Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 8

Week 8:  Knitting from stash & some random use it up & toss it out!

I’m sitting here procrastinating, eating Dove chocolate hearts, and attempting to take the deep philosophical quotes inside the wrappers to heart.  I kind of liked these two: “Discover how much your heart can hold” and “Hold hands firmly, hearts gently.”  Well, it was only four chocolates, but I still found a way to stretch that out into at least 45 minutes of not writing this post.  Ugh.  I’m just not feeling it.  I should be energized considering I just spent a fantastic 2 days in the the big city of Seattle with my super knitty pal Troy (who has a new blog by the way!) and no mommy duties for the entire trip.  But more on that later.

Instead, I’m feeling exhausted.  I have a teething two year old who isn’t sleeping well (thus, I am not sleeping well either), a kitchen that magically regenerates four dirty dishes for every one that I load into the dishwasher, and a bank account that seems to do the opposite.  My skin is freaking out in all sorts of unexpected ways and I live in my sweats.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t showered in nearly 48 hours.  SO gross.

I’ve been dreading today’s post.  What to say?  I know I’ve made progress, but it doesn’t seem substantial.  For instance, this past week I finished a hat from a kit purchased at Sock Summit last July (about 135 yds total), and a pair of slippers from some stash gifted to me by Troy in August of 2008 (about 3 skeins used up).  That fits right into my plans to use up, sell, donate, or throw out something once a week.  But without a picture, some good solid evidence, it seems pointless.  Pictures are harder and harder to come by these days.  I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for a photo of the raw yarn instead of the finished project for a little while until I can get something snapped.

Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn

Though I feel this week’s offering for Thinning The Nest seems a little insubstantial, I do notice the effect that 8 weeks of this has had on my behavior.  Last Friday I decided I’d had enough of the needles I’ve been using for my Beekeeper’s Quilt.  The rubber coating on the cables had slipped away from the join where the needle and the cable meet, and a little gap had developed that snagged my yarn on nearly every round of knitting.  I put up with this for a good week or so in my typical grin-and-bear-it fashion.  But then I decided that my Beekeeper’s Quilt is one of the only projects that I work on daily, it makes me happy, and it just wasn’t worth it to me to continue knitting with crappy needles.  So I bought a new set of needles and deep-sixed the old ones.  That is a true departure for me.  Normally I would have either continued to knit with them until they finally broke entirely, feeling miserable the whole time, or I would have just tucked them away thinking I could use them again for something else.  But I decided, no, they just couldn’t be redeemed.  And just because they weren’t completely and totally busted, doesn’t mean they didn’t need to be trashed.  There is no more room in my house for things that don’t earn their keep.

Ha.  I’d like to think I’m that tough!  But ssshhhh….. don’t tell Knittymunchkin….  I’m a big old pushover :)

I still have a lot of work to do.  But I have to remember that it’s not going to happen overnight.  Each small thing I accomplish is a step towards the organized life I want to achieve.  Just keep moving forward.


9 thoughts on “Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 8

  1. Every little step counts! There is no such thing as too small progress; progress is progress, period. :)
    Yay you for turning some yarn into finished knits! I also love that you gave yourself the gift of not making do with your old needles, and to get yourself new ones so that you can keep enjoying working on that knitting project.

  2. I love the colors in that yarn! It reminds me of my fiestaware dishes!
    8 weeks of clearing things out is great! It’s still early in the year so you have 44 weeks to go!

  3. Love your beehive pieces–all beautiful.

    Also love this quote too: “Hold hands firmly, hearts gently.” I also read it on the dove chocolate wrapper. Philosophy and chocolate–a beautiful marriage.

    One thing I have started to do if I am tempted to buy something I want but don’t necessarily need…I think about where it is going to live in my house, how long it might be there, and how much work will it be to get rid of. Sometimes this stops me from making an emotional purchase. :-)

    Take care and I know the 2’s can be challenging–but there is so much development going on that is is also an amazing time despite the oh so many no’s…

  4. This is totally off topic and random, drum roll please, but I would like to invite you to contribute a 6 or 9 inch square to a blanket I am making for Pine Ridge which is going to be my way of celebrating my 50th in March. Yes, I am reaching the big 5-0 and I am grateful to be around for it.

    It’s going to be ww, bright colors combined with black. For more info, pm me on ravelry and I will steer you to the group. I am not a linker–yet.

    Take care and hug that boy!

  5. I wish I had your discipline for blogging. I suppose it will get easier. It’s Winter, and perhaps you don’t get out enough (oh to spend time at home!). I get the blah’s and it sucks. Start another knitting project? Just kidding-see you soon!

  6. You are doing better than I am with blogging. I haven’t posted anything since the 6th; mainly because I’m still feeling awful almost every day and the last thing that I want to do is get on my computer.

    We’re starting the household purge soon, starting with ‘cat-proofing’ the basement so that we can move the litter box and other items down there, making room for the baby’s things in the nursery. I’m not looking forward to this, because J and I always argue a bit more (he feels like he can keep every college textbook that he ever had in a musty old trunk because I keep my wedding dress, etc.), but it needs to be done.

  7. I have been away far too long! A belated Happy ThanjksGiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine”s Day and Happy Second Birthday to Knittymunchkin!

    I am amazed and proud of your accomplishments so far. It is hard to leat go and learn new habits. You have to be “nice” to yourself so that you don’t stop or give up. Any move towards the goal is progress. You have inspired me to revisit my list and see what I can do to live smaller.

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