200th Post, A Contest & A Meme!

Farmhouse Silk Blend

You might just find me in your mailbox someday!


Wow!  Today is my 200th post!  I cannot even believe it.  Lots of you have probably far surpassed this milestone by now, but it’s still amazing to me that I’ve kept with the whole bloggy thing long enough to make it to 200 posts!  As a special thank you to all of you supa-fantastic bloggy peeps out there, since I would never have reached 200 posts in the first place if it wasn’t for all of you, I’m going to have a little contest.  Woot!  I think I like having contests because I never seem to win anything whenever I enter someone else’s.  So if I can’t win any stuff, then at least I can give some of it away ;) 

The lowdown:

  1. Please leave a comment by midnight May 22, 2008 telling me how you found my bloggy in the first place and which posts you enjoy most (you don’t have to be specific about that last bit, just let me know if you like the knitting ones best, the travel ones, the ones where I speculate about the nature of my nuttiness, whatever….).
  2. The prize:  One skein of the yarn pictured above which is Farmhouse Silk Blend in a reddish-pink color.  This yarn is dk weight, 34% silk/33% cotton/33% Lamb’s wool and the skein contains 350 yards.  I thought it would make a great scarf (maybe this one?) or perhaps you have an even better project in mind!  Either way, I’ll be looking forward to sharing the yarn with you and seeing what you make out of it.  And there’s a chance a few other secret goodies might find their way inside the envelope too.
  3. On or about May 23, 2008 I will pick one random winner from all the entries and notify them via e-mail and here on the bloggy so everyone else can congratulate them too ;)  And then, ::yippee!::, your package will go out in the mail and you’ll have a new addition to your yarn family!


And now for our meme-tastic portion of the 200th post celebration! 


Lady Watkins who I know from the Christmas Swap Kasia and I hostessed last year, as well as the SKC, has tagged me for a book-ish sort of meme.  Nothing that requires me to think too hard or bore you with more sordid details of my 10-fries-short-of-a-Happy-Meal kind o’ habits.  I can dig it.


These are the rules:

  1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the 5th sentence.
  4. Post the next 3 sentences.
  5. Tag 5 people.


The book:  “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond.  Haven’t read this one yet.  Let’s see….. page 123…..5th sentence, check. 

“If the conditions change, different types of individuals may now survive or reproduce better and become “naturally selected”, with the result that the population undergoes evolutionary change.  A classic example is the development of industrial melanism in British moths: darker moth individuals became relatively commoner than paler individuals as the environment became dirtier during the 19th century, because dark moths resting on a dark, dirty tree were more likely than contrasting pale moths to escape the attention of predators.  Much as the Industrial Revolution changed the environment for moths, farming changed the environment for plants.”


Wow, it sounds so much better when you read “moths” instead of “monks” (which I did the first time around).  That would have been a pretty creepy interpretation.  Anyway, I’m going to fight the power and not tag 5 people.  Play or not, whatever feels good.