Finish Along

My friend Jess from Knitting Up North is having a Finish-a-long and contest!  Man do I ever need this kick in the pants!  It’s one of my Day Zero Project (101 things in 1001 Days) goals to whittle my UFO’s down to 3 or less and I really got things started by finally finishing my Chameleon Scarf.  Too bad I didn’t wait on that one, because there’s a prize for completing the oldest UFO and I betcha that one would have taken the cake ;)  Anyway, come join the fun!  What a great way to motivate each other to get those knits out the door and onto some warm bodies!  Like Jess said, you’d be surprised how little there is left to do on some things.  I always discover this when I pull out an old project, and I always wonder to myself why I just laid it down instead of powering through.  Oh wait, it’s because I’m kind of addicted to the smell of new yarn.  The “old” stuff just doesn’t do it for me anymore!
So, onto my list.  I need to finish:

  • Jaywalkers:  I’ve been working on a version of this since April 15, 2008, but have ripped it out and reworked it so many times that I’m really starting anew each time.  So the official start date of this one is June 14, 2010 and I am just about 20 rounds from finishing the first sock.  Then on to sock #2…
  • BSJ:  This is completely finished except for the seaming and weaving in of ends and a few buttons.  Shouldn’t take much to do that!
  • Felix Cardigan (like the ones I made here):  This one just needs buttons!  I originally made it for Knittymunchkin, but he’s a bit big for it now.  Maybe I’ll send it to our friends who are expecting a boy any day now.
  • Cherry Fizz:  Started June 12, 2009 (really????).  I’m just over halfway finished.  Would love to get this done, but I’m thinking shooting for finishing the other 3 is more likely.

I also have 7 (yikes!) other UFO’s that are totally hibernating.  I obviously won’t finish these during the Finish-a-long, but they’re in my mind as next on the list.  Only trouble is, 4 of those are sweaters and I don’t expect to be working on any sweaters until I am back to my no-longer-breastfeeding sized self.  But all in good time.
Meanwhile, I did finish something recently for our neighbor who just had a new little girl.

A Little Pink Hat


  • PatternSimple Newborn Hat With A Touch Of Lace by Ginny Foreman (Ravelry link here; My Ravelry project link here)
  • Yarn:  79.2 yds of Knit Picks Shine Sport in “Blush”
  • Needles:  16 inch, Size 4 bamboo circs & Size 4 dpns
  • Mods:  Made hat larger by casting on 99 stitches (instead of 81), and worked 2 inches after lace section instead of 1.5 inches

This hat was simple & quick to knit.  I love how it turned out!  Because I made it wider and not quite as tall (proportionally) as the original, it came out more like a beanie than a regular hat.  But I still like it.  Word is, the new Mama likes it too, though it fits her 2 year old better than her newborn.  Boo on that!  I made it bigger on purpose, but didn’t mean for it to be that big.  She kept telling us that her first daughter is in the 90th percentile for size, so I figured the new little one would have a big head too.  Guess not.  But at least it fits one of the kids!  That’s all I could ask for, I guess. And, best of all, it totally came from stash. Huzzah!
So come join us and finish up some of your UFO’s too!  I’d love to hear all about it :)


6 thoughts on “Finish Along

  1. Love the pink hat! And thanks for sharing the contest for the UFO’s. But, I think I may have you beat on the oldest ones still on the needles. Trust me. Wait till I post them on the blog….

    As always, you are my jump start and my inspiration!

  2. Thanks for getting the word out! I can’t wait to see all your finished projects, looks like several of them are very very close.

  3. As you know, they quickly go out of things so the fact that the hat fits the older child?? well that’s a win/win! Two for the price of one! Plus I bet you could whip out another (smaller) hat in no time flat.

  4. What a cute little hat!!

    I only have one major UFO at the moment, and I keep putting it off. Its a shawl that doesn’t have to be finished until NEXT May, but really – and I’m so bad – that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t work on it a little at a time.

  5. Although I love the idea of finishing my Thermal in August, I don’t think it’s realistic ;-) The little hat is really cute. I have some purple yarn, it would be beautiful. I just have to find the time ;-)

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