Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 4

Week 4:  A Big Down Comforter!
This week was simple.  There were no massive emotional fireworks, no sentimental mooning around, no digging deep in order to find the courage to purge.  It was all about simplicity.
Several years ago, when my Father-in-Law worked for Tempur-Pedic, we were able to get a fantastic deal on a California King sized adjustable Tempur-Pedic bed.  We call it our “old people” bed because we have a remote that adjusts the head and feet up and down to whatever setting you desire; just like that bed on TV that allows the “old people” to get in and out more easily.  I should be embarrassed to have an “old person” bed.  Except that it kicks ass.  And I can say I have a remote for my bed.  Conjures up all kinds of crazy images, huh?  It does have a massage feature…..
Anyway, the thing about Tempur-Pedic beds is that they run hot.  I figured that would be a blessing considering my feet never seem to thaw out all winter long and I have been known to wear sweatshirts on a 70 degree summer afternoon.  In a word, I’m cold all the time.  That first winter we had it we put on the big down comforter and snuggled up underneath the covers, only to find it really did run hot and we were sweltering.  Being too hot at night is nearly as miserable as being too cold.  So we bought a new comforter that was a bit lighter and pretty soon I slept like Goldilocks – just right.  But I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the old comforter.  Maybe we’d have a crushing winter hurricane and need to huddle under it for warmth someday.  You never know.  But after several years of never once needing that other, heavier, down comforter, I knew it was over.  This week we gifted it to my Mother-in-Law and her husband.  Things have been a bit tight for them this winter and I know they are keeping the thermostat low to save on energy bills.  They were thrilled to get it and we were thrilled to help out.  Now everyone is snuggly warm at night!  If only every week could be this easy……

Little Red Bicycle Mini-Skein Club - December 2011

Here’s a little eye-candy just to remind you that yes, this is still primarily (supposed to be) a knitting blog.  I know there’s been a scarcity on that subject here lately and I feel pretty bad about that.  I’m still finding it really difficult to blog even the once a week I promised to do at this point, so Thinning The Nest seems to get all the focus.  But I hope that can change sometime in the coming months.  I’ve been knitting, really I have!  I just need to find some time to talk about it.  Don’t give up on me yet!  I’ll get there, I know I will :)


7 thoughts on “Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 4

  1. Every time I see that commercial for the Tempur-Pedic Ergo bed, I think about old people, too. And then I think, but wait! That bed has a remote AND a massage setting. Awesome.

    I love hearing all about your quest to Thin The Nest. I haven’t been blogging at all, and I really need to. But I’m sleepy and nauseated and so physically drained that on my days off, its all I can do to get up and out of bed, let along blog and knit.

  2. It’s so much easier to let go of something when we know it’s going to someone who needs it and will use (and appreciate) it more than we were. A real win-win situation – yay!

  3. We have a Temper-pedic bed as well, although ours is not adjustable. I have a hard time with it in winter because I don’t run hot enough to make the bed feel like anything less than sleeping on a board. In the summer it is absolutely fantastic though! I think I need to invest in a mattress heating pad for my side of the bed.

    Oh yes, you also got me involved in the mini skein club for Little Red Bicycle. Fun stuff!

  4. It must feel very good to have given something you don’t use to people who appreciate it! I love your Thin the Nest weekly post! Have a great weekend… soon!

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