Stink. Doesn’t Stink.

Sniff.  Sniffsniffsniff.  Sniiiii-fffff. Yep.  I smell like wet pencil shavings sprinkled with coconut.  I guess that’s what happens when you decide it’s finally time to destash your bath and body baskets.  Oh yes.  There is more than one.  See, not only do I indiscriminately hoard yarn, I also seem to be under the impression that I must buy every half-priced beauty item that I stumble upon, perhaps out of some fear that the world will end and I’ll be caught as the last woman on the planet reeking of BO and without a steady stream of smell-good-stuff to redeem myself.  Usually I stick to a few favorite, tried and tested flavors.  But every once in a while I make an attempt at branching out and come home with something new.  Hence, the wet pencil shavings (which is actually Bath & Body Works’ discontinued flavor: White Tea & Ginger).  Sometimes, one of my flavors will go “off” in storage, and rather than throw the offender out, I will attempt to live with the hideous smell until it’s gone.  Let’s see, that would be the last two months I’ve spent smelling like sketchy ice cream when I should have been smelling like Victoria’s Secret’s Tahitian Vanilla Flower.  Perhaps it is only I, that senses these strange scents don’t smell right on my skin.  R. Darling never fails to tell me I smell good even when I am quite certain that I don’t.  What smells “sugary sweet” to him, smells like something entirely different to me.
But even if I stink, there is something I have to (finally) show you which absolutely doesn’t.  May I present a completed 28thirty for your non-sniffing pleasure…….







Pattern: 28thirty by Zephyr Style (on Ravelry here)

Yarn: Filtes King Koala – pretty much exactly 8 skeins in color #703

Needles: Size 8 bamboo circ

Mods: Worked only 2″ of K2,P2 pattern on cuffs (instead of 4″), added an extra buttonhole and an extra 4 rounds of K2, P2 pattern at bottom edge of sweater.

New Techniques: Nope.

Time Lapse: June 9, 2008 – February 20, 2009 (Oy!)

Comments: This sweater languished for way too long in my knitting UFO pile before I finally picked it up again around the beginning of Febuary 2009.  What can I say?  It shouldn’t have taken me nearly this long to complete something so ultimately wearable and enjoyable to knit!  Somewhere along the way I’d gotten distracted, couldn’t make head or tails of my poorly written notes, and had kept putting it aside.  Well, as 2009 is the year in which I hope to finish up my stray UFO’s, I figured it was time!
I adore this sweater!  As my very first completed long-sleeved sweater, I find this one ultimately more useful than the short-sleeved ones I’ve previously knit.  I’m always cold.  Always.  So what better way to warm up than with a long-sleeved beauty like this?  I love the little, simple details: the purl ridges on the sleeves, the cowl neck, the cute cropped shape, and the perfect fit.  And of course, that pink!   Though the yarn is a bit shoddy, the color was just too perfect to resist when I saw it that first time.  My only gripe is that the cowl neck doesn’t really lay as I would like it to, but I noticed that if I unbutton a few of the buttons it will unflop itself and lay nicely.   So happy to have finally finished this one!
So sorry, but there are no outtakes this time :(  In case you can’t tell, I have had a nasty cold since last Thursday and in these photos I actually feel like ass warmed over, so there was no hamming it up for the camera as I usually do.  So sad.  But I promise one next time!


Nothing To See Here

Who me?

Why, I have no idea how that ginormous box of yarn got on our doorstep.  Did you ask that sketchy dude that lives a few doors down?  He seems like the type that would get his jollies off of leaving suspicious packages on people’s doorsteps.  Of course, I imagine they are usually on fire and filled with dog poops, but maybe he was feeling generous on Monday. ~whistles quietly to oneself~

Oh alright.  You caught me.  I’m a naughty little stitch monkey!  Would you like to spank me now or later?

