As you all know, I’ve been thinking about my stash a lot lately. Organizing it, working on actually knitting things with it;  I’ve gifted a little, traded a bit, and have even sold a few hanks of sock yarn.  And it feels pretty good to let go of that need to hoard it all.  I think the sentiment is going around.  One of my bloggy friends, Learner’s Per-knit, is having a contest right now to win some of her stash that she wants to give away.  Leave a comment for her on this post by September 1st (hurry, that’s tomorrow!!) and you could win some new yarn!  You should just read her blog anyway :)  There’s always lovely projects to drool over and funny commentary on life and knitting.
I’m destashing a little too, though I’m still not brave enough to just give it away freely.  Here’s a few of the yarns I’m selling on Ravelry.  The colors just weren’t quite what I had in mind when they arrived (shakes fist at stupid monitor for faking me out yet again).  If you’re interested you can see the details on my Trade/Sell Page in Ravelry.  I’m sure there will be more in the future and I’ll try to post them here as I list them.

Needful Yarns Filtes King Darling in "Corn Field"


Needful Yarns Filtes King Darling in "Ginger Spice"


Classic Elite Bam Boo in "Melon"

My LYS had a stashbusting sale last weekend too.  I’ve never gone to it before, but I took Little Mister in on Friday mid-morning  just to get us out of the house and have a little look around.  It’s kind of a cool deal.  You just bring in your yarn you don’t want, price it, and then they display and sell it for you.  In return you get a giftcard to the shop for 85% of the sale price of your yarn.  Maybe next year I’ll have some stuff to drop off.  As for this year, despite trying to be “good” and not buy more yarn, I ended up buying some stuff and wasting my hoarded giftcard that I got for Mother’s Day this year :(  I feel a little guilty about that now, but I did get some good deals including 1300 yds of cotton for $13!  Not sure what I’ll make with it.  Perhaps you’ll see it destashed here at some point ;)


4 thoughts on “Destash

  1. Enabler! I have been working down the stash quite effectively lately….sock yarns have been transformed into shawls and shawlettes at an amazing pace and I am trying hard to be faithful….but knowing your tastes as I do I will now be forced to take a peek at what you’ve put up there to tempt us all into wanting….


  2. Thanks for the tip–I left a comment with your friend.

    I am trying to knit from stash right now as well as my income status is changing drastically. Luckily, I do have lots of good stuff for the charity knitting I’m into right now.

    Best knitting story of the week: I was knitting a kid’s mitten at school (community college) and a young man came up to me and asked if he could buy the mittens — seriously they were small mittens. Then he asked me about technique, was it hard, can people take classes….very cute.

  3. Good luck with the de-stash! I am working through my own stash for Christmas knitting, and I forsee much buying of yarn in 2011. I’ve been so good this year!

  4. Luckily I’ve been knitting for almost 5 years and I have no stash! I must be the weirdest knitter ever ;-) PS I have nothing against people with a stash ;-)

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