Holy Mothballs, Batman!

Oh crapshit.  The whole thing just makes me itchy when I think about it.  I’m scratching right now. Ugh.  I noticed a few silvery-beige moths in the house last summer, but I figured it was just because we leave the backdoor open sometimes when it gets hot and, well, bugs get in.  Bugs don’t normally bother me that much.  I escort them outside, or to buggy heaven, whichever suits the situation.  So swatting at a few moths in the bedroom seemed par for the course.  Then I noticed a small hole in one of my handknit socks.  Ah well, I thought, it’s probably just because I dropped a stitch or it snagged on something last time I wore them.  It wasn’t like I was totally attached to this pair or anything.  Fast forward to about a month or two ago and I’m suddenly seeing moths flitting around in our bedroom again.  Whilst trying to get my life more organized, I pick up this same pair of socks from under my dresser.  And what do I see?  This…..

When Moths Attack!!

Holy Schnikes!  We are in deep shizzle here my friends.  So I bought a bunch of cedar blocks and clear storage containers from The Container Store.  I’ve started freezing the yarn that was in our bedroom in ziplocs, and then it will go into a tub with cedar blocks.  But from what I’ve read, that might not even solve the problem :(  You supposedly need a sub-zero freezer or you might not kill the damn things.  I decided they can have an extended stay in frigidaire siberia anyway, it can’t possibly hurt.  Most of the problem seems to be concentrated in our bedroom right now and I don’t really have that many woolens or yarn stored in there.  Luckily, I haven’t seen any moths upstairs yet (where most of my lovely stash lives), though I have seen 1 or 2 in the living room, which has a vaulted ceiling that basically goes all the way upstairs.  But the stuff upstairs is all in sealed storage tubs so I will just pop in a cedar block or two and cross my fingers.  I also read online that moths tend to favor things that have been worn vs. brand new stuff, so I’m hoping that will help keep my lovelies safe too.
Anyone ever been through anything like this?  Advice?  I saw some totally grody pics online of a major infestation in someone’s home where they pulled back the carpet and there were billions of eggs under there!  Nasty.  I’m having nightmares about it.
In other (good) news, Little Mister is doing really well now that we are about 2.5 weeks out from his surgery.  Thank you so very much to all of you for the kind wishes and good thoughts!  They mean so very much to us :)  I’ve also finished a few new projects and am working steadily to finish up a couple more.  Hope to share those with you soon :)
Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed I can obliterate the flying horde!

8 thoughts on “Holy Mothballs, Batman!

  1. We had moths last year (under our fish tank) but we cleared that. From time to time we still find one or two here & there in the house. It’s moth season and they find their way in. I had one skein (SUNDARA!) ruined from a moth, but other than that… so far I have not found any other damage. GOOD LUCK!

    (I keep a box (open) of mothballs in my yarn room. Just in case!)

  2. Oh, poor sweetie, that’s no fun! Out of all the bugs that could have found their way into your house, it had to be the ones who like wool… Fingers crossed that they don’t do more damage than they’ve already done, and that you can easily get rid of them.

    And three cheers for Little Mister recovering well! That’s great news!

  3. This happened to a friend of mind and she did what you’re doing–sticking stuff in the freezer. She also said that you’re not supposed to keep yarn in plastic containers/bags but she’s doing it anyway to try to keep the moths at bay. I’ll ask her for an update and see if she has additional tips.

    So sorry. Hope you are able to nip these in the bud.

    Glad little mister is doing well.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts!

  4. Ok this was a double whammy of a post for me….holes in the socks and knittymunchkin having surgery!

    FIrst of all, I had a sock get munched on a bit. Cleaned out the drawer and made sure there were no more little wormy things in there. I had read that if the yarn is in plastic containers, they are safe. Too difficult for moths to get under and into a covered container.

    Second OMG abt KM!!!! How did I miss this?!!?!? I’m so glad that he is doing better. #1 Son was in the hospital for the first time when he was 14 months and it was very hard. Very harrd for me anyway! LOL Hope you all ar doing well.

  5. Oh no!!! I would be screaming and seething, crying in the corner. I hate bugs and when they get in the house … nasty. Moths are the worst, but sadly, I don’t know what to tell ya to get rid of them. The fur beasts usually kill any bugs that come in the house.

    Glad to hear your little man is doing well.

  6. Alas, I have no sage advice on moths….moth balls and cedar are all I know about….

    Good to know that the little man is doing great!

  7. Good to hear that the little Mr. is recovering from his surgery. I’ve never had a moth infestation, but to be on the safe side, I do store many of my wool sweaters in a cedar chest. I also have cedar flooring in my closets — I don’t know if that helps.

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