Cursed Be Those Who Jaywalk In Stinky Love Socks

Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!  I feel like I should write the rest of this post in Pirate Speak.
The Jaywalker curse is over!  Man, it feels like I’ve been working on these stupid socks for forevah.  These have traveled with me to Vegas (twice, I think) and to my babymoon on Maui.  And they just never seemed to get finished no matter how hard I tried.  After their first visit to Vegas, I finished 3/4 of the first sock, only to find that it wouldn’t fit over my giant-ass foot.  It took a while (over a year) for me to suck it up and rip out round after round of those teeny tiny stitches that I had slaved over toothpick-sized needles to produce.  And after that, it took me even longer (another year) to work up the courage to cast on again.  My gauge was off the first time, and many more times, before I figured out the ideal combination of sizing and attractiveness.  I noticed that the yarn I used (Knitterly Things Vesper Sock) looks more pleasing when knit on a smaller needle, so I had to knit a larger size than I normally would to get it to fit right.  On this second go-round I also decided to knit my socks using Magic Loop and it definitely went faster once I got all the gauge bugs ironed out.  Now that I’ve learned Magic Loop, I’m a bit of a Magic Loop snob and fairly grit my teeth if I actually have to bust out dpn’s for anything.

This is my very first finished pair of socks made from Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn.  See, up there I let you in on a little secret with that link.  Shhhhh….. don’t tell everyone!  Her stuff has already gotten harder to get now that she’s been featured in some of the big knitting magazines.  She does really small updates maybe once a week, just a couple hanks of a couple of her signature colors, and a sock club.  Lucky for me, I managed to collect most of the colors I wanted before I quit my paying job to become Chief Procurer/Entertainer/Cook/Laundress for the Overlord Of Cute (Knittymunchkin).  I did keep up with the yarn club though, so my collection is still growing.
Glamour Magazine has been telling me for over a year now that it’s cool to wear socks with your heels.  Since my fancy shoes never see the light of day anymore (not that they had much of a snowball’s chance in hell of seeing it before Knittymunchkin either) I busted them out for my photo shoot.  I couldn’t rock the socks and heels look in real life, but I rocked it even less when taking these photos.  You should have seen me stumping around the house with my sweatpants rolled up and my fancy shoes and socks on, trying to balance the mirror just so, in order to get that one decent shot.  I know, I should probably try to maintain my aura of mystery and tell you I photographed this in some glitzy cafe whilst twirling my glossy hair around my finger, sipping coffee and looking glamorous, but hey, I haz to keep it real, yo.
So, ta da!  Finally we bid adieu to another achingly ancient UFO….


  • Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina  (Ravelry link here; My Ravelry project link here)
  • Yarn:  Approximately 442 yds of Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn in “Love Stinks (Yeah, Yeah)”
  • Needles:  40 inch Size 1 Knit Picks Harmony circulars
  • Mods:  None, except to work pattern using Magic Loop instead of dpn’s

OMG.  SO loving these socks!  I got all OCD and made sure the striping matched up when starting the second sock.  This required me to rip out my knitting several times and actually rewind the ball of yarn in the opposite direction.  But it was worth it because they are a perfect match.  The fit of these socks is amazing.  It really is a “snug droop-less” fit like she says.  The only thing I wasn’t super happy about was the toe.  I mean it looks fine and everything, but it feels a little uncomfortable.  Kind of binding for me.  Maybe something a little more rounded would feel better?  Something to consider for next time.  I think I might actually make another pair someday.  Be sure to look for that post sometime in 2015 ;)


13 thoughts on “Cursed Be Those Who Jaywalk In Stinky Love Socks

  1. Those socks look fantastic! Huzzah for finishing them, and loving them! And you are totally working them with those heels. To quote RuPaul … FIERCE!

  2. Wow you certainly are tenacious!!!!! They look fab! Good for you for sticking with the sock club. I remember you saying you were cutting back a LOT since your knitting time was going to be infringed upon by a small but adorable new project, however you made a wise choice to keep this one going!

    and OMG I LOVE those shoes!!!

  3. Congrats on the completion. They look great. I’ve just cast on the second sock in my pair of Jaywalkers. I agree with you that it is a tricky one to fit because of the stiffness of the fabric. Worth it in the end though.

  4. Gorgeous socks! It’s so nice to read that you love them, after all the time and energy you’ve put into them…
    Thanks for sharing the photo shoot story, rolled up sweatpants and all! The image made me smile, on a day when I very much needed a smile. :)

  5. I do love your Jaywalkers! They do match perfectly! I’ve always loved this pattern. I hope to knit myself a nice pair this year. To be continued… Nice work!

  6. I am in love with the shoes! I will maintain the idea that you were transported to some glam location for the shot!

    The socks look great. I have them in mny queue but I’m not sure when I’ll cast on after this post…. ;)

  7. I choose to ignore reality and believe that you really are in some hip cafe twirling your hair. :) I actually never thought about shooting the picture in a mirror, that’s a much better idea than trying to take the picture then flipping the image upside down so it’s actually oriented correctly. Great socks yo!

  8. So cute–you need to go walking with little guy in the stroller wearing a matching hat or something. :-)

    Great job! Love the shoes too!


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