Brought To You By The Number Four

Yarnbombing Garland Outside My Favorite LYS

Dang.  As of today, I have been blogging for four entire years!  That’s a long ass time.  Granted, there have been some bursts of radio silence (most especially this year) but I am more than a little shocked that I have kept it up for this long.  I really never would have guessed that there would be that much I’d have to say and so much that I’d want to share with all of you.  There have been so many times when I’ve  been tempted to quit, but it’s because of all of you that I am still here and still blogging.  And I can never thank each and every one of you enough for all the wonderful comments, and generous kindness and support you have all shown me during these last four years. You’re fantastic!!  I most definitely would not be celebrating four years of blogging if it wasn’t for all of you amazing peeps that keep me in your thoughts and stop by to see how I’m doing!  I really and truly am so grateful for all of you :)
I feel like there is so much more I should say, on such a momentous day, but I’m so tired today I can hardly think straight.  So let’s just keep it short and sweet.  In honor of my 4th bloggyversary I am going to have a little contest!  Leave me a comment telling me what the best thing you have ever done for yourself (and only yourself) has been (or will be), your favorite weight of yarn to use, and your favorite color (just because I’d like to know!) by Midnight October 17th, 2010.  On the 18th I’ll pick two winners: one at random, and one whose answer I like best.  The winners will receive one pattern of their choice (up to $9) through Ravelry’s gifting feature.  Please keep in mind that, unfortunately, Twist patterns and certain others cannot be included in this feature at this time.  The pattern must be available to gift through Ravelry.  I can’t wait to hear all your answers!!
And since I’m holding the contest, I think I should play along :)  The best thing I have ever done for myself (and only myself) is a little boring, but has got to be refusing to have a roommate throughout grad school and my early working career.  Yes, I could have saved money, but having that time to be in my own space with my own thoughts and no need to consider anyone else’s, is a gift that I am so incredibly grateful for.  If you want a can of corn for dinner, or no dinner at all, you can do that.  If you want to come home and go to bed immediately, or if you want to wake up early and blast the music and dance in your underwear, you can do that.  No one will look at you funny and the chance to be so uninhibited in just living your life is so truly priceless.  I think everyone needs the gift of that freedom at some point in their life.  And my favorite yarn weight?  Probably worsted.  Not too hard on the hands, but works up quickly and satisfyingly into a lovely item.  Though fingering yarns far outweigh the worsteds in my stash.  Probably because I’m a sucker for sock yarn!  My favorite color?  Used to be pink, but changed to green over the last year/year and a half.  Yet lately, I find myself drawn to purples for the first time in my life.  How strange!
Thanks for all the joy, the laughs, shouldering my burdens with me when I needed it most, and most of all, for just being there and listening to all my nonsense.  You are all the best and I am so thankful for you each and every day.  Look forward to hearing all your answers and maybe (fingers crossed) spending another couple years with all of you fabulous bloggy peeps!


16 thoughts on “Brought To You By The Number Four

  1. Ooo … I do love a good contest! And congrats on the blog anniversary!

    The best thing that I have ever done for myself was moving to New York state when I did. It was right after I had a bad break up with an emotional abusive guy, and then another bad break with an ex-fiance who turned out to like child porn. My friend Rachael invited me to visit and I just ended up staying. Being there, away from my family and my comfort zone, was the best thing in the world for me. I grew up, made new friends, and learned to knit. And even though I’m back in Virginia, I stil carry so many life lessons with me, things that really helped me become a better person.

    As for yarn … sock weight, hands down. I’m on a shawl kick and I love to use fingering weight. As for color … right now, it seems to be anything dark orange or red!

  2. Happy 4th anniversary!

    Thinking about your question, it occurs to me that the best things I’ve done for myself all seem to be travel-related. Like when I decided that it was high time that I stopped organizing my life around everyone else’s needs and that I’d do that volunteering abroad trip I’d been dreaming of for years. And when, as soon as I was back from those 4 months in Grenada, I decided to go and meet some friends in Europe even though my gentleman friend (at the time) couldn’t take time off work and come too. And when, while I was with my friends in Paris, I decided that I’d go to Iran with one of them a few months later. And I could keep going like this for a while! Those trips are closely related to the moment in my life when I realised that doing things for myself was necessary to my happiness and well-being.

