Kids Just Don’t Understand

I’m going to reveal my age when I tell you that I remember a summer long ago when DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ruled the airwaves with the hip hop classic “Parents Just Don’t Understand“.  This was long before iTunes & all the cool techy stuff kids have these days.  If we wanted to listen to a song over and over ad nauseum (as teenagers are wont to do) we had to keep our radio tuned, our tape deck loaded, & our fingers lightning fast in order to hit play/record at the perfect moment to capture our latest teen anthem.  R. Darling even remembers fishing in Alaska one summer & all he had to listen to was the Top 40 countdown he’d recorded off the radio (complete with DJ interludes) before heading out on the boat.  Ah, the mix tape days.

But the tables were turned last week when I caught a doozy of a cold and my 3.5 year old just didn’t get it.  I’m sorry but I do not want to sift through the questionable contents under the couch for your missing car parts or play “garbage truck” (which consists of running continuous loops through the divider between our kitchen & living room, shouting DUMP! every time you are dumping “garbage”).  Nor do I want to “play with you” when I am hacking up green junk from my lungs, coughing until my eyes bulge & generally feeling like refried plague.  Sometimes kids just don’t understand…..

When I’m feeling my worst I always turn to some kind of comfort knitting.  Yes, I’ll admit that I rather selfishly felt “good enough” to knit, but not good enough to play Knittymunchkin’s games (bad Mama!!).  I recently pulled out a project from last summer that has been hibernating for much too long: 64 Crayons (ravelry link) by Amy Swenson.  As per my usual MO, I started this in a fury of fanatical excitement, only to be distracted by something else (ooooh, shiny!).  But over the past year I’ve been slowly collecting more colors of Noro Kureyon for Knittymunchkin’s blanket & I figured it was high time I had something simple & soothing on the needles.

large noro strip 3a

The yardage on Noro Kureyon seems to vary greatly & I had a couple strips I’d made last summer that just needed another 20 rows of knitting or so.  I had a couple balls of Noro that I’d purchased online (and therefore hadn’t had the privilege to see in person) that were borderline ugly.  So I cut out the prettier colors & spliced them in to finish up the other strips I’d started last summer.  It was the perfect excuse to use my new nostepinne.


I’d been wanting one of these for a while & picked this one up for $10 at my LYS’ annual Stashbuster Sale in August.  It’s a lovely thing, but I didn’t know how to use it.  Good thing it’s not that summer I was talking about at the beginning of my post!  I just consulted the mighty intrawebs & behold, I made me a center pull ball old school style.  I’m certainly not winning any ball winding contests here, I’m slow as molasses & just as sloppy, but it works great for little odds & ends that are left over that you don’t want getting all tangled up.  I love it!  Maybe someday I’ll even let Knittymunchkin use it….


Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted To Runs

Long color runs, that is.  Noro, to be specific.
I’m probably majorly dating myself by referencing this song, but I’m not ashamed to say that I totally dug it back in the day.    Just as I am digging Noro right now.
I wasn’t born a Noro lover.  At least not at first.  I thought the colors were always a bit wacky.  I mean, who really looks at a skein of yarn filled with lime green, turquoise and purple, and then says:  Wow, this could really use some peach!  You are either a color genius or higher than a kite if that combo immediately strikes you as gorgeous.  But somehow, that one color that just doesn’t seem to belong, almost always finds a way to work.  The other thing I didn’t love about Noro at first, was that it is positively infested with twigs and veg.  For such expensive stuff, you’d expect that your fiber wouldn’t come with extra hitchhikers you didn’t count on.  But after my first project with Noro Kureyon, I got over it.  You just pick it out and move on (or leave it if you prefer).  I expected that first hat to be scratchy and rough, but instead I was rewarded with a soft and totally non-scratchy fabric; completely unexpected considering the dead twig weight hitching a ride.  And the color transitions were fantastic.  I was hooked.
There are two things I still don’t love about Noro, but I forgive them because they are a small price to pay for the beauty of the finished objects and the thrill I get as each new color is unearthed from the skein.  The first would be the ungodly number of knots I find in every ball I’ve ever purchased.  Sometimes upwards of four knots in a 100g skein of sock yarn.  Ridiculous.  Not so bad if the colors are similar on either side of the knot.  In that case you do a quick spit splice (Noro splices beautifully!) and you’re off again.  But there have been times where the transition has been drastic and I’ve had to do some quick frogging and/or refiguring.  That always stinks.  The second thing I don’t love is the inconsistent thickness.    You can go from practically laceweight up to DK all within one ball of sock yarn.  It usually doesn’t affect the overall look of the project, but it still sort of bugs me.
But I’m addicted, well and truly.  Whenever I start a project with Noro I cannot stop myself from knitting color to color, feverishly, not wanting to stop until I see what the next transition will be.  It’s a blessing and a curse really.  A blessing for the joy and beauty I experience while knitting, but a curse because I cannot stop myself until the fever has burned through and the yarn is gone.  Take this for example:

It was supposed to be merely a pillow top.  But as I crocheted I wanted to keep going; no HAD to keep going.  I was completely and totally knitstoned. With twitchy fingers I scrabbled through all my leftover sock yarn partials and added them in.  More! I needed more!! Then I decided this needed to be a 40th birthday gift for my closest college friend and it would no longer be a pillow, but a blanket. Then I decided I wanted one.  And after that I decided there was at least one more person on my list who deserved one.  When that one’s finished I’m sure I will try to find another worthy recipient.  I pretty much want everyone to have one because I want to knit as many as humanly possible.  Sick I tell you.    
But what a ride it will be…..


First WIP Wednesday Post Evah & Some MySpace Nonsense

Wow. Can you believe that I’ve never ever ever posted a WIP Wednesday post?  Sheesh.  What kind of knitter slash blogger am I anyway?  Oh yeah.  The kind that is still wearing last year’s skinny jeans after everyone has already ditched theirs and moved onto the wide-leg trouser.  What?  These are still cool, right?  Hey, how come you have on wide leg pants?  Ha.  Who’m I kidding?  I can’t even wear those skinny jeans.  So I’m even less cool than the people who own the skinny jeans but still haven’t ditched them.  Anyhoo, back to the WIP stuff.


Firebrick Mitten Number 1

The cuff of my first Firebrick Mitten


This is my latest and most monogamous of current WIP’s.  I’m testing another pattern for Chrispy called Firebrick Mittens.  She’s hoping to have it ready for release sometime in June, so you should check it out in time to make yourself a pair for fall!  I’m nearly finished with the first mitten and since I’m on a deadline (sorry I’m running late Chrispy!) I need to make it snappy with the second mitten.  These mittens are adorable so far and I can’t wait to finish them!  I’m not sure why it’s taking me as long as it is to work them up because the results are gorgeous, but maybe the small gauge is bogging me down a bit.  I also tend to knit at night on weekdays and the black contrasting yarn is tough to work with when there’s burned out lights in your living room light fixture.  No, we’re not that lazy, it’s just a bit of a production to change them so we wait for most of them to burn out first! 


Warm Woolies Items 14-16

Warm Woolies Items #14, #15, & #16


Yep.  Still working on that goal to knit 100 pieces for Warm Woolies this year.  It’s going slowly, but I do what I can.  I hope that I can make a ton of little socks when I’m on various vacations this year and while on the train to Portland in October for one of Rodger’s marathons.  Though I’m discouraged with myself for not being further along on my goal, I do work on these consistently and do the best that I can with the time I have.  It’s still super satisfying to finish a pair in a matter of hours.  You can’t get more instant gratification than that!


My first Jaywalker

Not much of a Jaywalker yet…..


Here’s all I have for my first pair of Jaywalkers.  Not much.  I took it with me to Vegas (you may remember that the Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn took my ipod hostage in return for a trip to Vegas).  I haven’t been working on it very much, but I do take it out every once in a while and look at it.  I’m so loving how those colors are working up together.  And maybe somebody else does too because for some reason they asked to use my photo of my yarn to add to the Jaywalker page on Ravelry.  Is it weird that I get all melty inside when they ask to use one of my photos?  So far it’s only been yarn photos but maybe someday they’ll use one of my FO’s.  That would be kick ass. 


Noro Silk Garden for my very own Fake Isle Hat

 Mmmm….. Noro Silk Garden

Hey.  What’s that?  Do I sense a Fake Isle Hat in the cards for Ms. Knittymuggins?



O.k.  I do believe I promised you some nonsense (besides that crap up above).  Because we have nothing better to do at lunch than find things to laugh about, Miami and I spent a good 20 minutes over at the MySpace Karaoke site laughing our asses off over some of the more “colorful” versions of “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls (be careful, you could be singing this the rest of the day like I did).  Unfortunately, I think you have to sign in to listen to the member versions which are freakin’ hee-larious.  Lucky for me, Miami has a MySpace account.  You totally need to check it out if you do too or know someone who does and will log you in. 


Happy Hump Day kids!  Hope your week is awesome so far!