Danger! Danger!

Alarm bells go off in my head on row 18 and that Electric Six song “Danger! High Voltage” cranks up in the background.  I am trying to make my yarn bend to my will, but it’s not working.  No matter how I try, Blueberry Wine just does not want to become Emily Shmemily.

No! Don't make me into Emily Shmemily!

It’s funny how that works.  You would expect that any yarn in the given gauge would work for any particular pattern.  Why wouldn’t it?  But sometimes it’s just a disaster in incubation, waiting to burst free and stomp with big ol’ combat boots on your hopes and dreams.  The color isn’t right, the pattern doesn’t work, the needles size is just all wrong.  I can sense it, I really can.  I cast on with all the best intentions.  I knit a few rounds, and suddenly I find myself stretching out my half inch of knitting progress with a critical eye and second guessing all my decisions.  Do I keep knitting and push that creeping suspicion down, or do I frog before I have too much invested and search again for that perfect marriage of pattern, color and fiber?  Me, I keep searching for that harmony.  All good fiber deserves the perfect match.

I gave myself permission to start a flood of new projects now that my Cherry Fizz, Jaywalkers & BSJ are all finished.  But I feel jinxed.  Emily Shmemily was a bust and so was the scarf I started with some Frog Tree Alpaca sport I have in my stash.  That one, I’m still trying to decide if I like or not, so it’s waiting to be worked on or alternatively frogged.  Then I started Little Momo for Knittymunchkin and had to restart it about 6 times due to gauge issues, and a few small errors I seem to have found in the pattern.  With Momo, I managed to have found the perfect yarn, but technical issues (rather than design ones) were the things holding me up.  So I feel kinda all over with my knits right now.  I’m longing for that sense of calm and purpose I find when I am in the natural rhythm of a project and I can just pick it up and work here and there, knowing that the mixture of yarn and pattern are comfortably settled.  When I know right where I stand with my knit and we understand each other.  It’s at that moment that I feel the peace knitting brings me, the peace I crave so much.  But I think I finally found it with my newest pattern choice for Blueberry Wine: Multnomah.

Life has been super crazy here.  Knittymunchkin is walking (WALKING!!) and I am busier than ever.  But I did manage to meet my friend Troy on February 12th for a book signing at our LYS.  We got to meet the super sweet, fabulously talented Rebecca Danger and have her sign our books.  I love her patterns and she just published The Big Book Of Knitted Monsters in January.  Of course, I had to buy a copy.  What’s even super cooler is, she’s local!   I don’t know why, but knowing someone that talented lives in my community makes me kinda happy :)  I can’t wait to make a bunch of these for Knittymunchkin when he’s big enough not to chew their arms off!

The lovely & talented Ms. Danger

R. Darling is being a true sweetheart and skipping his run this weekend to give me a chance to take a wee bit of a break.  So, I believe I am now off to have a cup of tea and a little bit of work on Multnomah!  Hope your weekend is fantasterrific !



Guess what?  I got a fever and the only prescription is…. more FO’s!
O.K.  Totally not as funny as this, but it’s what I was thinking.  I had a pretty great, semi-clever original title for this post.  I thought of it the other day as I was emptying the dryer of its fifth load of laundry for the day, and re-loading it from the washer with its sixth load.  I giggled to myself.  And then I didn’t write it down and it dribbled away through the sieve of mommyhood.  The one that filters out anything that doesn’t require immediate damage control and leaves me with such fruits as: Where is the baby?,  What was that noise?,  Gah!  Get that out of your mouth right now!,  How did he destroy that magazine/entire room/entire outfit/entire train of thought in 1.2 seconds flat?  What can I say?  Life is awesome.
So that’s it.  You get a one word title today.  And I’ve got me a notebook in reaching distance.  At least until Knittymunchkin finds it….
Lately I am all about finishing stuff.  This is so totally freaking me out because I’m not usually like this.  I’m the one with the UFO “problem” who can’t stop starting new stuff and abandoning it for the next knit that comes along.  Ooooh, shiny!  Sorry, I got distracted there for a minute.  See?  But I am on a total freakin’ ROLL and it feels good.  Within the last few weeks I’ve finished Knittymunckin’s Roar, the first of 7 (yeah, 7!, how did that happen?) Pay It Forward gifts, Cherry Fizz (I think Hell might have just frozen over), the first mitten of my Smitten project for Knittymunchkin, and I’m hard core rockin’ the Jaywalkers.  Man this is great!  I hope it will last, but you know me…..

A Rawr For Keeping Warm


  • Pattern: Roar, A Dinosaur Hat by Kate Oates  (Ravelry link here; My Ravelry project link here)
  • Yarn:  Approximately 62 yds of Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Alpaca Love in “Fern” & approximately 48.8 yds in “Espresso Bean”
  • Needles:  Size 7 dpns & 16 inch circular
  • Mods:  None


This hat was super quick to knit and turned out pretty cute, though I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my skillz at stitching on the spikes.  I used a whipstitch for lack of a better idea and though I tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible, you can still see a little bit of it here and there where the dark yarn contrasts with the green background.  Oh well.  I figured he will probably destroy it anyway at some point.  That’s if I can ever get him to wear it!  He absolutely abhors having stuff on his head, as you can see in the outtake :)

No Mommy! Don't make me wear this!

Now maybe there’s just enough of naptime left to get a little knitting in! I gots me a fever!