Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 7

Week 7:  More Baby Stuff & More Random Acts of Kindness!
Ugh.  You’ll have to forgive me dear bloggies.  I feel icky, tired, lackluster, and not very chatty.  With Knittymunchkin’s second birthday arrived a whole load of new behaviors that I’m finding incredibly difficult to process and try to let roll off of me.  He’s getting his last set of molars, none of us are sleeping too well, and I am pretty sure I hear the word “no” at least every 30 seconds throughout each day.  It’s kind of a bummer.  But I promised an update every Thursday, so here we go.
This week was a big one, actually.  I got rid of a ton of baby stuff (to my former co-worker again).  Most of it I was fine about, but at the last minute I got sort of sentimental about one thing in particular and had to make sure to take a photo of it before giving it away.  Feeling sad about giving it up made me feel weak and stupid, but there was just something about it that made me want to hang on.  Maybe because I remembered using it so much when my baby was still a baby.  But away it went.  I knew it was pretty pointless to keep it.  In addition to those 4 big bags of things, I found someone at the Random Acts of Kindness Group on Ravelry who was looking for cloth diapering items.  To her, I sent a huge lot of cloth diapers that Knittymunchkin has outgrown: 8 covers with inserts, 8 extra inserts, 8 doublers, some biodegradable disposable inserts, and a sample of cloth diaper detergent.  That was a great feeling because the diapers were a bit worse for wear and I didn’t think there was any way I could sell them.  Yet, I didn’t want to throw them out or risk giving them to Goodwill since I figured they’d have no idea what to do with them.  It made me feel fantastic to know that someone else could get a little more use out of them.  I also mailed some sock yarn minis in dark colors that won’t go very well in my Beekeeper’s Quilt to a lady in New Jersey. She’s working on a blanket for her daughter who is going through a really difficult time, and had run out of yarn to use. Being on a budget, she was having a hard time finishing the blanket, so I thought it would be nice to help her out as so many others have helped me. And tomorrow night I am most likely going to be teaching a teenager to knit! So I am gifting her some dishcloth cotton, a pair of needles, and an instructional leaflet. All stuff from my stash that I don’t necessarily need anymore. I just hope I am an o.k. teacher and that she has fun with it :)
They say it takes at least a month for a new behavior to become a habit.  I’d say in at least that amount of time I’ve become almost addicted to the feeling of getting rid of things.  It’s so strange!  But I am always looking ahead to the next thing that I want to gift or sell.  I may have to allow myself a pass sometime in the future though.  This week was so big that I think it makes up for at least two weeks of destashing!
And because there’s not enough knitting on here (ever) anymore, and also because Lynn is always excitedly asking for photos, here’s a teaser pic of some of the puffs I’ve made for my Beekeeper’s Quilt.  I’d hoped to do a Puffrospective (Puff + Retrospective = Puffrospective) each month this year, but it’s not working out well with my lack of time for photography and blogging.  ~Sigh~  Someday….

Puffs in Regia by Kaffe Fassett


5 thoughts on “Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 7

  1. Woohoo!!!!! Yes I love me some pics and you delivered for me! The puffs are looking really good. Funny how KF yarn will give you a different look for each puff while still keeping with a current color theme.

    I hear you abt what to let go and what to keep. There are outfits I’ve kept from both kids just because I cant let them go for the same reasons. I remember them as a baby in that outfit. Certain things just had to stay. Then again I tend to be a sentimental fool. Great idea on taking pics of the outfits. Keep this in mind for when he goes to school and he brings home a TON of crafts. I’ve kept a lot but for some of the bigger things that just get ripped up from not fitting in a box well, those are great items to take pics of.

    Twos can be a challenge, but it does pass. I keep telling myself this with my 13 y/o. The eye rolling is getting a bit much……..

  2. Woohoo for that big week! So sorry that the perfectly legitimate sadness that comes with letting go of some things made you feel weak and stupid… Big hugs for that. And hooray for not only getting used to, but also looking forward to getting rid of more things!

    How cute are those little puffs!

  3. I’m so late in blog reading… but I’m catching up! Always glad to read your posts and find out what you’ve gotten rid of, hi hi… ;-) You’re little boy is developping his character! Probably easier though as time goes by with a boy ;-) Have a great weekend!

  4. Good for you for passing on that baby stuff. Better than I because here I am 15 years later getting rid of some things I should have let go years ago. And taking the picture is a good idea. I shall do that too. Thanks for the idea.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. And in the grocery store, when he sees something and wants it, say “let’s save that for next time.” No crying and sometimes you may have to say it more than once, but it worked for me. Hope it works for you.

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