Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 1

Happy New Year!!
I spent the final evening of 2011 watching a Dirty Harry movie with my sweetie (one of the items on my 101 in 1001 Days/Day Zero Project list). Midnight found us still awake, a rare occurrence on a New Year’s Eve in a household with a toddler and two sticks-in-the-mud in residence. We watched the fireworks at the Space Needle on TV, kissed, and went to sleep. A sweet, but ordinary way to end 2011. I felt a bit glad that the old year was going to bed too.

The start of a new year does not typically inspire me to make a bunch of resolutions.  I know myself too well.  I mean, how many years has it been now that I told myself I was going to knit with what I already own and do my best to avoid adding to the SABLE¹ stash that’s been slowly, insidiously, spreading from room to room?  Instead, I make token attempts to better myself by phrasing my plans in vocabulary that makes it impossible to fail.  I say things like, “I’ll work out more”, instead of “I’ll work out 30 minutes every day”.  Something I read once said this technique is the best way to get those resolutions to stick and I’ve done it ever since.  No, I save those big, specific, life changing plans for my birthday in September.  That’s the real beginning of my year.
But 2012 is here and there is just something about it that I can’t put my finger on.  I want to make changes.  I want to do the right thing this year.  The prospect of 2012 is making me incredibly optimistic.  Maybe it’s because there’s a 12 in it (my favorite number), maybe it’s just because I am finally mentally ready.  Whatever the case, I’m going to put my best effort forth and see where it gets me.

Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 1

I’m sure you’ve heard of people “feathering” their “nest”. There are whole industries that capitalize on our need to make our homes more homey. The problem with my nest is that there is just too much crap in it. It’s starting to feel a lot less homey and a lot more like a storage unit with cartoonish piles of things falling over on themselves. So, I am resolving to make a change.  Every week I plan to throw out, donate, gift, use up, or sell at least one thing.  I imagine that these will sometimes be fibery things :) Each Thursday will be my “Thinning The Nest” day and I will do my best to post about my pledge every week.  It doesn’t sound like much, but that would end up being at least 52 things by the end of the year.  As long as I can resist bringing 52 more things in, then I will be making progress.  It’s worth a try!  I imagine some weeks will be better than others.  But you have to start somewhere and this is my somewhere.
As I mentioned last time, I received an iPad for Christmas (because I’m spoiled like that!).  This means that my Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food magazines have free apps for subscribers that allow me to download onto my iPad the last 4 or 5 issues of each.  So this week I passed on about 10 magazines to my friend John who is very straight (his pronouncement, not mine!), very much loves Martha Stewart, and very much loves being in his kitchen.  One of my major problems with clutter has always been cooking and craft magazines.  There is always something I want to cook or make in each of them, but I just don’t have the time.  So they sit there, piled in the way, moving from room to room as I clean one spot or another, never really going away and never really getting used.  It felt good to give these away and know that someone else was going to get to enjoy them.  And I get the benefit of retaining the info I want to keep in a slim little package the size of a book, rather than a messy stack of magazines that I’ll never have the time to get to anyway.
Week One: Magazines! Done!
Oh and the yarn?  It’s Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in “Strawberry Lemonade”.  I joined another swap for mini-skeins on Ravelry.  Technically this doesn’t count as destashing because, even though I’m using yarn from stash and not purchasing, I’m going to be getting the equivalent in yarn back (only in mini form).  It’s kind of a cheap form of entertainment.  I’m getting new (to me) yarn without having to pay anything but shipping and the amount of time it takes me to make minis.  Totally worth it if you ask me!
Hope your New Year is off to a great start & that your resolutions (if you made any) are well under way!  Wishing all of you much success, joy, and peace this upcoming year :)
¹ SABLE:  Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy; for those of you not in the know, i.e. those of you who have even a modicum of self control :)


6 thoughts on “Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 1

  1. I love this! Way to go not making it a huge thing, and therefore keeping it totally doable. And by making it a series on the blog, you’ve got built in accountability. Really, you’ve gathered many of the important ingredients to ensure you’d be off to a good start… and make it likely that you’d keep going! I’m looking forward to following along – and being inspired by – your initiative.

  2. i didn’t know that about the Martha Stewart mags, thanks for the tip!
    my life would be improved significantly if i could find a way to get all of the my cookbooks, recipes ripped out of magazines, recipes printed off the computer, etc., digitized (not to mention my pattern books and printouts!)

  3. I have a stack of magazines too that my mom gives me! But as soon as I will have looked at them and put the receipe pages in a binder, I will get rid of them. Their is always the library if I want to read them again! I look forward to following your goal! Maybe I will copy you! :-) Happy New Year to you!

  4. Good luck with your thinning! I try to keep my stashes under control; it doesn’t always work, and the last thing that I want to do after working two 12 hour shifts is clean my house in any capacity. But I’m getting better.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Yay for thinning! Love the Strawberry Lemonade, probably a good thing I haven’t seen that one in person. :) Especially since I haven’t made any puffs lately.

  6. this sounds like a great idea! Question for you…I wanted to buy 3 friends some hand knitted socks for Christmas…still haven’t gotten around to it. Would you like to knit 3 pairs for me and I’ll pay you? Or better question would be how much would you charge for a pair of socks LOL!

    LOVE the picture of the little one in the post below…my, how fast he’s grown! I got an iPad for my birthday last year…it’s wonderful!

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