Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 3

Week 3: A bunch of random crap!
The last week has been amazingly, stressfully busy.  We decided to re-finance our home and that means some dude has to come through here, take a bunch of photos, peer through the mess of toddler toys, paraphernalia of half a dozen hobbies, wear and tear of 12 years and 2.5 dogs, and ultimately decide if we just lost our pants on a $550 appraisal or if we will be saving ourselves $200 a month.  Can you say panic attack?  This is probably a non-issue for normal people.  You know, people with style, no yarn hoarder in residence, and a housekeeper.  But man, I cannot wait until this is over and done with!  Tequila is ready and waiting.  Wait, I’d better have one of those right now….
With all that in mind, I’m afraid this week’s Thinning The Nest is a bit weak.  Yes we did throw out about 30 lbs. of recyclables (hooray for trash day coinciding with the clean out!), and about 6 huge garbage bags of stuff, but I don’t feel right counting that since it was mostly R. Darling’s stuff.  Though we are partners in crime in getting our act together this year, I know that I need to make more of an effort than I have so far and my goal in getting rid of one thing each week was to force myself to come to terms with my own piles of crap.
So this week I did get rid of a couple small things.  I chucked out a spent glass candle holder from Bath & Body Works that I was ridiculously planning to repurpose into either a pencil cup or a nifty vase.  It was super cute; orange with white etched out dots.  I have a thing for stuff with dots on it.  But when you used the candle up 3 years ago and the stupid candle holder is still waiting around to be cleaned out and put to a good use, you start to think it’s probably never going to happen.  I grew up in a family that never threw anything out.  “I can use that for (insert super useful household item here)”, was our motto.  Most of the time that never happened.  So I’m giving it up, even if it’s like pulling teeth to throw something out that’s useful.  I doubt I’ll even miss it.  I just had to go through the exercise of telling myself that, and really believing it, before I could let go.

I also tossed out my trusty BedBug.  I bought this at a Crap Craft Fair in Pullman when I used to live there.  It kept my toes toasty on many a cold, snowy night, with R. Darling 385 miles away.  I thought at one point that I’d sew oodles of these and make lots of money and live in my pajamas in a house on the beach for the rest of my life.  Or at least pay my bills.  And then the Jack Russell met the BedBug.  And they did not mix.  The Jack (unsurprisingly) won the tussle and poor BedBug has some pretty deep teeth marks to show for the encounter.  I admit.  It was hard to let go.  I absolutely do not know why.  Maybe it just reminded me of my life in Pullman?  This must be where those psychologists they always employ on “Hoarders” come in to tell me that I am certifiably nutso.  Whatever the reason I couldn’t let go, it is now on its way to the garbage can.  Any minute now.  No really.  Right.Now.

Another one of my (many) issues with stashing things is that I absolutely cannot bring myself to use things that are “too nice”.  This includes yarn, beauty products, clothing, sometimes even food.  I don’t know what I’m waiting for.  I’m not getting any younger.  I could die tomorrow.  And then that something that’s “too nice” for every day would just be wasted.  I need to remind myself that if I really love something, chances are I can buy more of it if I really want to.  But I’ll never know how nice (or not nice – I’ve been sadly surprised on this before) something is if I never use it.  Some things definitely have an expiration.
One of the things I loved about the Hazel Knits Sock Club was the fantastic swag Wendee always included in her packages.  A couple years back she included this Bee Bar from Honey House Naturals.  It has been sitting in my nightstand for a really long time now and I just couldn’t bring myself to use it.  I’m not much of a lotion person when it comes to my hands.  I hate that goopy greasy feeling and I wash my hands about a billion and one times a day so it seems sort of pointless.  But wintertime always wreaks havoc on my hands and I find myself needing to at least apply it before bed to stave off real damage.  This week that hasn’t been enough.  So I brought the Bee Bar into the kitchen and every once in a while, would put a little across my rough, cracked knuckles.  It wasn’t greasy and smelled fantastic.  Knittymunchkin kept holding his knuckles out for some too – it was super cute :)  I’m happy I’m finally using this!  It’s a great product, it’s helping me, and I’m using it up.  Win, Win, Win!
Oh and the yarn?  That was a superbly generous, wonderfully kind gifty from my ever-thoughtful friend Amy!  She heard I was working on The Beekeeper’s Quilt and offered to send me some scraps.  Only these aren’t scraps, these are like quarter skeins or more!  Thanks so much Amy!  I can’t wait to use them :)  And a huge thank you to Betty too for so kindly sending me some lovely yarn to add to my blanket (whole, new skeins!)!  I am so excited to have little reminders of each of you to add to my project.  And once again, I am blessed to belong to a community of knitters.  You are all the best!


7 thoughts on “Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 3

  1. Hey, sweetie! What is this thing about this week being a weak one? May I remind you of your own words? “Every week I plan to throw out, donate, gift, use up, or sell at least *one* thing.” This is what you had committed to, and from what I see here, you did at least three times as much: tossed two things out and started using a nice thing (a big yay for that one, by the way!). To me, that is totally worthy of celebration! You also helped your husband with his stuff, and you did all that during a busy, stressful week (and I assure you, what you described would so *not* be a non-issue for me either… Crossing fingers you get the outcome you are hoping for).
    You’re doing great! Go you!

  2. You are doing great! I love purging! In fact the past year I’ve been selling all kinds of stuff on craig’s list. I find it highly entertaining (and don’t worry I’m super careful and don’t meet people alone)! I’m running out of things now so I’ve been hitting up my parent’s house to see what they have!I do understand having a hard time using the nice stuff! I do that same darn thing! I’m going to take your advice and start using some things now! Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m so glad that the scraps found you, safe and sound. I have really small feet – size 7.

    Good luck thinning the nest! We need to do that, with the basement, both John and myself.

  4. I think you are doing really great! A lot of stuff got out of your house again this week. I say it counts even if some of them belong to your boyfriend! Good luck for the house and yes, sometimes a tequila (for me, it’s more of a martini!) allows us to relax ;-) Have a great weekend!

  5. I’m really impressed that you are consistent on this downsizing you’re doing! It’s hard to do, esp with a baby. Refinancing has definitely changed since we did ours, but that was a few years ago (before the bubble burst). All we had to do was sign some papers. No inside appraisal needed. I think they had somebody drive by to make sure the house wasnt condemned, but we never knew abt it.

    I also kwym with the repurposing. I keep things for that exact purpose. It doesnt help that I like to quilt (at least the idea of it) so old clothing is thought to be repurposed for scrap quilts. Nevermind all the new fabric that’s just sitting there……..

    So how many hexipuffs have you done???? We need an updated pic please! And too cute abt knittymunchkin!!! Yep they like to have what we are having/using as well!!!

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