Never Enough

  • Never enough time to knit, never enough time to read, never enough time to blog, just never enough time, period.
  • Never enough clothes that fit.  I’m too small for maternity clothes, too big for pre-preg clothes, and too cheap to buy stuff that will fit me right now, hoping as I am that I will lose the last 9 lbs. shortly.  Of course if I don’t stop eating crap that’s bad for me, I might get there sooner.
  • Speaking of which, there is absolutely NO time to workout, though we do take a spin around the neighborhood nearly every day, and carrying around an almost-6-month-old all day has just got to burn some calories.  It has to count for something or I might cry.
  • There’s never enough clean cloth diapers.  I do laundry nearly every day.
  • There is, most definitely, NEVER enough sleep.  Never enough naps, never uninterrupted snoozing.
  • Never enough money.  How is it that we still have to live paycheck to paycheck even with R. Darling’s good job and the fact that I never go anywhere anymore or spend money on myself (at all, ever)?
  • There are never enough photos of Knittymunchkin.  I take as many as I can, but I know that someday I will still regret not taking more.  Especially pictures of us with him.  We have maybe 2 of those each :(
  • There are never enough opportunities to hear my little boy laugh each day.  My face hurts sometimes from giggling along with his latest game.
  • Never enough time for the garden.  It looks dried out and awful and it makes me sad how the weeds are taking over.
  • There are never enough people in my world for whom to knit. I love to knit for other people but no one in my family appreciates hand knits (except for R. Darling, but seriously, how many hats and scarves can he really wear?). Do any of you know someone who would like a handknit? There’s only certain kinds of things I can knit for charity, and so many unsuitable patterns I’d love to try. But what to do with the finished item? I can’t wear it all!
  • Never enough ways to keep my little one occupied during the day! He’s like a sponge, greedy for more stuff to soak up, and gets bored of the “usual” games so readily these days.

I did find time last weekend to try one new recipe though, part of my Day Zero goals.

I loves me some rhubarb!

I was excited to try this one as it is one of R. Darling’s Grandma’s recipes, and rhubarb (incredibly plentiful in my garden, despite neglect) is one of my all time favorite dessert components.  Unfortunately, the recipe didn’t live up to the hype (sorry Grandma!).  R. Darling gave it a 6, saying it needed more rhubarb, and I gave it a 6 too because the raspberry jello made it taste too much like raspberry and not enough like rhubarb.  Meh.  I won’t be making this again.  But at least I satisfied my curiosity and I am 3 recipes down out of my goal of 10.
R. Darling starts 2 weeks of vacation beginning tomorrow (though we have tons of scheduled appointments and he’s got 3 overtime shifts during his “vacation”).  I am so excited to maybe get  a little extra time for some knitting and maybe a little work in the garden.  I’d like to finish my book too.  Just the psychological value of having an extra pair of hands during the day taking care of Knittymunchkin will be priceless for me.
Hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation too!


11 thoughts on “Never Enough

  1. What kind of cloth diaper are you using? We use BG Organic OS AIO. And I agree, there is never enough clean cloth diapers!!!!

    I fit back to most of my skirts, luckily, but not all the pants. I ended up buying some pants for work at Old Navy during an end of winter sale, but I know how you feel about those last 9 lbs…

  2. There will never be enough time until the wee one flies from the nest…sorry to dissapoint you. Time will come and go, ebb and flow, but you will adjust. I know you will. All mothers do at their own pace so stop beating yourself up!

    As for the knitting…I like to pay it forward. I have been making stuff for people in my bloggy realm that I know will apprecitate that special knitting item. Just a thought…

    Enjoy the vacatin with R. Darling and set up the tripod and capture those family moments…

  3. Ah, it all feels so overwelming right now doesn’t it? Everything will fall in to place here soon.I really hope you get some knitting (therapy) time for yourself soon. :) I do think carrying a 6 pound baby all day will burn some serious calories! Hope this finds you enjoying your weekend.

  4. I don’t know if I could handle cloth diapers. I mean, with what I do for a living, just the thought of cloth diapers seems insane to me. But if it works for you, that is what matters, and I do like how environmentally friendly it all is.

    I was just thinking the other day of making my hubby a rhubarb pie.

    Have a great vacation!!!!

  5. Never enough time. Yep that abt sums it up. I hear you get it back once they leave home. IF they leave home!! LOL

    Congrats on the vacation coming up. Plan a couple of day trips with just the three of you. and definitely plan some father/son time. Good for them AND for you!!!

  6. There really are never enough cloth diapers!! or enough time to do anything!! I feel ya!

    I was down to my pre-preggers weight at 6 months and just fitting into the pre-preggers clothing. I’m also still nursing so that is helping to continue taking off the weight. Sounds like you are on track and doing good, just keep up the good work.

    An extra pair of hands is always helpful and takes loads of the stress off. Definitely set up the tripod and take a few photos! You will cherish those always!!

    You should knit Knittymunchkin some things for when he gets older. That way you are knitting for someone else and you have a jump on his future clothing. ;)

  7. But all in all, I’m sure you appreciate all you have ;-) I hope you have a good time while your husband is on vacation! Enjoy every moment with your little one!

  8. Yep, carrying around a 6 month old (and nursing him) does burn calories. The carrying will also give you some killer arm muscle definition.

    What size do you wear? I get the sense that you’re taller than I am, but I might have some things that would fit if you want intermediate clothes.

  9. Carrying around a baby definitely counts for something…you will get there eventually. I wore my hubby’s old jeans when I was inbetween but I think you are too petite for that.

    A little secret: once you have kids, there is never enough money….it just flies away at every opportunity (says the woman with 20 and 14-year-old boys–men).

    You can knit for me anytime. :-) I rarely knit for myself….

    You can give your garden some love next year.

    Question: I sent a partially made charity blanket a while back with a little gifty for munchkin boy. Did you ever get it? I’m wondering if it got losted or if I forgot to put my note in it.

    Definitely take some more pics with the babe–you and he will be glad you did later on.

    Take care!

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