In the Blink of an Eye

“It’s not a race!” I frequently tell my son.

Almost as frequently as I shout, “Hurry up pokey!”.

Be still. Enjoy this moment, the voice in my head reminds me. Yet I cannot stop the perpetual forward motion of my mind. How do I prepare for what’s coming? What is coming? What do I need to do this afternoon? What do I make for dinner? Simple worries, or complicated ones, it’s exhausting. I hear that this inability to live in the present comes from our society’s continuous bombardment of information. We have less time, more stress, and less ability to live in the moment because we are expected to be constantly connected. Each interaction requires an appropriate response and the accumulation of obligatory responses leaves no spare moment unaffected. I am as guilty as anyone of allowing this tide to overtake me. I wish I wasn’t.

These thoughts are foremost in my mind as summer begins its extended farewell. Instead of imagining my glass half full with the lazy days remaining, I am imagining it half empty as summer slips through my grasp yet again. Perhaps this melancholy comes from the realization that in a few short weeks my darling Knittymunchkin will be a kindergartner. How did this happen? In the blink of an eye, is how.

Today, I told myself, I would try just a little harder. At our morning swim lessons I purposely did not knit, knowing that I would not be able to feel the morning in the same way if I was counting rows on my sock. Instead I welcomed the drizzle on my face, watched the steam drift off the surface of the pool, and listened to the happy splashing of children.

And, if only for the time it takes to blink, I was still.


3 thoughts on “In the Blink of an Eye

  1. Ok so I’m going thru my feed to catch up on my blogging buddies and I see you have a post! WOOHOO lets see what knittymuggins is up to. What do I see when it pulls up? This adorable boy that can’t possibly be your little baby boy!!! Dear Lord when did this happen? And he starts kindergarten?? Wow. Congrats and condolences at the same time. Volunteer for every thing. This way you know his friends and his teacher really well. I still do that for band and my kids are (gulp) teenagers!

    I also see you have gotten back into the groove of knitting. Remember when you never thought you would??? Amazing how that happens.

    Good to see you again. I will try and not be such a stranger.

    • So lovely to hear from you Lynn! Thanks SO much for visiting & commenting! I know, I can hardly believe he’s grown that much. And you have teenagers?! When did THAT happen? Thanks for all the wonderful reminders over the years that I would indeed get back to my hobbies ;) I needed that encouragement for sure! Hope you’re well & hope to chat with you again soon!

  2. I know what you mean about how hard it can be to stay in present time with all the pressure we impose on ourselves when we perceive that we “owe” so many responses at all times. Please take for granted that anything I send you ends with a big, permission-filled “no response required” unless otherwise stated. Any response you choose to send will always be received as a lovely surprise, and will never be expected or taken for granted. (And maybe you can release some of the pressure by considering the idea that this might be true for other people, too…)

    Choosing not to knit during that swim lesson was a wonderful experiment in being present! I hope that conducting more such experiments helps you savor life’s delights as they happen.

    I guess school has started by now. I hope the transition went well. May you and Knittymunchkin both find joy in this new season of your life. This, too, will go in the blink of an eye!

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