Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 10

Week 10:  More RAK’s!
Thursday again, and I’ve officially procrastinated at least an hour before writing this post.  I think I’m getting a little burnt out on my project.  Not so much engaging in the new behavior of getting rid of things, but the documenting of it all.  When it’s just piddly things here and there from week to week, it’s still progress, but it’s not a story.  While that’s fine for getting myself organized, it’s not much fun for blogging.
So, I’ll keep my weekly accounting short and sweet and then move onto better subjects.  This week I sent out three more RAK’s and it felt really good to be able to make someone else’s day!  Technically, I can only take credit for two of them.  I sent off a needle gauge, some extra cable needles, and some stitch markers to a beginning knitter in Massachusetts.  She has since received them and seems thrilled with her new goodies, which makes me smile inside.  The second RAK was mailed off to a super sweet gal in Canada and consisted of a bit of my stationery odds and ends.  I probably have enough stationery to write letters until I’m 110, especially now that very few people send real correspondence anymore.  She and I have conversed a bunch between my initial contact and the actual mailing of her gifty and she was kind enough to gift me a couple patterns in return.  I think what I love best about RAKing people is that I get to meet some really nice knitters along the way and have the pleasure of getting to know them and chat with them.  Knitters are so awesome!
The third RAK really belongs to my super knitty pal Troy.  When we went on our super-fab knitty weekend to Seattle in mid-February, he dumped a giant bag of sock yarn at my feet and told me to take whatever I wanted.  I might have pinched myself a little to make sure it was real.  And then of course, I got high on yarn fumes and ended up taking ALL of it home with me!  That’s something you all don’t know about Troy.  Not only is he one of the most generous people I know, but he also buys super nice yarn!  And then he doesn’t become unnecessarily attached to it.  Except for the really good stuff ;)  Anyway, I felt a little guilty taking all of it and told him I’d be sure to send some of it off as RAK’s.  So this was me making good on that.  I sent a starving college student (in microbiology, no less!) some very pretty red sock yarn in honor of her birthday this month.  So here’s to you Troy!  Thank you for making two people’s days!
And now…..  Some actual knitting!

My generous and kind friend Kathy (blog-free) who I have been “virtual” friends with for quite a few years now, is turning 50 this month.  And to celebrate her birthday, she is doing something completely and totally awesometastic!  She is collecting squares in black and bright colors to put together into a blanket which she will then donate to Pine Ridge Reservation.  How wonderful is that?  She kindly asked if I might be able to make her at least one square and I gladly agreed.  How could I say no to both helping my friend celebrate her birthday, and to doing something for charity?  The pattern I used is the Checker-Square Garter Dishcloth and it’s free.  Not only that, there’s no purling!  And while you do have to pay attention to what row you are on, it’s only for every other row, and it knits up quickly.  I hope I can make at least one more before Kathy’s deadline on March 22.  I think I can :)  I’m sure Kathy could use any squares she might be able to receive.  If anyone reading is interested in contributing (and is a Ravelry member) you can find the details of her request here in the Amazing Flying Squirrel Karma Team Group on Ravelry.  Happy Birthday Kathy!!  Here’s to 50 amazing & wonderful years, and many many many happy returns!


6 thoughts on “Thinning The Nest: Thursday Number 10

  1. What a great idea to collect squares and donate it to a worthy charity!!! and good for you for still cleaning /clearing out the abode. I REALLY need to do that, but I keep putting it off. do I have a yard sale? Do I gift to friends who can use it?? I keep trying to do the above and that has been my downfall. I’ve given alot of Baby Girl’s clothes away, now it seems I’m getting them in piecemeal now I think I need to do a major bag to Goodwill.

    and I hear you on the stationery. I used to have a TON of stationery back in teh day when ppl wrote letters. I was a major letter writer, writing to abt 6 or 7 ppl. AND I would keep track of what paper I sent them and when I sent it so that when they wrote back, I could use different paper AND know what to write abt. How can I be so organized that way and live in chaos with other stuff???? LOL

  2. I love the square you’ve knit. You’ve chosen such a lovely pattern!

    I hear you on not getting tired of the project, but tired of documenting it. You know you don’t *have* to, right? You can always come back to blogging about it if you want to keep going and you feel that a little more accountability would be helpful, but other than that, it’s perfectly fine to just do it without also forcing yourself to write about it. It’s totally clear that it has become a habit, and an enjoyable one at that. Keep enjoying it, and if a part of it has become more burdensome than helpful, don’t hesitate to drop it!

  3. Such a beautiful square!! Thank you so much for contributing–it makes it extra special as you are one of the first people I ever met online. And you are the only reason I am on ravelry. It had never entered my brain until you suggested it to me.

    Hopefully I can post some good pics when it is finished and you are welcome to share them here.

  4. Well believe it or not, now when I think about whether I should keep something or not, I’m thinking about you! ;-) Have a good weekend and week!

  5. I think you’re doing very well getting with your thinning efforts and getting organized. Small steps are better than no steps at all, so I commend you!

    If you’re looking for another place to donate some yarn, Kristen over at her blog is looking for donations to use for her fundraiser. I donated 1 knitting and 1 crochet book which helped me de-clutter my bookshelf.

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