The Good, The Bad, And The …. Ugly?

The Good:



Knittymunchkin has fully embraced eating his veggies.  Of course, he wears most of his food right now, but we’re getting there.  It’s so hilarious to watch him while he eats, though I think he has just as much fun gnawing on the spoon as he does nomming on peas ;)  He has also gotten over his sleep issues (knock on wood) and can now go to sleep if you put him to bed and he’s not quite totally out yet.  We have a tummy sleeper on our hands though, now that he can roll over, and I end up getting up at least a couple times each night just to make sure he’s still breathing. It was worse the first couple days when he started doing that because he could roll over onto his tummy, but couldn’t roll back onto his back very well.  He would wake himself up and cry and I would panic.  But now he flips back and forth pretty easily and has been sleeping close to 10 hours every night with a good nap each day.  Yippeee!!!!  It’s shocking how fast he’s growing & developing.

The Bad:

I only finished one item for Jess’ Finish Along.  Holy crap I suck.  And Jess was even nice enough to give me some wholly undeserved credit for knitting with a 6 month old in the house (thanks Jess!!).  But I couldn’t even get it together to sew on some damned buttons in order to finish something.  That’s pretty sad.  Except, I’ve been knitting.  I’ve just been cheating on my old stuff with new stuff.  When will I learn?  No pictures yet, but hopefully next time.

And – The Ugly?

I haven’t had a haircut since last September.  As in almost a year ago.  My hair was driving me crazy and I think I might have done something drastic.  You tell me.

Oldilocks - 10:30 AM on August 12, 2010


Mama Got Her Hair Did!

I liked it.  At first.  Now, I’m not so sure.  You know how the stylist always does some hocusy pocusy crap and makes it look all fantastic and then you go home and it starts to flatten out, or hang in your face, and you wake up the next day and look at yourself and think – Now that’s not right! I got that in spades.  It’s too short to put up, yet long enough to hang on my neck and make me sweat.  So I don’t actually feel cooler like I thought I would.  And it hangs in my face.  One of my biggest peeves.  But there’s an upside.  I save on shampoop and it’s easy to manage right after I shower.  Dries in 10 seconds, I swear.  And that’s pretty good for a new-ish mama.  I’ll take it.  Besides, at the rate I’m going, it will have plenty of time to grow out before I end up getting it cut again!


16 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, And The …. Ugly?

  1. Officially spewed water on the screen! I love the good, even though I don’t like peas myself. Congrats on the sleep patterns too!

    The Bad – I’m with Jess, you had your hands full, even if you “cheated” with the new stuff. I cheated too. I made the two Dandy’s and was working on Clementine all at the same time. So, we’re both BAD!

    The Ugly – I’m not convinced! I personally love short hair and when Trouble and The Munchkin were small I had a pixie. Wash and go baby is the best way! I like it and I think you will be able to do things with it once you get accustomed to the new cut and length. Give it some time. Besides, It is only hair and it will grow back….

  2. Your hair is cute!!!! And so much easier with a little one. I had a similar haircut except it was shorter in the front too.

    ANd LOVE the eating of the peas!!! OMG he is so adorable! And I’m glad the sleeping is finally settling in. My dd was a tummy sleeper and it would make me crazy, but she slept SO much better that way.

  3. I like your new haircut! It’s more defined. Good change! I visited friends of mine this afternoon. They have a 3 weeks old little boy! He is so adorable! They make such a nice family… And so do you guys! I love seeing and reading about happy families. There is so much suffering in this world… And don’t worry for the “finish along”… the important thing is to knit!!!

  4. Awww … he’s so cute! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of cooing over pictures of him.

    I think your haircut is lovely! It looks much easier to handle. There are sometimes I wish I could cut mine again, and then I remember what wearing a wig, under a bonnet, feels like in 100F heat.

  5. Hey, next time go shorter. I went from beyond shoulder length to about 2 inches in one go. No trouble with funky styling issues as there isn’t enough hair left to do anything with :-) But it looks good on you, in that picture.

    Knittimunchkin is adorable! Peas on earth!

  6. Love the hair!! I know how you feel though. I went and got my hair cut shorter (just shoulder length with layers), Hubster hated it and then of course I did too. It wasn’t easier to manage or anything. Then I dyed it and now I love it and he does too!!

    Knittymunchkin is adorable!! Cavebaby (fast becoming Caveboy!!!) doesn’t like the peas as much as he does greenbeans! He’s taken to grabbing the spoon lately, loaded or not so we’ve been cleaning up alot of messes. LOL

    When Cavebaby learned to roll over in his sleep, it paniced me too, but now he’s all over the place! Side, back, tummy, butt up in the air and everything! LOL

    Hey, at least you’re getting some knitting done! ;)

  7. I know this was unintended on your part, at least I think it was – I totally almost peed myself when I read “shampoop”….I’m still laughing, as it seems so very fitting! I am a fan of short hair, and I cut mine shortly after Brady was born…I hated that it was always on his face when he was nursing. I do like it(yours), although I hear you about it being too short to put up, and still hanging in your face, because I have those issues as well!

    Megan was and still is a stomach sleeper…I just made sure she had nothing around her when she slept, AND I checked her several times throughout the night! Brady has always slept on his back and he has a flat spot…so not sure which is worse.

  8. You look so cute with your new haircut!

    Both my boys are stomach sleepers, since birth (and still are). Nap time, night time, on their stomachs. You know what? I slept on my stomach as a baby, and I’m still alive. 30 years ago it wasn’t a “no no” to have your child sleep on the tummy…

    Peas! Yum! He does look cute wearing it!

  9. Beautiful baby.
    Beautiful mama.
    I do the same thing with my hair–it take a few weeks to adjust to your new self…
    I think you look fabulous!!
    So glad the boy is sleeping for you.

  10. Aww, love the pea face! And your hair looks wicked cute! I know the dirty tricks those salon girls can pull sometimes, but just study what they’re doing when they’re doing the styling and copy it as best you can.

  11. I love the hair! You could try twisting a bit back in a bobby pin to get it out of your face. I can never do the same thing with my hair that my stylist does… I swear there’s some sort of hair voodoo going on there.

    Dylan’s such a doll. :)

  12. You look gorgeous! I love the new hairdo. It is really perfect for you. Low maintance I hope?
    Little baby love with peas…that will make me smile all day! :)

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