The damage……




  • 10 skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky Seconds in Blue Heirloom (for Warm Woolies sweaters)
  • 10 skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky Seconds in RPM Pink (for Warm Woolies sweaters)
  • 10 skeins of Cotton Fleece in Soft Gold (for the naughty stitch monkey)
  • 10 skeins of Cotton Fleece Seconds in Pinkaboo (for the naughty stitch monkey)

Okay okay.  So I went a little nuts.  But dang it was hard to be good all month last month.  I’m rationalizing this purchase by telling myself that half of it is for charity knitting so it’s not really all that bad.  And, I bought seconds so they were super cheap (I got each skein for about $3.50 including shipping).  Not to mention, I paid cash.  Much better than burning up my plastic like usual. With the Blue Heirloom I’m planning on knitting the Twisted Tree Pullover (Rav linky here) for Warm Woolies.  This year, I’m going to participate in the Warm Woolies challenge for the year which is 10 items for kids ages 10-16 by 2010 (more here), so I think this sweater will do nicely.  The pattern only goes up to age 7 sizing I think, so my evil plan is to use bulky yarn instead of the yarn it calls for, in the hopes that that tweak will be able to size it up closer to a ten year old’s size.  Should be fun.
In addition to my own stash acquisition “problem”, my favorite Y-knitter Troy has been feeding me a steady stream of goodies as well.


Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks - Color #289

Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks - Color #1289


Huckleberry Knits Trillium Superwash Worsted Merino in Apple Yarns McIntosh

Huckleberry Knits Trillium Superwash Worsted Merino in Apple Yarns McIntosh

Saturday over coffee, he presented me with 2 balls each of Ty-Dy in 2 colorways (the green/pink colorway isn’t here ’cause my picses turned out like craps), and a couple weeks before, a sweet hank of our LYS’s custom colorway from local Huckleberry Knits. How sweet is this guy?  Seriously.  I don’t deserve half the stuff he does for me, but for some reason he still does it anyway.  Thanks Troy!!  You’re supa fantastic ;)
So what am I working on?  Believe it or don’t, I’m about 4 rows, some blocking & some buttons away from a completed 28thirty.  I know right?  You can’t remember that one either I’ll bet.  I started it – oh – only about a year or so ago (blogged here if you’re remotely interested).  I also recently joined the Random Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry and am working on a pair of fingerless mitts for a lovely lady in Germany.  No picses though in case she’s curious and comes a-lookin’ here.  I have to thank my blogfree friend Kathy ever so much for inviting me to join the group.  Though I’ve only received 1 RAK myself so far, I’ve sent out 3 and have 3 more in the works.  I really credit these desposits into the karma bank with helping me feel better lately.  Doing something little for someone else, though not an unknown feeling to me, is far more therapeutic than I’d ever realized.  Thanks for getting me involved Kathy!!
And before I forget…..  Did you see the IK Spring 2009 Preview is up??  I’m dying for that Millefiori Cardigan.  Stash, don’t let me down now!!  Enjoy & happy hump day!


**Our Gulf Islands Trip: Day 3 – June 9, 2008

Trip route for day 3

Our trip route for Day 3

(click for larger image)
Image courtesty of
KayakSuccor (aka R. Darling)


This morning I stirred awake to the sound of rain gently pattering on the deck above me.  The boat had been still most of the night and was rocking just the slightest bit when I first came to.  Having had a terrible night’s sleep, I rolled over and closed my eyes for another hour hoping to nod off again or at least postpone the cold and damp I knew awaited me when I crawled out of my cozy sleeping bag.  I could never hack it as a true sailor, or even a pirate queen, kickass though the outfits might be.  I hate being damp and cold, and I get seasick (though I was mercifully spared this time).  Plus, I’ve noticed, when you get insomnia on a boat with other people, there’s not much you can do about it except count to 1000 over and over in your head until you either fall asleep or go crazy and jump off the back deck.  Luckily I eventually fell asleep.  It would have been a long damn swim to shore otherwise.

