It’s Me, Knittymuggins…..

Are you there blog?  It’s me, Knittymuggins.

Did you think I’d fallen off the face of the earth?  It’s been a busy spring & summer, everything sort of a mingled blur of preschool events, playdates, appointments, and trying to fill up the long summer hours without the whole preschool routine to rely on.

But, as I stepped out of my car yesterday morning, I could smell it: overripe blackberries, crushed, damp, foliage, and just the hint of a chill.  The smell I long for every year that tells me Autumn is coming; the season I yearn for.  Cool mornings and afternoons of warm, honeyed sunshine replace the white hot glare of summer, everywhere there are pumpkins, and my mood turns to contemplation.  The perfect time to start visiting this space again and sharing all my projects and thoughts with all of you lovely readers.

And boy is there a lot of knitting to share!  I have been a veritable knitting machine over the last few months.  It’s satisfying and rewarding and altogether necessary to survive life with a three year old.  Anyone who tells you that the twos are “terrible” hasn’t lived through the threes yet!  At least not the way things are going in our household.  That’s not to say that Knittymunchkin isn’t an angel 99% of the time.  But that last 1% can really stick it to you when you least expect it.

But you wanted some pretty pictures, didn’t you?  I thought so.  Here’s some of my latest FO’s with the bare minimum of details (you can check out specifics on my Ravelry project page).

And believe it or not, there’s more FO’s that I just haven’t had the chance to photograph yet!  But I hope to share those soon.

Hope your summer has been wonderful and that you are as excited about this autumn as I am!  I’m happy to be back :)


11 thoughts on “It’s Me, Knittymuggins…..

  1. Wow! You sure have been busy!!!

    I love everything, but especially the slippers. The red and white are a great color combo!

    My knitting time is less these days, but at least I’m on schedule with my Christmas gifts … mostly. :-)

  2. Welcome back!!! First of all, OMG he is adorable!!!! He’s gotten so big and it’s amazing how he is three already! Love all the stuff you’ve finished. See, you DID get back to your knitting even when you thought you’d never get there. You’ve gotten some great stuff done!

  3. Wow! You have been really busy! I know how hard it is to run after a 3 year old. I also know that the 3’s can be much more challenging than the 2’s. They really start to exert their independence at 3. It will even out, I promise.

  4. oh, I love those socks!!! So pretty :-) And your boy…oh my gosh! So big!!! And handsome :-)

    My summer’s been pretty eventful! Dave and I got married in July, my brother got engaged to his long term girlfriend, Dave’s daughter got engaged, I got laid off from work (last day is 9/13), and my Dad’s first cousin passed away…she was the last link to that older generation.

    Glad to see you posting again :-)

  5. So great to see you back in the blog-o-sphere! I have been anticipating fall as well. My knitting productivity has blossomed over the last month or so. Mostly hats and nothing too intricate but I can’t wait for cooler days!

  6. Glad you’re back and you have been very busy. I’ve been non persona with my blog but expect to be back at it next week. Like you, life has been a roller coaster.

  7. That *is* a lot of knitting! And lovely kntting, at that. I particularly like the bubbles sweater – it’s so cute!

    Summer’s been busy here too, and the season might be over now that September’s here, but the busyness isn’t quite over yet… which is why I’m only now getting around to reading your post, a week after you’ve published it.

    Happy Autumn! Enjoy the return of the season you love so much and, with it, the return of the school year routine. :)

  8. Wow! You have been knitting like a fiend! How awesome. My favorite fo is your little guy. So cute!!

    I love fall too. I’m going to have checking out your projects.

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