Dear Buddy….

Dear Buddy,

Is it Buddy?  Or is it Buddy The Elf?  Maybe I should just call you Mr. Elf and keep things formal.  I know that Santa is busy chillin’ in his speedo on the beaches of Rio right now, so I thought I’d better write you instead.  Granted, he sees me when I’m sleeping and he knows when I’m awake, but that’s probably kinda hard with all those hoochies in Rio letting it all hang out.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure that someone noticed I was a very very good girl this past week.  There was a huge clearance sale on Sundara Silk Sport yarn and I had 6 hanks of it in my shopping cart at one point but then had the presence of mind to remove them all from my shopping cart all on my own.  Yes, I know I dithered for a few hours and would most definitely have come back to purchase something if the site hadn’t closed down, but that’s really not the point is it?  The point is, I didn’t buy yarn.  And then over the weekend I was faced with two more opportunities to buy yarn.  I even had a hank or two in hand at the second shop I visited, but instead I used an old gift card to purchase one set of addi lace turbos that were on sale and ended up spending only a whopping $2.99 in total.  I mean, I think that’s pretty good isn’t it?  And I’m getting an early start.  Not like those other kids who only think about being good right after Thanksgiving. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I hope my extra effort will be duly noted and brought to Santa’s attention.  I’d really love some yarn-related goodness under the tree on Christmas morning.  Thank you so much Mr. Elf!  I hope you are staying healthy sticking to the 4 main food groups – Candy, Candy Corn, Candy Canes, & Syrup – I know I am.  Say “hello” to Papa Elf, Arctic Puffin, & Mr. Narwhal for me too :)




7 thoughts on “Dear Buddy….

  1. What a cute way to share how good you’ve been! I hope this has been duly noted, so that that dear old Santa can access the info when comes time for him to start checking his lists… :)

  2. Very good indeed. I have also been on a “no-buying” phase. It’s not just yarn, but clothing, shoes, household goods — I’m basically trying not to accumulate more stuff unless it’s something I really need or is really interesting or unusual as well as a good bargain.
    It sort of feels good to do this.

  3. Well, I went to Sundara’s sale, too, and though I didn’t go hog wild and pig crazy, I did indulge myself somewhat. Shall I just skip the letter to Santa all together this year?

  4. The image of Santa in a Speedo in Rio is more than I can handle; however, I can get past it knowing that you are still being so good about your yarn diet! I am so proud of you!

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