    Favorite yarn weight? Boring answer: it depends on what I want to do! Or I could say: the one most appropriate for the project at hand. Right now, I have projects on the needles using fingering, DK and worsted weight – I guess I like variety!
    As for my favorite color… it’s hard to pick one over the others, but if I had to choose, I’d say a beautiful, rich, dark chocolate brown. :)

  3. Happy Fourth Anniversary!

    The best thing I ever did for myself…deciding to seek professional help after I left SWCNLBN. I realized that I had spent the last 28 years with two people that were EACTKY the same and I wanted to understand why and at the same time learn how to find what I actually deserved. It was a painful process at times but I emerged stronger and witrh the knowledge that I did deserve better and with the skills to find that oerson without denying my wants and needs in the process.

    Favorite yarn lately has been superwash merino, 4 ply up to 8 ply; however, I am a sucker for sock yarn and indie ones are the best.

    As for a favorite color…lately I have been lured by the richer shades of purple, most teal and oddly enough buterscotch/burnt orange. But I am a sucker for most blues and rich browns.

    And yes, I am secretly happy that you never quit. You gave me imspiration when I needed it and I have loved every minute of following along with you, R Darling and the wee little man. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  4. Wow, four years is a long time!
    I think next year my new year goal will be to blog at least once a week for just a year and then hopefully it will be a habit and naturally carry on.

    At the moment I’m completely in love with 8 ply yarn, it use to be chunky but I’ve slowly got faster at knitting so I’ve tried to keep up the challenge, I’m sure one day my fav will be lace weight.

    My favourite colour is green like a forest, I like forests :)

    The doing something for myself question is the hardest so I’ve put it last, everything I think of has had nice outcomes for other people too…

    When I get stressed out I go yarn shopping with no price limit (I usually wait for at least 70% off sales) of course I hardly knit for myself, so someone else gets a nice something out of it…

    I’m doing a computing course at the moment, I like computers, when I’m finished and get a job my better half gets to stay at home and spend time with the kids which is something he really wants to do…

    Every Wednesday and Thursday between classes I have 5 hours spare and if I have no study I have a coffee and do some solid knitting in the library, does that count?

    It’s nice and relaxing and makes me happy, but if being happy is the criteria I think all of the examples count.

    Now I’m getting all philosophical I think I may have over analysed the situation… and now I’m babbling.

    Crap that was long winded, sorry.

    *runs away*

  5. Happy 4th blogiversary!!! I’m happy you have continued blogging, I really enjoy your blog and what you’ve got to say. Plus I’m a sucker for a cute kid in adorable knits!!

    I’ve enjoyed reading what others have said that they’ve done for themselves. I have two. One was making separate mix tapes from my sister. I know that sounds silly, but I KNEW that if we shared the same tapes, when I left the house (and I knew I’d be first even though she’s 13 yrs older) I wouldnt get to take any with me. I knew for my own growth and sanity, there were some things I needed to keep separate from her. Quite a mature and insightful thought for a 14 y/o! (I was proved right too when I got married and moved out). Second was around the same time in my life, I was a very quiet and shy girl, but I KNEW that if I wanted to get anywhere in life, I needed to speak up. If I thought of a funny joke, say it. If nobody laughed, so what? *I* thought it was funny and that should be good enough for me. I had my embarassing moments but I am SO happy I did, it helped turn me into the person I am today.

    As far as knitting, the majority of my yarns are fingering since I’m addicted to knitting socks. That being said I also like DK and worsted weight. I don’t do much with sport or bulky. And my colors also depend on what I’m doing. I do tend toward jewel tones, deep blues, greens and reds.

    Great contest!

  6. Four years–you go girl!! That is fabulous and I’m so happy you’re still at it so we can keep up with you and your lovely family. I would miss you if you didn’t blog anymore.

    The best thing I ever did for myself? That is a tough one. I guess one thing that really stands out for me, keep in mind I am very practical and wear my blue jeans and shoes until they wear out, etc… is that even though we didn’t have much money, I splurged and flew with my youngest son to NYC to visit my brother and his wife, daugher #1 and new daughter #2. It was my son’s first time flying (at age 12) and that was really fun to be part of. Then I had the joy of being with my brother and his family and meeting my niece, Jamie, for the first time.

    I don’t regret one cent of that trip and am hoping to do it again soon since I miss those little munchkins who are now 5 and 2-1/2.

    I guess I love worsted weight the best, dk second best. I love bright colors, especially pink.

  7. I will just say I know my answer will win fo sho. However I want you to give your prize to the runner up. The best thing I ever did for myself was marry you! You’re the best.

  8. Happy Blogiversary!

    Let’s see…
    The best (and hardest)thing I ever did was leaving my awful marriage even though it means I’m broke. Nuf said on that subject!
    I’m a fingering weight junkie. There is so much of it in my stash that I don’t know what to do with it all. Yet more calls to me each time I visit the LYS.
    Current favourite colour is red. Spot the pun in that sentence?

