Fresh Beginnings

IMG_1741My garden doesn’t look like this (yet). But this explosion of spring-y goodness seems to be popping up like little floral treasure chests wherever I look around town. I’m so ready for it – the colors, the cheery flower faces peeping at me, a warm welcome back to my garden and the rich smell of wet soil being turned over.  Good thing  Loopy Academy (presented by The Loopy Ewe) is back in session with a bunch of new beginnings to look forward to! I’m ready to start my second semester as a freshman  and I think I have the perfect pattern picked out for the striping project challenge.  I’m planning on knitting a Duotone Cowl and though I’d originally intended to use Malabrigo Silky Merino for this project, I’m treating myself to a new (to me) luxurious yarn: Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag. I chose Creme Fraiche and Golden Butter for my contrasting colorways and the thought of them together brings a smile to my face, just like the sweet little Tete A Tete daffodils in the picture above.  I can’t wait for both to arrive at my house!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Beginnings

  1. So nice that such spring-y goodness starts popping up when you’re ready for it! Over here, we have at least two more solid months of winter to go, and one more after that before we can even start hoping to see smething peeking out of the ground… Enjoy those glorious signs of spring!

    I really like your color choices for the cowl, and on such a scrumptious yarn base! That cowl will certainly be a joy to knit and a delight to wear.

  2. I’m jealous that you have spring-y goodness starting. We’re in the middle of winter here, although we don’t have much snow.

    I love the Duotone cowl and the colors you’ve picked. They’ll be beautiful!

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