Summer Mom Fail

I had a plan.

My child was NOT going to sit around inside all day this summer, rotting his brain on TV and Minecraft. We were going to do a project every day, something that was fun, but also educational. He was going to read to me consistently and do his summer bridge workbook pages. We were going to have a great time together, spend lots of time outdoors, and he was going to love summertime with Mom.

Ha ha ha ho ho ho hee hee hee. Feel free to snort your beverage of choice through your nostrils at my cheerful optimism. Personally, I suggest something not carbonated.

I thought I was so prepared. I made a huge book with all sorts of activities I found on Pinterest. Beginning in May I spent hours looking for the best projects and purchased (little by little) a huge tub of supplies. I grew to love Pinterest (remember when I asked this? What was I thinking?!) with an all-consuming passion that still exists to this day. Ah, adorably naive pre-summer me! How sad that you disappeared so quickly after that last day of Kindergarten.

We are halfway through summer and I have nearly given up. The workbook pages get completed, but intermittently. Uptown has read only 9 books to me, and nearly every one involved crying, cajoling, frustration, and bad feelings all around. We have done maybe 5 of the projects I thought we’d do this summer and most of them were fairly spectacular fails. Whenever I bring up the “busy book” it is met with promising interest, only to fade into lackluster participation.

And I am failing at this Mom thing. I am exhausted, unsure how to engage my child because I am so wiped out, angry that he seems incapable of doing anything that doesn’t involve a screen and disconsolate I can’t make this summer thing work. Someone please tell me that it’s o.k.; that I will not have created a mouth-breather who still lives at home when he’s 32 (there’s one of those just a few doors down!) just because I couldn’t keep us on track this summer.


Meanwhile, very little knitting is getting done. But I did manage to finish one project and add a (insert sarcasm here —›) whopping 198 yds to my Stash Dash 2016 total.

Death Star 2

This is my second of these crazy pillows and it was made for a high school friend who had to have one after seeing the other one I made. If you want specific project details, you can check out my post for the previous pillow, which went to the son of a college friend (incidentally my ex-boyfriend who then married my college roommate, ha ha!).

So here’s the updated Stash Dash 2016 list (all Ravelry links):

The Joker & The Thief and the Embroidered Apron are still in rotation, but I broke The Rule of Two and added in a third project, the Summer 2016 KAL from JLFleckenstein. So far it’s a lot of fairly mindless garter stitch using yarn from my stash (counts for Stash Dash – yesssssss!!) which I really really need right now.

Alright troops. Break’s over.  Back to mom duty!

2 thoughts on “Summer Mom Fail

  1. So I am in no way an expert, and I’m still figuring this parenting thing out… but I have to say that there are 3 little words that seem to help during the summer. “Go play outside.” You can even run them all into one word like my mom used to when she needed to get stuff done in the house. I don’t feel like a bad mom (Much) saying them because fresh air and sunshine are good for kids. Being on their own and forced to be creative outdoors is good for kids. Unstructured time to just play is good for kids. Sure, it’s not reading, but outside time is just as important to their overall well being. Much more so than workbooks. And it’s really good for moms to have unstructured time as well. :)

  2. LOL I STILL think this way and my oldest is 17 and a senior!! I was watching a show and they had those paper chains draped across the mantle. I felt kind of sad that I never did that with my kids. Meanwhile he’s out with some friends at starbucks no worse for the wear. We live in an area where playing outside means you end up melting in 5 min, but what I liked to do was find out what the library had to offer. We did storytime and craft day. They also had movie day and once a week they offered some kind of local talent, a reptile guy, a storyteller, a magician. We never made it to all of them but we made it to most. Plus they had more fun hanging with kids around their age than with mom. BUT we did the occasional board game and I tried to leave a jigsaw puzzle out, but the cats always seemed to think it was a new toy for them. We did watch a lot of tv and movies and computer time during the summer, but it was summer so I didnt worry as much.

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