balls of yarn to make it and being the good girl that I am, I checked on Ravelry first for destashers.  Nuttin.  And the color is discontinued.  Luckily, WEBS has it and it’s even on sale, so I made sure it was o.k. with hubby and put three of those bad boys into my shopping cart.

Noro Silk Garden #292

But if all this talk of spending has got you thinkin you need new yarn, I’ve got something for you that will make you feel good even if you do end up overfilling your cart.  Knit Picks has 12 free sock patterns on their site!  I was looking over my newest IK issue once again and noticed the fine print on the bottom of the Knit Picks ad.  Since I would have missed it completely if I wasn’t just spacing out and happened to see it, I thought I’d share it with all of you who either missed it too or just plain don’t get IK.  So go here and get your 12 free sockses patterns (just click on each small sock image and it will take you to a pdf  you can print or save).  Enjoy!!


9 thoughts on “Fess Up

  1. Falling off the wagon is not so bad if it can be justified and if the other party is okay with said falling off….

    I can’t wait to see both of the projects! I can only imagine what the “Jack and Sally” decides to become for you. And I know that the Noro colorway way will make that sweater beautiful!

    And, pat yourself on the back! Five months is a good stretch on shopping from your stash!

  2. Very nice! That Love yarn looks like a great color. I am about to fall off the wagon with an Elann sale on Pima Tencel coming up Tuesday. I actually plan on buying *four* colors as I love the yarn and each sweater quantity will only be about $24.

  3. All in all, I think you did okay. It was only a minor splurge, and that sale yarn at $4/skein was a great bargain. Then again, I’m probably now enabling you, so that’s not a good thing!

  4. Free patterns are a good thing! I just downloaded ‘First Harvest’ because I just got a skein of sock yarn from Bittersweet Woolery (my friend Tina’s shop) called ‘King Harvest’ and this will be perfect!

  5. Thank you for the head’s up on the KP patterns. After getting the Cookie A sock innovation book, and seeing these patterns. I think I’m set for the next 2 years with sock patterns.

    I am loving the jack and sally!

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