Today Is Done, Wish Tomorrow Was Too

Today I got myself all registered for Sock Summit 2011.  I was at my computer at 11:45 AM, had my class list and credit card ready, and was online when registration went live.  It all went down in a matter of 10 minutes, and when the dust settled, this is what I e-mailed Troy:  “Sh*t dude.  I had like 5 classes (pretty much everything I wanted) in my “cart” and I decided maybe that was one too many and went back to modify it.  During that 2 minutes or whatever that it took to refresh everything, pretty much everything I wanted filled up :( ”  I shouldn’t be upset, Troy fared far worse than me and wasn’t even able to do it from the comfort of his home, much less a real computer.  Next time I’ll think twice, and think twice again, about how many classes I want to take.  But anyway, this is what I ended up getting:

  • Friday July 29, 2011 – 11AM – 12PM:  Chroma Zone with Tina Newton
  • Friday July 29, 2011 – 1:30PM – 4:30 PM:  Judy’s Magic Heels with Judy Becker
  • Saturday July 30, 2011 – 1:30PM – 2:30PM:  The Perfect Rib with Cookie A.

I’m waitlisted on the 2 classes I really wanted (and originally had in my cart – boo!): Oddball Stitches with Cookie A. & Photographing Your Fiber with Franklin Habit.  I was also tempted to take Sock Design Workshop: Know The Rules, Then Break Them but I’m afraid I’d be a little in over my head.  There’s nothing wrong with striving a little, but I don’t know if I’m quite ready yet.  Troy and I are also planning on going to the Opening Night Reception and the Sock Hop and we’ll be meeting Jess (hey roomie!) when we arrive.  This will be so much fun! Maybe I’ll see you there?

My Little Man

And now, something a little more serious.  My sweet little boy has to have surgery tomorrow and I am scared out of my wits (haven’t slept well in over a month).  It’s an outpatient procedure, but he will be under anesthesia which freaks the crap out of me.  He has already been through so much and it breaks my heart to have to subject him to yet one more thing.  It’s even more difficult because we can’t tell him what’s going on in a way that he will understand.  So please, if you have a moment tomorrow, send a good thought his way.  I wouldn’t normally ask, but it’s not for me, it’s for someone I love more than I can even describe.  Thank you!
Update May 6, 2011: Thanks so much everyone for your kind wishes! Knittymunchkin did really well with his surgery and was a little trouper all the way up until the moment they put him under. Today has been rough (I got barfed on twice – I think that means I am officially a Mama now!) but he seemed to be feeling better this afternoon. He had a fever by bedtime, but I’m hoping the acetominophen will kick in and take that down soon. I appreciate so very much all your kind thoughts and I will be sure to keep you posted!


14 thoughts on “Today Is Done, Wish Tomorrow Was Too

  1. I share your fear–my oldest had to have a number of procedures when he was way little. I am happy to report he did really well and everything was fine. I hope for the same results for you.

    I think it’s easier on the little ones than we think. They’re resilient little people.

    Sending tons of hugs all around to all of you and am keeping you in my thoughts all day.

  2. Oh, sweetie – I had no idea that your little man was ill. I hope that everything goes alright!

    Have fun at Sock Summit! I’d love to take a class from Cookie A!

  3. I’m sending positive thoughts your way! Hopefully everything will work out just fine and you’ll have a worry-free time at the sock summit

  4. On the bright side of the registration story, You’re going to Sock summit! It will be awesome.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery of your lovely son.

  5. Hope all goes well with little man from here. I’ve missed a few days keeping track of blogs so I send you all post-op positive thoughts!

  6. Oh wow, I hope little Knittymunchkin is feeling better. It’s so hard to see them feeling crummy.

    I’m really excited about Sock Summit. Can you tell?

  7. Oh my, I had no idea that the little man needed attention….I trust that both of you ahve recovered by now….

    As for sock summit…that is on my someday list…..

  8. So glad to hear your little guy made it through the surgery ok! Sock Summit sounds amazing……but I guess I’d have to learn how to knit socks first. :) I hope to someday; it’s on my bucket list!

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