After some coffee and chitchat, we untied ourselves from the mooring buoy and headed off into a cold grey morning, rain gently but steadily dimpling the water.  Today was the first day that I decided it was just too cold to ride on the flybridge with the boys so I stayed in the heated cabin and knitted blissfully.  This was my first day of real knitting and, though I hated to miss out on the scenery I knew was probably terribly enchanting, it was lovely to spend a little time alone with my fiber and get reacquainted.  Foolish me, I’d brought enough yarn to start and finish 28thirty, yarn for a complete Fake Isle hat for myself, and enough yarn to make 6 pairs of Warm Woolies socks give or take.  I laugh now to think I thought I’d have enough time to knit all those things, but I guess I was feeling optimistic.  Or maybe just hopeful.


28thirty in progress

28thirty in progress (knit from stash…..boo-ya!)


After about 2 hours of travel we arrived at our first destination for the day:  Degnan Bay on Gabriola Island.  We unloaded the dinghy from the boat and quietly motored our way into the harbor, heavily anticipating one of the major highlights of our trip.  It was eerily silent, with little signs of activity, and I almost felt as if I should whisper.  As if speaking aloud might awaken some sleeping creature that wouldn’t be too happy to find interlopers in their harbor. 


Degnan Bay - Gabriola Island

Inside Degnan Bay
(click for larger image)


Small island outside Degnan Bay

A small wooded island outside Degnan Bay
(click for larger image)


I was particularly excited to be going ashore as we had been promised that Gabriola was the site of some amazing ancient stone carvings.  As to how to find them, well that part was rather vague.  Walk to the main road, turn left, walk to the church, then take the path behind it to a large field.  Nothing was clearly marked at all, but after a mile or so we found the church and made our way into the clearing behind it.


The field behind the church

 The field behind the church
(click for larger image)


 I can’t begin to describe the feeling that engulfs you when you find yourself in the presence of carvings made some 5000 years ago.  Carvings so ancient that they pre-date the Native People indigenous to the area itself.  What struck me most was how different they were from most Northwest Coastal Native art.  Alien, in fact.  Who were these stone carvers?  What did these images mean to them?  Sadly, the site is quite evidently eroding from exposure to the elements as well as exposure to unappreciative humans who seem to feel compelled to walk over, and desecrate the images with their own brand of graffiti.  It’s sad that a wonder such as this isn’t better protected.  I feel extremely grateful that I got to see it before it becomes just a footnote somewhere in a long-forgotten book.  Here’s a few of the better images that we were able to see (click on them for a larger view):


A bird perhaps?

Another bird?

A funny faced petroglyph

Interesting creature

A long-nosed creature

This one looks like an alien!


Contemplating what we’d just seen, we walked ourselves back to the dinghy and took a quick look inside the bay itself before heading back to the boat.  We had hoped to catch a glimpse of the killer whale image that is supposed to be visible on one of the rock faces at low tide.  It’s the best known of the Gabriola petroglyphs, but we didn’t appear to have arrived at the right time to see it.  Instead, we were rewarded with this little guy eating some shellfish on the rocks.


Rocky Raccoon


In a steadily falling rain, we weighed anchor and headed for Telegraph Harbor on Thetis Island.  If I thought Gabriola seemed eery, then I wasn’t prepared for the creepy that was Telegraph Harbor.  Imagine boats in varying degrees of disrepair, rocking gently in the water, hidden eyes watching closely as the newcomers arrive, unsuspecting, in their midst.  The perfect setting for a horror film.  We even had the pounding rain and ominous mist necessary to set the stage.  But rest easy dear readers, we were safe.  The afternoon was spent knitting, napping and watching movies.  And later, I was rewarded with the most blissful 5 minute shower (in 2.5 minute increments) imaginable.  Never mind that it cost me 1 loonie ($1 Canadian coin) per 2.5 minutes, never mind that a good 2 minutes of each increment was either lava hot or glacier freezing.  For the first time in way too long, I was clean!  Whoever invented hot water and indoor plumbing, you are a true genius and I salute you. 

That night we fell asleep to the sound of pounding rain and the feeling of clean limbs.  Lovely.


Next stop: Salt Spring Island!