The Straight Poop

With a title like that, oh boy am I ever gonna get a bunch of weird ass spam, dirty links, and raunchy searches leading to my blog post.  But hey, it’s the truth.  This post is about…. well…. poop.
One of the top two best jobs I ever had in my life (so far) came a few years, and one miserable job later, after grad school.  We were studying E.coli and Salmonella etiology on dairy farms and I was required, among other things, to travel to various dairy farms in eastern Washington and basically scoop poop.  Entirely unglamorous, but really not as bad as you might think.  My family however, thought it was distinctly hilarious that I went to college, and later grad school, just so I could pick up cow poop.  I’m not really one to take myself too seriously (despite outward appearances to the contrary) and it was kind of funny.  At first.  But then I got tired of everyone saying, “Oh have you met my niece/cousin/daughter?  You’ll never guess what she does for a living!  She picks up poop, ha ha!  And she went to college for it too!”  There was really so much more to it than that.

Little Mister is 8 months old today!

But then this morning, as I changed my third poopy diaper before 10 AM, I got to thinking.  Things really haven’t changed that much I guess.  I’m still dealing with poop and there’s still so much more to it than that :)
Things have been good here.  We had our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday the 26th (love you Honey!) and took a little day trip for ourselves with some shopping and a nice dinner out at Red Lobster.  I know, kinda ghetto to some of you maybe, but hey, we like it and it’s been a while!  Also got to see my good knitty pal Troy for several hours of coffee & knitting last Saturday.  We haven’t done that since before Knittymunchkin was born!  I really needed that time to just be myself and not be a “mom” for a while.  Amazing how restorative a few hours can be!  And I’m knitting.  A bunch of stuff.  But that post will have to wait until later.  I hear my little 8 month old awake and calling for me!

6 thoughts on “The Straight Poop

  1. Happy Anniversary (late as usual)! Love the way that life reminds us that everything has a time and place. Poop, snotty noses and dirty clothes are part of your new job and so well worth it!

    Can’t wait to see/hear about all the knitting, and I’m glad that you got some time with Troy!

  2. Happy 6 years to you and R.Darling!!

    Everybody Poops. Read it. You’ll find it in the kid’s section. :-)

    Happy knitting time and it is definitely good to get out and just be you for a while. It makes you a much better mom, if you take time to nourish yourself now and then. I speak from experience.

    My “baby” went to his first homecoming dance last night. I asked him if he danced and he said, “I didn’t go to the dance to stand around mom!” Totally love my kid!!

    Happy knitting and happy diaper changing!!

  3. First off, happy anniversary!!!! Glad you got to get out for a bit as a couple instead of as parents.

    and omg he is getting so big!! I can def see a difference in his little face!!! What a great shot!

  4. Congrats to you and the hubby!! May you have many MANY more happy years together.

    I get the poop thing, believe me. Sometimes at work, that’s all my patients do. I’m convinced that it is the way they say they love me. :-)

  5. Happy Anniversary Muggins! I am glad you were able to get away for a couple hours. Red Lobster is so not ghetto- they have some great stuff! I can’t wait to find out what knits you have been up to.

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