Summertime, And The Knitting Is Easy

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…..  I love that song.
Around here, the knitting has been easy too.  I thought I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be knitting sweaters until I finished breastfeeding Knittymunchkin, but honestly, it’s kind of all good that I’m knitting little things.  They’re simpler and finish quicker, leaving me satisfied and ready to start something new.  I get the quick knit fix, without the need to stay monogamous for too long.

Delphinium Mitts


  • Pattern:  Emerald Fingerless Mitts (Ravelry link here; My Ravelry project link here)
  • Yarn:  0.78 hanks (approximately 117 yds) Malabrigo Silky Merino in “Azul Azul”.
  • Needles:  32 inch size 4 bamboo circs for magic loop.
  • Mods:  Made quite a few since the pattern is very sketchy and confusing (in my opinion).  There was NO WAY I was going to seam the thumb, so I did it in the round.  All my mods are clearly laid out in my project page.

Really happy with how these turned out, even though they are on the small side for me (I have long skinny fingers and biggish hands).  But they aren’t for me anyway, so that’s o.k.  Love love love the Silky Merino and even though I’m not down with blue in general, I love this shade. I think I might buy enough for a whole sweater someday.  A quick and satisfying project, and another 117 yds to subtract from stash.  Yippee!!

No, these were NOT on my list of things I wanted to finish for my friend Jess’ Finish Along.  Bad bad Knittymuggins!  But they were a birthday gift and therefore, were justified.  I’m doing quite miserably at finishing my items for her contest, unfortunately.  So far I have finished a dishcloth, which wasn’t even on my original list, and that’s it.  But I still  have until the 13th and I expect I can finish my BSJ and my Felix sweater without too much trouble since they just need a seam and some buttons sewn on.  I have been working fairly steadily on my Jaywalkers too which is saying something for me.  I tend not to be uber monogamous with stuff, but I really want to get these socks finished (finally!).

Crocheted Sherbert Dishcloth - Finished Item #1


  • Pattern:  Crochet Dishcloths by Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (Ravelry link here; My Ravelry project link here)
  • Yarn:  0.56 skeins (approximately 105.8 yds) Lion Brand Cotton Print in “Sherbert Swirl”.
  • Hook:  G – 4.25 mm
  • Mods:  None

Like all free patterns you find in Jo-Ann’s, the pattern was a little sketchy and had some mistakes (at least my copy did).  But I managed.  I started this last October to help a friend learn how to crochet.  We both started the pattern together and then were going to get together to finish it off once I’d gotten her going on it.  But life got busy, as it always does, and we never got together to do the finishing. So I decided I’d just take a few minutes and get it done so I could get it off to my Mom.  She loves these things and I never use them so I was happy to find it a good home.  I’m happy with how it turned out.  Simple, but pretty.
In other vacation news, I did finish my book and we’ve completed a few projects around the house.  We’ve still got a ton more to do, but we’ll just have to do what we can as we have the time.  I think we are all feeling at least slightly more relaxed though. And on the second, our little guy turned 6 months old!  Where has the time gone????

Knittymunchkin is 6 months old!


9 thoughts on “Summertime, And The Knitting Is Easy

  1. Love the mitts! That colorway is beautiful. And I certainly won’t hold it against you for making them and not finishing any UFO’s….I haven’t been too good either…hehe

    I love the sherbet colors in that washcloth! I always keep a dish cloth/washcloth pattern nearby when I need a break from any WIP that has caused me strife!

    The little man is getting so big! He is just so darned CUTE!

  2. Knittimunchkins has the most lovely smile! He must have great parents to be such a beautiful and pretty baby :-) And oh my, how he has grown!

    And what do I hear about the book? I haven’t been able to keep up with things (soon to move to another country), tell us more or redirect me please.

  3. Those mitts are lovely! I like the color. Instant gratification knitting is always good. I may need some of that soon, with all the lace I’ve been knitting that seems to never finish!

    6 months old? Oy – how wonderful!

  4. OMG 6 months already?!?!? YIKES!!!! What a great shot of him!!!

    Great projects too. Yes smaller ones are easier to pick up and put down and FINISH! Blue may not be a big color for you, but with a boy, it will grow on you.

  5. I love those gloves and blue’s my favorite color! Nice dishcloth too. Love the pastels! It’s great to see you choose to knit what you like, because this is what it’s all about! 6 months already! Happy half-anniversary baby! I still think he looks a lot like you ;-)

  6. Those mitts are lovely; I have more than a few skeins of Mmmmal Silky…maybe I now have a plan for one of them!

    Happy half-a-versary! ;-)

  7. Oh no…now you got that song in my head. Thankfully it is a great song!:)
    Excellent job on the fingerless gloves! Quicky projects sometimes are the best.
    I can’t believe your little love is 6 months either, congrats mama!

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