There’s Something About Minis

Uh oh.  I have a new addiction.  Thank you Beekeeper’s Quilt!  As if knitting eleventy-quadzillion sweet and smushy little hexi-puffs wasn’t enough, I now feel the insane desire to collect eleventy-quadzillion cute little mini-skeins to knit them from.
There’s something about Minis.  But what is it, exactly?  I can’t explain it, but I’ve got it.  In the time I spend each day trolling Blankiemania, MiniMall, and Oh Scrap!: LSG Scrap Blankets on Ravelry for new swaps to join, I could probably have learned Mandarin and taught it Knittymunchkin.  Or cured cancer.  Or maybe just had a clean house.  It is a sickness I tell you!  And yet, I am just a rookie.  A baby, with my measly four swaps I’ve joined since December.  When people are talking about how many totes full of minis they have, and how the lid won’t shut, then I know that I am small-time.

Puffs in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in "Beachglass"

There are days I don’t love the minis so much.  Those are the days when I spend two hours (sometimes more) weighing, skeining, and labeling minis to send out, only to find that every mini is going to twist and tangle on me no matter what I do.  I wonder why I do it.  And then I remember….
Sometimes the highlight of my day is just walking to the mailbox with Knittymunchkin.  The budget has been stretched a bit thin lately, and knowing that a puffy little mailer filled with sparkly new sock yarn will be arriving in the near future gives me a little something to look forward to.  So far I have only allowed myself to join in swaps for which I already have yarn in my stash to use, in order to keep costs down.  You know me, I have enough for a lifetime of socks and then some to spare!  So it’s good it’s getting used.  Pretty much a win-win.
For now it’s all innocent fun.  But please, if you hear me start talking about my “tub full of minis” and how the lid won’t shut, stage an intervention quick!  I’m probably in trouble…..


5 thoughts on “There’s Something About Minis

  1. Oh dear! You’ve caught it, too!

    Last night I was just saying to my knitting group that to make any sort of recognizeable object out of hexipuffs, I would have to knit eleventy-billion of them!

    I think I’m at 9. And the problem is, I have not done any swaps, my stash is dismally small and all of my sock yarn ends (and some of my dd’s ends as well) live in a freezer zip-bag.

    But you’re right – there IS something about mini things. It’s the same ‘thing’ that attracts people to shetland ponies, dollhouses and model trains, I’m sure.

  2. I’m so glad you are enjoying the hexipuffs!!!! How many do you have so far? I think we need to see a picture of them. You know, before the tub wont close.

  3. Oh how fun! I haven’t knit a hexipuff in a while – probably since before the Christmas knitting rush started. I think I’m due. :) I think I’m due for a little trolling too, although I don’t think I could commit to a swap – all that skeining is just too much for me.

  4. A clean house? What’s that? LOL

    I’m so happy that you’re happy with the hexipuffs. It seems fun, but for me, I don’t know. I think that I would get bored, and quickly. :-)

  5. I am a recipient of your RAK and I will always think of your kindness when I look at the square on my blankie that were made from your gift. You will never know how much your kindness has helped me at this time in my life. I think of it often and it gives me strength. Thank you! Rachel

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