484 Days

That’s 1 year 3 months and 29 days to be exact.  That’s also how long I’ve been “working” on my Day Zero Project (101 things in 1001 days).  I say working with those little quotey bits around it because being a new mom means that you are never really doing anything for yourself anymore.  Not that I’m complaining, just sayin’ ;)  But since I am almost to the halfway point on my list of stuff to accomplish, I figure it’s about time I do a little inventory of my progress and see what I can start working towards next.  Besides, I’m feeling really lame about the fact that I used to post 2-3 times a week and I’m lucky if I can write 2-3 times a month now.  So, I’m squeezing this one in to fill my quota.
One of my goals was to try to cook 10 new things during my 1001 days of self-improvement.  I haven’t been very good about keeping track of my progress in this arena so I know that I’ve cooked more than I’m accounting for, but for all intensive purposes, I’m over halfway to my goal with 6 new recipes under my apron.  Maybe I’m just subconsciously refusing to acknowledge some of the utter atrocities against gastronomy that have come out of my kitchen in the last couple months and that’s why I didn’t account for them.  When a magazine comments that “this is best skillet lasagna we’ve ever tasted” you kinda tend to believe them.  But I can tell you, it’s not.  Don’t cook it.  Don’t believe the hype.  I’m a Virgo and I have never had a single difficulty following a recipe to the letter.  But I was really beginning to wonder what the crap was going on.  Did I lose my cooking skillz?  ‘Cause that’s the one Domestic Diva thing (besides laundry) that I really can do. If I don’t have that, then sheesh, I got nothin’.
I finally had success last weekend with the Baked Shrimp Curry shown below which scored a solid 8.5 from R. Darling.  I think I mentioned before that 9 is the highest something can rate unless it’s served naked ;)  He ranked it a half point below perfect only because he thought it could be tweaked a little.  I agreed.  But an 8.5 was a welcome relief after the resounding 4’s I’d been getting up to that point.  Maybe it’s just the push I need to keep trying.

Baked Shrimp Curry

Things completed to date:

  1. February 2, 2010 – Grew a munchkin :)
  2. March 9, 2010 – Finally replaced the crappy paper shade over our “bonus” window in our bedroom with beautiful wood blinds.
  3. November 24, 2010 – Knit Mom her Pirate Fake-Isle Earflap Hat (finally!)
  4. January 22, 2011 – Renewed my Library Card

Wow. That’s kind of depressing that I’ve only finished 4 things on my list!  But here’s the list of stuff I’m currently working on:

