The Sound Of Crickets

Can you hear ’em?  The sound of crickets chirping in the echoing expanse of empty blog space?

It’s been a while.  It feels a little like Groundhog Day with me reintroducing myself over and over again every few months.  But the urge is still there, so I guess I’ll keep attempting to restart the blog until it either sticks, or I finally give up in disgust.

There’s something about spring that brings me back to this space.  I started my blog in the spring so many years ago, and the bursting forth of my abundant green surroundings, along with the return of sunny days and a more relaxed pace as school ends soon, leaves me both industrious and thoughtful.  It’s a time of renewal for so many things around me and the feeling is contagious.  We’ve been doing some home improvements that I’ve wanted to tackle for ages, and the momentum of altering our space has created an energizing forward motion that has seeped into my very core. It’s not enough to get my lazy ass off the couch (yet) but it’s enough to drive me to unearth an old project that I hope will keep my creative optimism flowing.

A very long time ago I became obsessed with mini-skeins of sock yarn to make the ubiquitous Beekeeper’s Quilt and Shelly Kang’s Sock Yarn Blanket.   After swapping minis fanatically for a year and beginning both projects, I quit cold turkey. Everything was shoved under my bed and forgotten for a couple years.  Recently I decided it was time to resurrect the sock yarn blanket I started for Knittymunchkin.  With some reorganization and redistribution of notes I’ve been keeping on the project (I went old school Jurassic and started a handwritten journal in a lovely book my friend Troy gifted me) the project became infinitely easier to record and much more enjoyable.

Not long ago someone close to me mentioned she had been experiencing panic attacks and that her doctor had basically prescribed daily relaxation which, for her, meant knitting every day.  I found this thought-provoking.  Of course it makes sense in a busy world to carve out daily quiet time for yourself to stem the tidal wave of stress many of us experience.  Some people meditate (I don’t), some people connect with friends (not so much), some people exercise (I should, but I don’t), some people might watch TV or read. I frequently define myself as “a knitter.” What would happen if I tried to knit once a day, even if only something small? Could I even do it?  I decided it was time to try.  After resurrecting my son’s blanket I was curious if I could make one block a day for the next year (this would be on average – there will just be some days where I can do more, and some days where I can’t knit a single stitch). Taking a photo for posterity and paying close attention to my feelings on the process will be an interesting journey for me (though perhaps not for you).

And so begins Knit 365: A Daily Dose of Stitch.  Thanks for joining me on my knitting odyssey!


Day 1: May 3, 2014


Block Count: 1

  • Day 1:  May 3, 2014
  • Block #57
  • Yarn: Sweeet Georgia Tough Love Sock in “Snapdragon”
  • Comments: These uber-bright colors make me uber-happy!

4 thoughts on “The Sound Of Crickets

  1. That project sounds like the perfect fit for someone who wants to knit every day: with those small blocks, you can quickly and easily have the satisfaction of having completed something. And before you know it, they’ll add up to a gorgeous blanket! This first block is indeed happy-making – it makes for a great start!

  2. I think we might be cut from the same cloth…The spring has brought a burst of renewal for me as well. Suddenly I want to clean (what?!?!), knit, and be a generally productive person. And the idea of knitting every day to relax is something that I have tried to adopt over the last year or so. I too have high stress levels and find that knitting, even just a row or two, can help immensely. I can’t wait to follow along and hope that you enjoy your daily knitting as much as I do :)

  3. I love it! I too have gone cold turkey on my Beekeepers Quilt. I try to start every morning with coffee and my knitting – I swear by it as otherwise my morning just doesn’t go as well.

  4. Welcome back!! And what a great way to knit a little every day. How do you like the Sweet Georgia yarn? I’m knitting a sock with it right now.

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