You Say It’s Your Birthday…..

Today I entered the …gulp… final year of my 30’s.
Thirty-nine.  I’m freakin’ thirty-nine today.  Which is funny because I feel about twenty inside (o.k. maybe eleven when someone tells a really good bathroom joke, hee hee).
But it’s been a beautiful day.  The start to a year that I hope will be more amazing than I have the right to wish for.

Today I woke up to this:


Dahlias, my favorite!


And a few pieces of this:


Mmmm…. Cake for breakfast!


And a day filled with this:


Knittymunchkin signing “I Love You”


This birthday girl couldn’t have asked for more!


5 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday…..

  1. Happy birthday! I say you have the right to wish for anything, my dear… So I’m going to wish you something that is a slight tweak on the wish you’ve formulated: may you enjoy a year that will be amazing beyond the most amazing awesomeness you can imagine right now! To this, I’m adding heartfelt wishes for as much love, delight, and pleasure as you can stand. :)

  2. Happy birthday my friend! No worries about being 39! It is totally true that age is just a number. I just got a motorcycle license and a motorcycle all just before turning 50! Crank it up now! You are just reaching prime time!

  3. Well, I’m a few days late …. but happy birthday! I was just a tad busy on the 12th. :-) But it thrills me no end that my Little Miss shares a birthday with you!

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