  1. Put $50 or more each month into our savings account.  I started this in January 2010 and was doing pretty well until Knittymunchkin showed up so early.  Since then I’ve been able to do it most months, but there were a few months that were pretty tight with the fundage, so I had to skip a couple.  But we had a great tax refund this year and I’m hoping to get back on track with this soon.
  2. Organize our closet.  I recently spent over $100 at The Container Store on stuff to help get our closet more organized.  This is definitely a work in progress since we really need to put some effort into decluttering first, but I’m working on all of that all over the house.  Kinda crazy how I have to spend money to get myself more organized though.  Don’t know how much I like that idea, but if it works, I’m all for it.  I’m sick and tired of my mess.
  3. Buy an advent calendar with drawers or cubbies for the baby (future holiday traditions).  I’m sort of changing this one a little and have decided to knit him Smitten as an alternative.  I’ve made maybe 3 mittens so far and I really need to get my butt in gear if I’m going to finish this for him in time for this Christmas.  I was thinking 2 mini-mittens each month would be no big deal and would get me to my goal on time, but now I’m realizing I am totally not sticking to that timeline so I’d better get on it.
  4. Finally put all our photos in a photo album where they belong.  Weeeeellll, I was working on this really heavily before Knittymunchkin (are you sensing a theme here?) but haven’t done any work since.  And I’ve got a lot to do since I have to go as far back as our honeymoon (in 2004!) to get things in order, nevermind all the baby photos I have not even glanced at, much less printed out.  Le sigh.
  5. Try 10 new recipes.  As you saw above, I’m getting there!  6 down, 4 to go.
  6. Knit 5 things from IK (or Knitscene).  I’ve knit 2 things: Chameleon Scarf and Oscilloscope Shawl.  So, we’re getting there.  The good thing is, I love most of the stuff from IK and Knitscene so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to complete this eventually.
  7. Knit a Baby Surprise Jacket.  I’m such a finishing slacker.  This is totally done.  It just needs buttons!  And I’m pretty sure it won’t fit him anymore.  Bad Mommy :(
  8. Whittle my UFO’s down to zero, or 3 minimum.  I’ve finished 3 of the original 10.  We’ll get there.  I think the next UFO I’ll tackle after I finish Momo and the Subway Hat, is my secrety squirrel test knit socks that really aren’t secrety anymore.  Now that I’ll be attending Sock Summit, I’ve got me a fever!  And the only prescription is more socks!
  9. Whittle my stash down to half.  O.k.  So I’m totally slacking on this one too, but I am getting better at not buying so much yarn (at least until Sock Summit, ha ha) and I’m working as much as I can from stash.  It’s a great feeling to know I didn’t have to buy yarn to complete something.  Though I’ll probably never make this goal, the fact is, I get satisfaction just from making the effort and sometimes that’s just as important as actually meeting the goal.
  10. Knit a sweater in pieces.  I actually started a project in pieces quite a while ago for an SKC KAL, but never finished knitting the pieces.  I took a seaming class recently (March 25, 2011) at my LYS to gain a little confidence with the technique and seamed a little bit of my sweater.  It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought (I pretty much knew the basics, but didn’t realize I did) and now I feel a bit better about the whole thing.  I hope to finish this sweater before too long and once it’s done, hopefully I’ll have the confidence to try another and with each one, get a little less intimidated with seamed construction.

And that’s a snapshot of the last 484 days.  Man, do I have some work to do!

7 thoughts on “484 Days

  1. I think you’re doing great so far! These are really nice objectives! Decluttering the house is also one of mine that I find pretty tough… It’s not that I have so much stuff, until I open a drawer or door ;-) Have a great weekend! I hope you are having some nice sun like we do!!!

  2. Congrats on the progress! Now I need to look back on my list and see what I can work on!

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend!

  3. Take it one day at a time…

    Love the food rating–so to get a 10 you have to serve dinner naked? Do that when you’re behind on laundry. A win-win. ;-)

    Was thinking about you yesterday–specifically about writing. Have you read Anne Lamott? She has a book about writing called Bird By Bird that you might appreciate. She has plenty of other good books as well. I was just rereading her Operating Instructions which is a journal of her son’s first year (and so much more).

    I don’t have a list to work from but organization is my number one priority these days. I am dragging my feet on this one BUT today I did vacuum the couch and the ceilings so no more dust up there in the corners. Progress…

    I am also knitting from stash these days.

    Oh, and bravo on saving–that is excellent!!

    Take care and hug little guy for me.

  4. Ok first of all, Knittymunchkin should take up more than one point for a goal. That’s a BIG one!!! And that goal tends to sprout a bunch of little goals so honestly I think you are ahead of the game!!!

    Plus all those icky recipes that you tried still count as trying something new. Your goal was to try 10 new recipes. The goal wasn’t to love them.

    I feel for you with the buttons on the jacket. I made a sweater for Baby Girl and she loved it, but it was a bit snug. Well I needed to add buttons and now it’s too small. It’s SO irritating, but you can’t stop them from growing so that’s my excuse!!! LOL

    I think you are going very well on your goals. I like my photos in an album too and was keeping up on every one until I decided to scrapbook. That was when #1 Son was 5. I’ve learned that doesnt work so now I’m switching gears and going back to the way I did things but now I’m behind almost 8 years……Having all the pics on the computer means I can just browse thru them, but I worry if they ever go caput. ALL pics gone……Scary thought.

  5. List? What’s a list? You’re light years ahead of me. I think it’s because my job is all about organization and finishing tasks-my home life HAS to be messy.

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