  9. Hey Dude-Happy Anniversary!
    The best thing I’ve done for myself (in the long run) was entering and leaving the military. It was the real beginning of adulthood; it toughened me up, and helped me develop social skills. Leaving prevented me from becoming a career sailor, which might not have been a good thing… . It didn’t hurt that there weren’t any wars or conflicts going on at the time. I’m really fixated on Malabrigo lace weight right now, and always pick out olive tones in any yarn.
    Ben has a brunch thing on the 24th-are you free for coffee? Are you taking the class at the Vo Tech? Racehl took it and said it was great. Take care, and congrats-TC

  10. Congrats – glad you are still blogging.

    The best thing I ever did for myself was deciding to look up my old girlfriend, having coffee with her and marrying her 3 months later. Family not thrilled but it wasn’t about them, it was about me. Married 4 1/2 years now and while we have had ups and downs, wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

    Favorite is dk. My very favorite color is purple.

  11. Happy blogiversary!

    The best thing I have ever done for myself? Must be telling mr beest I was in love with him, and asking if he could forgive my rejection of his offer a few months before that :-) Took me a while to realise I had finally found my soulmate, apparently my brain is slow… My life has not been the same ever since, in a very good way. We’re after all talking about the man who gives me the freedom to move countries and jobs in search of a career- I wonder how many people really say “sweetie, just take me out of the equation here” when push comes to shove, love me all the same, and leave him behind with the security that he’s still all mine :-) Nobody understands we can do this, but that’s their problem.
    (If that’s too blabla, runner-up answer: starting to run. Endurance exercise of any kind is good for most humans but running makes me truly happy)

    Favourite colours: anything that looks like the sea in Cornwall. Weight: DK and finer. I’m a sucker for tiny needle knits…

    And I am looking forward to many many more years of reading your blog!

  12. Happy Blog Anniversary. It’s crazy, but we’ve known each other a majority of that time through our blogs! :)

    So to enter your little contest. The best thing I ever did for myself was get a divorce. I can’t say that I regret being married but I think somewhere in our relationship I forgot who I was and lost myself. When I returned to school in the Spring it really opened my eyes and made me realize there is life beyond being a wife and mother. I am really enjoying this new freedom, even if it is a little lonely. I know now that if I’m ever with someone else that I won’t get lost again.

  13. Happy 4th bloggiversary! I enjoy reading your blog and it has been especially interesting in the last year with little Knittymunchkin! You are such a kind person to exchange with!

    Ouh, I love that contest and there will be another one on my own blog next January! I wish I was the genius who tought of it first ;-)

    Now, to the questions… The best thing I’ve done for myself (this is a very good question) is buying my house. It’s already been 4 years and I still adore it. I love the tranquility, I have great neighbors and for that, I really don’t mind that it’s so far from work! It’s home! My favorite weight of yarn is fingering. I love working with tiny needles as well. I think it gives an amazing result! And my favorite color is blue, but with yarn, there are so many gorgeous colors and blends to choose from…

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Yeah four years! Look what a wonderful treat your fourth year brought you and us- Minny Muggins! :)

    I can answer this question easily. This year I left my boyfriend and moved into an apartment on my own. For many years (15) I gave to him and everyone else 110 percent of myself and that left not a whole lot for me. Since I left I have learned to say “no” without guilt. I learned that by giving everyone everything you have doesn’t do them or you any good. Now I enjoy my weekends, much like you did in your grad school. I don’t worry about whether everyone is taken care of, in fact I don’t worry to much about anything anymore. :)To me that beats a spa say anyday! My time now has only one purpose-to replish my soul so that I can be a better person to others not by what I can do for them, but what type of person I am. I think it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. :)I am now an overall happy person.
    Thanks for asking muggy!

  15. Rodger’s right, he’ll win hands down. Wait, he already won you! :)

    The best thing I’ve ever done for myself was stand up to (most of) my family and decide to deliver Lily in a birth center outside the hospital with a midwife. Although it didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped, it was a beautiful, empowering experience. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and it still makes me laugh to think of those last final pushes. It was one of the first steps toward standing up for myself and my beliefs.

    As for my favorite weight of yarn… depends upon my whims… but right now I’m tending towards worsted weight wool. I’m planning on making a lot of baby hats over the next month to donate to the local hospitals (and midwives). The colors I am drawn to right now are fall colors: bright sky blue, yellow, orange and red.

    Happy Blogoversary

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