Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 6

Week 6:  Random Acts Of Kindness!
A long time ago, in a year far, far, away, there was a girl who had time on her hands.  She knit for charity, she knit for fun, she knit whenever she felt like it.  Then a little bundle of joy arrived and the girl rarely knit anymore.  Neither did she blog much, or do the things she used to do.  But she still collected yarn.  And though she couldn’t knit it, she couldn’t give it up either.  Until just recently.  Don’t misunderstand.  This girl still hoards most of her lovelies and you will probably have to pry them out of her cold, dead, hands long after she is gone.  But she felt she could sacrifice a few for the greater good.  And that is what she did.
There is a Ravelry Group called “Random Acts of Kindness“.  I know I’ve talked about it here before, but it’s been a while since I was active in the group.  You can post a wishlist or peruse other people’s wishes, and things are given or received with no expectations for a return gesture.  I know that in the scheme of things I have more than enough of the good things in life. And not everyone is as fortunate. So I thought this month would be a good chance to give back. I’ve received so many wonderful gifts, support, and kindness from people here at the blog and on Ravelry and it feels good to put a little bit of that back into the world.
I’ve had this ball of Plymouth Sockotta staring me in the face for the last 3 (4?) years and I kept looking at it and wondering whether I would really ever get around to using it.  It never even made it into my official stash, I was so wishy washy about it.  I thought about adding it to my Beekeeper’s Quilt since the colors are really pretty, but after knitting puffs nonstop out of a ball of Crystal Palace Panda Silk Print that was only half the size of this skein, and wanting to scratch my eyes out after, I decided using a whole skein of something was not for me.  Nor did I really feel the urge to knit socks from it. I have tons of sock yarn already that – shhhh… might hear – I like lots better.  So I thought it could use some loves.  You know, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and all. It went out yesterday to a new home where it will be (hopefully) more appreciated than it was here!

Plymouth Sockotta

I also found a second wish to grant this week.  Someone was looking for bulky yarn to use for after school programs in which the kids learn to knit hats and things with knitting looms and needles.  I had some yarn left over from a charity knitting project I did for Warm Woolies a long time ago and it has been sitting in my stash for several years now.  This yarn was a prize I received in a contest for the Mystery Sweater KAL during which I made the sweater.  I thought I was receiving enough yarn to make the smaller size, but apparently she sent me enough to make the larger size.  So I had 3.4 balls of KnitPicks Swish Bulky left over and I felt that since it was given to me to complete a charity project with, that it needed to be used for charity.  I don’t have much time to knit for charity these days (though I hope to again one day) but giving this to kids to use in an after school program felt in keeping with the spirit in which I’d originally received it.  So it was mailed off yesterday to another good home.  I hope the kids enjoy it!

KnitPicks Swish Bulky in "Scuba"

So, another week without purging drama!  This letting go business is getting a little easier each time I do it. And knowing other people will use the things I say goodbye to, makes me feel even better!  Only 46 more weeks to go :)


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